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    Get your Be A Pro Player promoted to the 1st line in the NHL in Be a Pro Mode.

    When creating a Be a Pro season, make sure you go to settings and switch off Authentic. That way you can set the period length to 3 minutes. Now set the difficulty to Rookie.

    Play every single pre-season game and score a lot just so that you make the NHL. I’ve tried playing every second game, or just playing the last period of each game and they don’t work. Play every pre-season game.

    Once you’re in the NHL you’re going to want to play as many games as it takes for you to get promoted to the first line. In order to get placed on higher lines you must play games and pay attention to your coach feedback. You’re going to want to do your best to finish each game in the green on all three categories, as this will speed up the process. You’ll start each game with a C in each category and you can navigate through them to see your individual goal for each. When a game if finished and you are sent back to your season menu you will see your overall coach feedback and evaluation period. I got boosted to the second line after 8 games, and to the first line after 15 games (after all 3 of my season feedback grades were green).

    For more information on how to boost your feedback grades see “Straight A’s.”


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