Lets Chat Achievement

  • Lets Chat



    Alleviate a player’s concern via a player conversation in Be A GM Mode.

    During your career as a General Manager, individual players will want to speak with you. To speak to them, go to section in between updates and league (it should be your team name) and select manage rosters. Click on Morale, and you will see a list of your players. If there are yellow quotation marks next to a player’s name, then you can meet with that player. Tell him something to ease his mind, and the achievement is yours.

  • Okay, what exactly does "alleviate" mean? I have had some great checks and thrown players across the ice and this Achievement did not unlock. Any ideas?
  • I think it means you need to get someone hurt, then have some way of partially healing them so they can come back out and be able to play again possibly? I honestly don't know though.
  • Alleviate means to relax. And the new BAGM Morale system being what it is, I'd imagine that it involves giving the right answer in an off-ice 'player meeting'. Wait till a player comes to you with a concern, and then give the correct response to make his concern go away.

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