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    Find every weapon.

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    No weapons are missable! There are a total of 30 weapons. To break it down, it's 13 one-handed swords, 8 two-handed swords, and 9 spears. Many weapons can be bought in shops, although they can be very costly. Two quests, "Disturbing the Sleep of Kings" (given by the King of Facade) and "The Damaged Map" (given by the Village blacksmith) give weapons. Some weapons are found in dungeon boxes, so make sure you smash everything you see. For more detailed information, visit the Weapon Location FAQ.

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  • If you've missed any weapons just go here... http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/44360/t1527911-nier-complete-weapon-list-obvious-spoilers/
  • Labyrinth's Song - Quest: Disturbing the sleep of Kings Unable to even accept this quest until you Avenge Fyra and get "Loyal Cerberus" Key Labyrinth's Shout - Quest: The Damaged Map Was advised by several websites that the Damaged Map was found in the Lost Shrine. Many of you may know this but this will help save time for those who dont :) START QUEST WITH VILLAGE BLACKSMITH: then Library(Home Village) - Go to the Southern Wall to find the Damaged Map, then Make sure you have: 3 x Eggplants (Found in Village Shop) 3 x Machine Oil[RARE](Found in Junkheap) 3 x Goat Hide (Farm Goats found beyond Eastern Gate of Village) NOTE: You can get either Goat Meat (70%~) or Goat Hide (30%~) from Goats so be a little patient with that part :) Ha
  • Iron pipe is pissing me off. Last one I need, but didn't know where it was during the flashback and beat the last shade and it ended before finding it. Now can't get the side quest again.
  • what weapons do you get from quests in the first part of the game or is it mostly in the second part that you get weapons from side quests??????????? please message asap for anybody that knows.
  • You get the iron pipe from the back inside the store behind the shelf in the flashback.

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