- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 33 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 70-80 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Journey back to the other world in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. LEVEL-5’s classic tale returns better than ever, with improved graphics and performance. Join Oliver as he embarks on an adventure through a world inhabited by new friends and ferocious foes alike in the hopes of bringing back his mother after a tragic incident. This charming tale unfolds through the use of animation storyboarded and created by the legendary Studio Ghibli and music composed by the renowned Joe Hisaishi. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch combines beautiful animated visuals, masterful storytelling, and a sweeping score to create an epic role-playing adventure like no other.

Step 1: Complete the Story
There are no missable achievements in this game, so you can feel free to simply sit back and enjoy this wonderful game. However, it is always advisable in a JRPG to make note of what will take place in the inevitable post-game grind. For NNK, you will want to tame any creature that presents itself during battle. If possible, grab two of each since the evolutions later on will take a branching path. Complete every errand and bounty hunt you come across. These are great for extra equipment, items, and money - and the merit rewards you get for filling out the punch cards are a big help as well.

During battle, be sure to grab the orbs that enemies drop as you need a huge amount of these and may still need to grind later on. Also be sure to evolve familiars as you go, and replace your bench familiars once you do so you can continue to level up others. Doing this as you go through the story will shave a number of hours off the post-game grind. You could also work on creating things with alchemy as available, and try to take a peek at the alchemy listings and note some of the rarer items that must be stolen - when you come across those enemies, steal from them when you have the chance to cut down some of the later grind.

I used this walkthrough for help and guidance during the story.

Step 2: JRPG Grind Time
Now you'll just need to start the long process of catching/evolving familiars, completing the rest of the quests, crafting, and collecting all the little glimmers during battle. I'd suggest doing quests first, as this will continue to level your familiars. Then go for catching/evolving the rest of the familiars, as you'll get more glimmers during these battles. Next, complete the rest of your alchemy creations as this will yield yet more glimmers. If you haven't got the rest of your needed glimmers at this point (which is highly likely), just fight random battles until you're done.

Ni No Kuni is a fantastic game, and a huge get for Xbox - especially as it launched into Game Pass. It combines the classic JRPG feel with insanely gorgeous Studio Ghibli graphics, and an engaging Pokemon-style battle system. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and with no missable achievements it's only a matter of time to knock out the completion. And it will be time well spent.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Achievement Guide

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Woods and bringing him back to his senses.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for obtaining the Sea Cow.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for befriending Tengri.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for restoring the legendary wand Mornstar to its former glory.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for defeating the Dark Djinn.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for freeing the other world from the clutches of the Zodiarchy.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for defeating the Guardian of Worlds.

    The Guardian of Worlds is the game’s ultimate optional boss. To access this fight, you must complete Errand #131, which can be started after completing the story by visiting a new hidden grove just south of Ding Dong Dell. It will be in the golden trees to the east of Golden Grove. The bunny character here will start the errand. Go to a Swift Solution location to get a new set of bounties (which are all more powerful versions of the game’s story bosses), and each time to complete the set of bounties, return to the bunny to unlock more. Once you complete bounties 116-130, you will finally unlock the battle against the Guardian.

    For the fight itself, I would refer to Solosseum Supremo (90G) for tips on what level to be and what familiars to use. The same setup will work here. At the highest level, the fight is fairly simple – it is actually only recommended to be around Level 70.
  • Awarded for taming 250 different species.

    There are nearly 350 different familiars to collect in the game, so this is actually a pretty forgiving achievement all things considered. Try to capture as many new creatures as you can when you go through each new dungeon or overworld section of the game, and two of the Tier 1 or Tier 2 versions if you can. Every familiar will go from Tier 1 to Tier 2, and then have an option of Tier 3a or Tier 3b. So having two of the T1/T2 versions will then allow you to get both T3 options.
    Most T3 familiars can be caught on their own rather than working on evolving the lower versions, but the capture rates are lower so sometimes it is easier to simply catch the earlier versions and defeat Toko enemies in Billy Goat's Bluff or the Ivory Palace for quick evolutions. If you are in need of Jumbo drops, the best bet is to purchase them in the casino.
    I found a google doc online that had all the familiars listed and I added a column up front so I could check them off as I went. I then created a formula at the bottom to keep count of how many I had checked off, and another line to count the gold variants. You can find this document HERE, but you'll need to make a copy of it to your own google drive to edit it.
  • Awarded for running 60 different errands.

    See Super Hero (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for completing 40 different bounty hunts.

    See Super Hero (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for collecting all the merit awards.

