Master Collector Achievement

  • Master Collector



    Collect at least one Player item from each team in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

    There are a total of 188 teams that you will need at least one player from. Players that are in other leagues besides the NHL can be incredibly cheap (100 pucks a player), so this is not as intimidating as it seems. You can keep track of all this through “My Collection,” to see exactly which teams you have players from. In total this will cost around 40,000 – 60,000 pucks. Think of it this way; completing a match will grant you around 1000 pucks. Winning a match will grant you around 1500 pucks or more depending if you win a title or secure a position (which will give you a bonus).

    After you collect all the necessary players, enter you collection and the achievement will unlock.

  • Here's guide for getting this one
  • Anyone have a player from the Norway league: Stavanger oilers Only need like 10 more willing to help after
  • Only need one more player if someone has a player from the Extraliga Iedniho Hokeje team: HC Olomouc I'll sell you whatever teams you need

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