- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 14 [785] [One is 100% glitched]
- Online: 3 [215] [all unobtainable]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6-8 hours to 735
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 Seasons, 100 played games
- Number of missable achievements: "Dynasty" [winning three consecutive Stanley Cups]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, Achievements vary between Rookie all the way up to All-Star. You can adjust sliders however.
- Glitchy achievements: "Revenge" is glitched and unobtainable
- Unobtainable achievements: 4: 2K Servers are down for this game, so the 3 online achievements [3 for 215] and the aforementioned glitched "Revenge" [50]
- Extra equipment needed? No

I cannot stress enough that "Revenge" is not obtainable. There is no known solution and there will be no patch. 735 (13 of 17 achievements) is the maximum after the online servers have closed.

NHL 2K7 is the second installment of the 2K Sports hockey series for Xbox 360. The achievement list is small, only 17 achievements. Although the list is fairly easy, 1/4 of the score is unobtainable due to a glitched achievement and the closure of online servers. Those searching some quick easy points, look here. Those looking for 100% completion, steer far, far away.

Play a game with 29/30 NHL Teams
There are 30 teams, and you are required to play as all of them. Play as 29 of them, and save your 30th for your NHL Franchise. In your 29 games, complete these tasks:

  • Earn All 3 Stars on Rookie Difficulty or higher
  • Score a break-away goal on Pro or higher
  • Score a goal 2 men down on Pro or higher
  • Score as a defenseman on Pro or Higher
  • Win a game by 10 or more goals on Pro or Higher
  • Score in the first minute of a game on All-Star or higher

You will want to adjust your difficulty accordingly for each game, but always have the sliders adjusted in your favor and against the CPU's favor. Most of these can be done in one minute periods, but you can adjust that if you are having trouble winning by 10 goals. These games will help towards 100 wins.

Play Three Seasons of Franchise Mode
This will go by rather fast with 1 minute periods as well as simulating games. Now you will play as your 30th and final NHL team. You can play half seasons of only 41 games. Find a balance between simming and playing your games to ensure that in the three seasons you complete three tasks:

  • Record 5 shutouts in a row. Easily done with short 1 min. periods
  • Win the President's Cup for having the best record in the NHL
  • Win the Stanley Cup all three years.

You will be able to sim more often the farther you progress as your team will have more chemistry and grow stronger. Must play on Pro difficulty.

USA vs Russia
Playing the game earns you tokens to purchase items. Purchase the '80 Russia and the '80 USA teams. Now win a game as the USA vs. Russia and re-create the Miracle on Ice.

If you missed something make sure you played as all 30 NHL teams, won 100 games, and completed all the bulleted objectives on your way to 13 achievements.

[XBA would like to thank litepink for this Roadmap]

NHL 2K7 Achievement Guide

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There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Score a goal on a breakaway on Amateur difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Score a breakaway goal on Amateur or higher difficulty. See “Blueline Tally”.

  • Score a goal when 2 men down on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Score a goal with 2 men down on pro or higher difficulty. See “Blueline Tally”.

  • Score a penalty shot on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Unachievable – The achievement is glitched.

  • Score a goal in the first minute of play on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Score a goal in the first minute of play on all-star or higher difficulty. See “Blueline Tally”.

  • Score a goal with a defenseman on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Score a goal with a defensemen on pro or higher difficulty.

    You can do all of the ones that I put as “See "Blueline Tally”" legit or you can do them the quick and easy way with no pain.

    First, throw it on 2-3 minutes and adjust all the sliders high and the CPUs to zero. Once you’ve done that it’s smooth sailings from there. Everyone should be really quick and have a mean slapper or wrister.

    For “Can’t Keep Me Down”, the easy way to do this without boosting the penalty option full is by shooting the puck to the goalie and than checking him. You aren’t supposed to check the goalie obviously and that will result in an automatic penalty. Once you’ve done that, repeat and you should be down 2 men.  Make sure you have your center and one of your left or right wings available as they’re obviously better playmakers than your defensemen.

