- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
- Offline: 70 (1250 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate time: 100+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4, but could be as many as 11.
- Missable achievements: 12+
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
- Unobtainable achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Avatar Awards: None
- Cheats: None

Ninja Gaiden II is the second modern iteration of the Ninja Gaiden series and the first one on the Xbox 360. The game has sixty achievements, including the ten from the Mission Mode DLC (560 Microsoft Points, $7.00). You can unlock over forty achievements on your first play through, but getting the 1250 will be a long and challenging process. There are a number of different achievements that can be missed along the way, so pay attention to the guide and road map as you go.

Step 1: Playthrough #1
If you've played the first Ninja Gaiden game or you are comfortable with fighting-style games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, then feel free to start on Way of the Warrior difficulty. When you beat the game, it will also unlock the achievement for beating it on Way of the Acolyte. If you're new to the Ninja Gaiden series, it might be worth starting on Way of the Acolyte and working your way into the flow of the game.

As you play, you'll automatically unlock all the achievements for completing chapters (10, 60 ), defeating major bosses (11, 165 ), and completing the game (1 or 2 for 100 or 200 , depending on which difficulty you started with). If you follow the guide, you'll also get the achievements for mastering all the different combat skills and abilities (11, 55 ) and unlocking all the ninpo skills (4, 20 ). Importantly, when you get to Chapter 2, follow the instructions in One of White to obtain the Rod of Trials. This unlocks the Tests of Valor throughout the game. If you miss it here, you don't get another opportunity without starting a new game. As you play, follow the guide to find and defeat all nine Tests and get the associated achievements (9, 135 ).

Finally, if you only use the Dragon Sword as your melee weapon, you'll also unlock Dragon Sword Master (5 ). Using ranged weapons and ninpo does not invalidate this achievement, but using any other weapon will. There are a few places that you need to be aware of where the game will automatically switch your weapon for you during a cut-scene. When that happens, switch your weapon back to the Dragon Sword as soon as the cutscene ends, before you hit any enemies with it. The Eclipse Scythe will equip at the end of the fight with Volf in Chapter Six, the True Dragon Sword will equip in the middle of Chapter 11 after you receive the Eye of the Dragon, and the Twin Katanas will equip in between the fight with Genshin and the fight with Elizébet in Chapter 14.

Step 2: Finishing the difficulty achievements.
Depending on whether or not you started on Way of the Warrior, you should now have two or three difficulties left. Way of the Warrior is not a huge jump in difficulty from Acolyte and beating that will unlock Way of the Mentor. Way of the Mentor, in turn, will unlock Way of the Master Ninja. The most important thing to remember is that Ninja Gaiden II is a game that requires patience and practice. If you treat it like a button-mashing hack-and-slash, you'll get very frustrated and die countless times. Learn which weapons work best against different enemies and which combination's do the most damage. Above all, learn to block and dodge, so you can avoid taking needless damage.

Step 3a: The Weapon Master achievements
There are two ways to unlock the remaining seven weapon-related achievements. The first is to start a New Game + on the same difficulty as one that you've already beaten. Doing so allows you to start the game with all of your previously unlocked weapons and ninpo unlocked. Simply pick whichever weapon you want to use and play through all fourteen chapters with it, the same way you did with the Dragon Sword on your first playthrough. If you've beaten the game a couple of times and you're playing on Way of the Acolyte, you can beat the entire game in under ten hours, easily. Just be mindful of the previously mentioned places where the game automatically switches the weapon for you.

Step 3b: The Projectile Run
The other way that you can go after the Weapon Master achievements is to simply avoid using any melee weapons at all for as long as possible. Once again, start a New Game +, preferably on Acolyte, and then play through the game using only ranged weapons and ninpo. Once you've gone as far as you can, save the game and then use that as the starting point for weapon runs through the end of the game. As long as you don't save over that weaponless save point, you can restart from there with a new weapon and simply run through the last couple of chapters to unlock the achievement for it. HERE is a thread with some information for defeating different enemies without using melee weapons.

Step 4: Mission Mode Achievements
The achievements for Mission Mode come in two varieties - Karma Attack Missions and Survival Missions. There are sixteen Karma Attack Missions, each one pitting you against a particular sequence of enemies. You need to beat each of them on all four difficulty levels - Acolyte, Warrior, Mentor, and Master Ninja. Unfortunately, you have to beat each difficulty level to unlock the next, so you'll need to beat each of the sixteen missions four times. Survival Missions simply throw never ending waves of enemies at you with a single melee weapon and limited healing items. To get all of the achievements, you need to earn gold medals on all eight missions. A gold medal is awarded for scoring 2,000,000 Karma points. See the guide for tips on all of the different missions.

Step 5: Mop Up
At this point, you should have completed the game. If you haven't gotten the achievements for 1000 obliteration's or 1000 kills with Ultimate Techniques, start a new game and focus on those. Other than that, bask in the pride of knowing that you've completed one of the hardest games on the 360. Congratulations!

x360a would like to thank Andrew x360a and Fizzmatix for this Road Map

Ninja Gaiden 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 70 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Successfully perform the Reverse Wind technique.

    Location: Inside a chest as you leave the first area. It's to the left of a door after the second set of enemies.

    To perform the Reverse Wind technique hold the  push any direction on the .
  • Successfully perform the Furious Wind technique.

    Location: After your fourth encounter with the enemy on the other side of the hole in the floor, you will find a chest at the end of a hallway containing this technique.

    While blocking an enemy attack with the  move the  in any direction to dodge.
  • Successfully perform the Shadowless Footsteps technique.