    Merit Rewards can be collected at any of the Swift Solutions locations in the world. After completing side-quests and bounties, you will earn stamps. Once you get enough stamps to fill up a specific number of cards, you'll be able to turn those in for rewards. You will need to complete every side-quest and bounty in the game to get all the rewards (minus #131 and the bounties The Conductor gives you during that quest). The walkthrough I linked in the Road Map has all of the quests and solutions listed as they become available, and you should definitely plan to do them as you go because the rewards from the quests and the Merit awards themselves are very helpful.
  • Awarded for alchemizing 120 different items.

    This is one of the most time consuming achievements in the game and requires that you create 120 of the possible 134 items with alchemy. I would highly suggest ignoring any formula that requires Scrolls of Truth as these are one of the hardest items in the game to farm. You have to get at least five of them for one of the side-quests. I personally had to steal from over 40 of the rare spawns for this just to get the required five, and that took me almost three hours. I have notoriously bad luck with RNG, but even so I would advise against it.
    The guide HERE has a complete list of all the possible alchemy formulas and the required items. Check the WIKI for each item you're missing to find what enemy you can farm for drops/steals. The MAP has boxes to show where forage points are for some of the needed materials.
  • Awarded for collecting all of the tickets for the Mem-O-Vision by winning big at the casino.

    You will need a total of 75,000 casino tokens to purchase all four tickets for this achievement. You can't buy these until you have completed the game which opens the S-Ranks rewards. Your best bet for this will be to play the Platoon game. The rules are fairly simple, though I always kept forgetting which function the bishop and wizard played. The opponent always puts any special cards in their piles from left to right, so the 4th and 5th piles are always just basic cards. Watch the video below for more info on the rules and strategy.

    Another option to get this achievement is simply amass 375k guilders and use those to buy the 75,000 chips, and in turn purchase all four tickets. You could save prior and reload to keep your money and still net the achievement.

  • Awarded for winning your first bout in the Solosseum Series.

    See Solosseum Supremo (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for becoming the champion of the Solosseum Series.

    This achievement should wait until post-game, and you'll want to get your characters all to Level 99 first. I'd highly suggest to have some very good defensive familiars at high levels as well such as a Catastroceros (Swaine), Demoliceros (Oliver), and Umberwood (Esther). You'll also want a good healer or two. I used the Greater Naiad as my main healer, which also had the Upsy-Daisy spell to resurrect someone if you get in trouble. The Paleolith familiar is both a great tank AND can learn Upsy-Daisy which would be a nice choice, but I personally didn't have it. All of these familiars were 80+ except the Dinos which level much slower, but are much more powerful even so, they were 25+ each.

    As for the fights themselves, at the suggested levels above everything up to S-Rank you can complete just using an Earsplitter or two with Oliver's dino. In S-Rank, you'll want to change your strategy a bit and set Esther and Swaine to support with healing, then press button-x.png to initiate All-Out Defense at all times. This will ensure they don't waste time and MP on offensive spells and just keep Oliver alive. Use your dino to keep dishing out damage. In the first two rounds, don't use any abilities, keep all your MP for the third and fourth battles.

    In battle three, prioritze the two adds first. If a blue glim pops out feel free to use Earsplitter or Bowlder to dish our some damage then grab the glim to replenish. The final battle is the hardest because the Mite will keep using Cut Loose to interrupt your spells, so focus on it first. Now that this is the final battle, you can start liberally spending your MP. Use Bowlder whenever possible to deal serious damage. Kill the Drongo second since it will be healing, but after the first enemy goes down it's just a matter of time at that point. The video below shows the general idea behind this strategy, though she used a way different lineup than myself.


Secret achievements

  • Awarded for casting Gateway and traveling to another world.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Awarded for amassing a fortune of half a million guilders.

    You should make great progress toward this as you complete all of the game's post-game quests and bounties. I would suggest not starting on the alchemy achievement until you get this, as you'll be buying some items to satisfy those requirements. If you need a quick boost toward the end, save your game and sell everything you own. You could also use the casino to make a bunch of chips, buy jumbo drops with the chips, then sell the drops for guilders - but this shouldn't be necessary.
  • Awarded for successfully stealing 50 times.

    Once Swaine joins your party you can begin working on this achievement. You need to be controlling Swaine and choose the "Mugshot" ability and succeed 50 times to unlock it. If Swaine steals while he is being controlled by AI it doesn't count, so use him on basic battles that your other party members can win until you get this. You'll be stealing a ton of items to finish all your alchemy recipes during the end-game grind as well, so no need to rush for this either.
  • Awarded for gathering 2,000 glims.