     A lot of people have trouble with Fast start. Just make sure you have it on 2-3 minute periods and you win the face off or get the puck back as fast as you can if you lose the face off.

  • Win the Stanley Cup in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.


    All you have to do is win the Stanley cup in franchise mode on pro difficulty. You can simulate through it if you wish but I’m guessing you might need some of the games for one of the achievements further down. For quick results, make each period 1 minute long and the same goes for Dominance and Dynasty. You can adjust your sliders for this achievement if you wish.

  • Win Stanley Cup and Presidents Trophy in the same year in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.

    Win the president’s trophy and Stanley cup in the same season in franchise mode on the pro difficulty. The president’s trophy is awarded to the team with the best record in the NHL. If you pick a really good team, you can simulate or you can play through which I’m assuming you will do for the first time because you’ll want the “Are we there yet?” achievement. Slider changing is possible if you want to do it.

  • Dynasty



    Win 3 Stanley Cups in a row in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.


    Win the Stanley cup 3 times on pro difficulty in franchise mode. Just play through your first dynasty year and your team should be really good after that. You should have excellent team chemistry and your player ratings should be boosted. Play the first few games until you get your “Are we there yet?” achievement and than simulate through the game. Slider changing is also possible here if you want to mess with the sliders.

  • Record 5 consecutive shutouts in Franchise mode on Pro difficulty or higher.


    You should get this while playing your first season. All you have to do is have 5 consecutive shutouts on pro difficulty. Again, just set the periods to one minute and it should be fairly easy. You can have all the sliders fixed your way if you really want.

  • Win a game by 10 or more goals on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    All you have to do is beat your opponent by 10+ goals in a game on pro difficulty. This can be done in one minute periods. I did this with Vancouver and Ottawa when I was doing no favorites. If you’re having a hard time doing this in one minute, than boost up the time a bit and you should be able to do it. I would recommend Ottawa for one main reason and that they have the best offensive first string in the league. Dana Heatly, Daniel Alfredsson, and Jason Spezza are amazing. Spezza has amazing passing ability, speed and puck handling and Alfredsson and Heatly have astounding scoring abilities. With Alfredsson with sliders leaned towards me, I could just grab the puck with him and than hold my slap shot and zoom it in. I had 7 goals in 1 period (1 minute periods) with him the time I had no mercy.

  • Play a game with every NHL team.

    All you have to do is play the game with everyone. You should do this first as your wins will count towards your “Are we there yet?” achievement.

  • Beat USSR 80 with USA 80 on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    You have to beat the USSR 1980 team with the USA 1980 team on pro difficulty. Not difficult at all and each team is worth 250 tokens. These are extremely easy to get. By the time you finish “No Favorites” you should have around A LOT, so you should have no problem buying them.

  • Earn all 3 stars on Rookie difficulty or higher in a single-player game.

    Have the 3 star players of the game be on your team. That’s it pretty much not too hard. The difficulty has to be on rookie or higher.

  • Win 100 games.

    All you have to do is win 100 games. Actually not that time consuming because you should have the periods set to 1 minute. Once you’ve done that complete “No Favorites” and Dynasty on 41 games and you should have racked in 71 games. From there on, you should just play some more games in your dynasty and you’ll have it in no time.

  • Win an online league with at least 8 players.


    This achievement is fairly difficult because of the amount of people you need to do it. I recommend posting on our forum that you’re hosting a tourney or you should check the forums for anyone hosting one already.

  • Play 30 ranked matches online.


    Play 30 ranked online games, nothing really to say. The fastest and easiest way to do this is get a friend and quit out of each others games. When the other person quits, you receive the win.


Secret achievements

  • Quit 10 games online

    Quit 10 ranked games and you should get this achievement. It’s worth zero points but you’ll get it while you’re getting the “online gamer” achievement.

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