Lord Stanley's Mug Achievement

  • Lord Stanley's Mug



    Win the Stanley CupĀ® in Be A GM mode.

    Before starting a new "Be A GM" career, manually edit the games roster, and add these players to the Chicago Blackhawks. Carey Price (MTL), Crosby (PIT), Malkin (PIT), Ovechkin (WSH), Subban (MTL), Karlsson (OTT), Doughty (LAK), Stamkos (TBL), Tavares (NYI), Hall (EDM). Save the roster and start a "Be A GM" season as the Chicago Blackhawks. Make sure the difficulty it set to Rookie and the salary cap is off. Change the playoff settings to single game elimination.

    Now just simulate through the whole season. Save every once in awhile in case you have a streak of losses and want to quit. You should end the season at the top of the league, which will unlock “Hello Mr. President.”

    Once the regular season ends, save your game. Now simulate through each round of the playoffs, and make sure to save after each win, because if you lose you’re going to want to quit. The achievement should unlock once you win the Stanley Cup Game.

  • ll does this mean?
  • two different modes?
  • Win it in Be A GM mode.

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