Developer Achievement

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    Have a player that you drafted grow to 90+ overall in Be A GM mode.

    Partial credit to Martel18 from TrueAchievements

    Before starting a Be a GM career, go to customize and edit rosters. Select edit player from one of the junior leagues (OHL, QMJHL, etc.) and change all their attributes to 88. This will make them an 89 overall. Make sure you change his potential to franchise, and his accuracy to low.

    Now start your Be a GM career, turn off salary cap and set the trading to easy. Simulate until right before the entry draft. Save your game and then start the draft. You will have the option to trade for the first overall pick at this point. Do it. Draft the first overall pick, which should be the prospect you boosted. Now during the signing phase make sure to sign him to a contract, and then simulate through to the next season. The achievement should pop near the beginning of the season.


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