Grow it Out Achievement

  • Grow it Out



    With a created player, grow a playoff beard in a playoff round in any mode.

    On the main menu select Customize. Creation Zone>Create Player>Change Appearance>Beard>Beard Style>Full>Current Length>Clean Shaven>Playoff Length>Length 4>Save

    Now you will see your character and under his name it will say unassigned. Assign him to your favourite team.

    Now go to Rosters, Edit Lines and dress your created player and add him to the lineup.

    Now go to Playoff Mode, leave the settings as is, and make sure your team is in there. If they’re not you can add them in before starting. You can even replace every other team with AHL teams to make your winning chances greater.

    Once the playoffs start, simulate each game. If the team that your player is on gets eliminated before the achievement unlocks, just start again.

    This unlocked for me when I entered the second round. Some people get it in the third or fourth round.


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