Straight A's Achievement

  • Straight A's



    Get straight A’s for coaching feedback in a game in Be A Pro mode.

    You will need at least an A- in all three categories of Coach Feedback in a single game. To do this I recommend setting your period length from 8-10 minutes (I did 10 to be safe), because your feedback graduates slowly, and if you make mistakes you can lose your grade. Set the difficulty to Rookie and start a game. While on the bench or at the pause menu you can use the triggers to navigate through your feedback. The coaches will have all sorts of suggestions for you, and I recommend following their orders.

    Offense will be the easiest to rise. Scoring, assisting on goals, and taking shots on net all contribute here. You will most likely end the game with an A+ in this category.

    Defense is a little more difficult, but still easier than Team Play. You will want to rush the puck if the opposing team has it in their own zone, because they will usually panic and pass it for a giveaway. Also mash that poke-check button (), because every poke-check you connect will help a lot. When the opposing team is in your zone, try to stay in front of the puck, block shots, poke-check and hit.

    Team Play is a little more complicated. To boost this you will need to make successful passes, stay in good open positions, call for passes that don’t get intercepted and play short shifts. You can end your shift by pressing . Note that if you call for a pass and it gets intercepted you will most likely go down a grade. This is also the case if you draw a penalty. Connecting your hits will also raise your Team Play feedback, so hit as much as possible.

    10 minute periods should be more than enough time for you to work your way to A- or higher in each of the three feedback categories.


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