    Glims are the orbs that drop from enemies during battle. Green restores health, blue mana, and yellow charges your super attack. These will drop as you get critical hits, defend an attack, defeat an enemy, or just entirely randomly upon attacking. You need to personally collect the orb for it to count toward the achievement, but the merit reward Jackpot II which auto-collects all orbs at the end of battle counts as well.

    If you need to grind this at the end of the game, use the Earsplitter attack with your Dinoceros familair, which should cause at least one or two to drop from every enemy. You could also cast Thunderstorm with Oliver for the same effect.
  • Awarded for winning 1,000 battles.

    This should come naturally as you work toward all the other achievements.
  • Awarded for maximizing a familiar's familiarity.

    It is smart to work on this right from the beginning of the game with Oliver's first familiar. You can feed it chocolate bars to raise its familiarity, but you can only do ten of them before it gets full. Fighting a battle will lower its fullness by one, so after ten more battles be sure to fill it up. It takes about 500 basic chocolate bars to max its familiarity, so it will be a long grind.
  • Awarded for training a familiar to its full potential.

    After unlocking Overfamiliar (10G) you'll need to keep feeding the maxed out familiar more food to raise its stats a total of 50 times (you should have already raised stats about 35-40 times maxing its familiarity). If you feed it food for stats that it doesn't use much (like magic for Oliver's Mite) it will raise a bit more quickly, but this should only take another 25 pieces of food or so.
  • Awarded for managing 10 metamorphoses.

    This should come fairly early in the game. Once you get some of the basic familiars leveled up a bit you'll notice it'll say "metamorphosis" on their level up screen. From there, go into the creature cage and feed them the apropriate drop (sun, moon, star, or planet) and they will evolve. The basic familiars will evolve into something specific, while the Tier 2 familiars can evolve into one of two things and require a higher tier evolution item as well.
  • Awarded for taming 20 different species.

    See Familiarologist (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for running 15 different errands.

    See Super Hero (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts.

    See Super Hero (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items.

    See Mad Scientist (90G) for more info.
  • Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests.

    This achievement requires that you find all 100 hidden items on the world map. You can actually find these without knowing it, as they are basically just hidden forage points (no sparkles to indicate an item is present) and they don't respawn like the regular forage points. However, later in the game you'll get a spell called Seek Fortune that will temprarily show all the locations on your map. You'll want to travel to every main area and every island, use the Seek Fortune spell, and grab all the items you can see. Again, there won't be a literal treasure chest that you see, just interact with the ground when an exclamation point (!) shows up over your head. The map HERE has a check box marked "Red Chest" which will be the option you want to help with this achievement.
  • Awarded for setting foot in all secluded regions.

    For this achievement you must enter every hidden forest glade and cave in the game. The video below will take you to all of them. You could also use the map HERE and select "Cave" and "Forest Dwelling" to get all the same locations.

  • Awarded for collecting your first prize at the casino.

    See High Roller (40G) for more info.
  • Awarded for learning all of Oliver's spells.

    Oliver's spells are learned in a much different manner than the other two character's attacks. For this, you must interact with the ghost Horace at various points in the game, in the order below. He will task you with looking at your Wizard Companion to answer a riddle. Luckily, you can just answer it with the provided words below. The walkthrough linked in the Road Map points out when these become available and the specific location in each area that Horace will appear. 
    • Ding Dong Dell - found behind the grave in the north section of town. No riddle this time - free spell!
    • Al Mamoon - near the milk fountain. Riddle answer: Dragon of the West.
    • Castaway Cove - on the main bridge. Riddle answer: Finest Fiber.
    • Fairygrounds - Near the fairy godmother. Riddle answer: Crispy Lettuce.
    • Hamelin - On the balcony outside the Hootique. Riddle answer: S.
    • Yule - By the elder's house. Riddle answer: Blizzard Bloom.
    • Perdida - By Swift Solutions. Riddle answer: Jabal Al-Dukhan.
    • Ding Dong Dell - by the grave again. Riddle answer: Unleash.
    • Ara Memoria - very back platform. Riddle answer: Wizard's Robes.
    Once you have answered all of these riddles and completed the game, you will learn the final spell and unlock the achievement.
  • Awarded for learning all of Esther's songs.

    For this achievement you must simply get Esther to Level 65 and she will learn her final song.
  • Awarded for learning all of Swaine's trickshots.

    For this achievement you must simply get Swaine to Level 68 and he will learn his final trickshot.

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