6 Pack Achievement

  • 6 Pack



    Complete and win an EASHL Club game with 6 human players on your team.

    You must have a full team from start to finish. Find five other players interested in playing with you, and then find an additional 2 or more to play as the opposing team, just in case you can’t find a match. After this you can swap teams so that the other 2 players can get the achievement.

  • Gonna need help with this. GT : MuscleXzz
  • If anyone wants to join a club that plays Legit, Smart, Fun hockey. Please feel free to search/join my club Live For Puck I'm typically online every day and I'm always willing to jump on and play even if I'm playing a different game. As of right now my club only consist of me and my friend but he normally isn't online that much. I normally play Defense LD or RD. Also goalies are more than welcome to feel free to join too. Side note: In NHL 15 I was ranked 1st overall in the world for Defensemen, and currently 3rd overall in the world for NHL 16. Creator of: Live For Puck
  • Yeah dude I'll join later tonight. I'll add you.
  • i need this and all the other achievements for EASHL. my club name is Pucknurmom
  • Need this and all other online achievements add me ImxNiceUMad

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