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    Have your Be a Pro player drafted in Be a Pro mode while playing an entire season in the CHL.

    Upon starting Be a Pro, be sure to select the start in CHL option. I simulated through four or five seasons before I was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in the eighth round. It’s tedious, but it’s still quicker than playing an entire season.

  • can you simulate the season in CHL?
  • I simulated the season, then played the playoffs and memorial cup. When you simulate the season, they will warn you won't get drafted, so you have to be great during playoffs (I was getting at least 10 points per game) otherwise you won't get drafted. Even playing the playoffs and memorial cup I was still drafted around 250. When you draft this low, it will take all of preseason and about 10-12 season games to make the first line.
  • Played an entire season at #1 player, 300+ points, went from 54 overall to 72 overall, and didn't get drafted? What the hell happened?
  • #3 Were you in your draft year of eligibility?(17)

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