    Location: As you proceed through the first level you will encounter a hole in the floor and another group of enemies. Kill the enemies and drop down into the hole. You will find a chest with the technique inside.

    To perfect the Shadowless Footsteps technique run jump with  and hold the  forward to run across the wall.
  • Successfully perform the Flying Swallow technique.

    Location: Found on a third body laying on your path as you make your way through Chapter 1.

    This is a fairly simple technique which requires you to jump forward and press the  while in mid air. You will perform a dash in the direction you jumped.
  • Successfully perform the Flying Bird Flip technique.

    Location: Found on another body shortly after the Obliteration Technique scroll.

    You will need to make your way up a narrow shaft to a garden. After picking up the scroll, tap  until you reach the top. This technique is simple, but effective.
  • Successfully perform the Obliteration Technique.

    Location: Found on a dead ninja on your path as you progress through Chapter 1.

    While fighting an enemy you will have the chance to finish them off with a short, but violent animation kill. Once you have dismembered a limb, pressing  will cause you to finish them off. Once the animation starts, this is considered the Obliteration Technique.
  • Successfully perform the Ultimate Technique.

    Location: Found on a body shortly after you find the Lunar Staff.

    For this to work you need to have some distance between yourself and the enemy. You need to hold down  for a short period of time to power up your attack. Once you release the attack, you will bombard your enemy with a cycle of slashes and combos.
  • Successfully perform the Ultimate Guidance technique.

    Location: Across the bridge from the Ultimate Technique, found on another body inside a building.

    This is technique is basically the same as the Ultimate Technique, the only exception is you hold down the  until you have a large aura of energy around you. This attack will charge faster if you have essence surrounding you from a previous kill.
  • Successfully perform the Counter Attack technique.

    Location: Found on a dead ninja in a courtyard shortly after crossing the river in Chapter 2.

    While holding  to block, either press  or  to counterattack your enemies. This will probably be the most useful technique you learn. Make sure you use this effectively throughout the game to succeed.
  • Successfully perform the Unrivaled Soaring technique.

    Location: After dealing with the sub-boss in Chapter 2 you will need to make your way up to the higher levels of the room you fought in. You will find this scroll on a body as you make it to the second landing.

    This is much like Shadowless Footsteps where you can to run around the wall. This time though you will be able to press the  to jump the extra distance you couldn't before.
  • Successfully perform the Invisible Path technique.

    This will come later on in Chapter 3, you will encounter a creature in the sewers which will jump on you in an animation. Kill the enemies and head to your left where you will find a body with this technique scroll.

    To perform the technique you need to use what you have learned already, but press the  to jump from wall-to-wall with the Shadowless Footsteps technique. If done correctly, you will bounce between platforms with ease.
  • Successfully perform the Art of the Inferno Ninpo.

    You will find this fairly early on in Chapter 1. To perform the Inferno, you need to select it by pressing  twice to select the icon that looks like the achievement tile. Once you are ready to use Ninpo press  +  together.
  • Successfully perform the Art of the Wind Blades Ninpo.

    At the start of Chapter 3, once you enter the building to the left, you will find this scroll on a body just inside the doorway. Once you have found this scroll, press  twice and then scroll to the Ninpo ability that looks like the tile. Once you are ready to use Ninpo, press  +  together.
  • Successfully perform the Art of the Flame Phoenix Ninpo.

    You won't find this until much later in Chapter 5. You will enter a large building and find a wine cellar. As you follow the pathways, you will come to an area where you can go left or right. If you take the right path, you will see a body in a caged area. Head up stairs to collect the key and come back down to unlock the gates.

    Once you have found this scroll press  twice and then scroll to the Ninpo ability that looks like the tile. Once you are ready to use Ninpo, press  +  together.
  • Successfully perform the Art of the Piercing Void Ninpo.

    In Chapter Seven, you will find a huge control room and a squad of tactical ninjas and a pair of rocket ninjas. There will be two operating doors and the Art of Piercing Void Ninpo is on the right.

    Once you have found this scroll press  twice and then scroll to the Ninpo ability that looks like the tile. Once you are ready to use Ninpo, press  +  together.
  • Defeat Alexei in battle.

    This is a story related achievement. You will encounter Alexi at the end of Chapter 4, "A Captive Goddess". This chapter is also the first, but not last, time that you will have to fight a sub-boss in the chapter before you get to the primary boss at the end.

    Sub-Boss: Godomus
    Final Smash: This is his opening attack. He will raise his fist and slam it on the ground. All you have to do is quickly run or dash away.

    Quick Punch: He will just punch in front of him really fast. If you're not in front of him, which you shouldn't be, then it won't hurt you at all.

    Shock Wave: He will lower down on all fours and spray a massive sound blast directly in front of him. You have to quickly dash to the side to avoid it.

    Swipe: If you're behind him, he will turn around with a punch. It isn't easy to avoid, but you can block it, so do so and then dash to get back behind him again.

    Shock Wave 2.0: This is not as powerful as the first one. If you are near him, he will slam both fists on the ground and create a shock wave around him. You can dash away from him when you see him lift his fists.

    Strategy: The fastest way to win this battle is to get just behind his legs and slash away with a mixture of light and heavy attacks. Keep an eye out for the attacks mentioned above, especially the swipe. Since you're going to be hanging out behind him, expect to see this move a lot. Block it and dash behind him to continue the assault. Once he's stunned, attack his head with a  attack to trigger the final Obliteration Technique.

    Boss: Alexi
    Whirlwind: Alexi starts spinning around and creates a tornado that can track you. Just continuously run and dash away from it until he stops.

    Grab: This is easily his most dangerous attack. It has no start up and he just darts across the screen to grab you. Fortunately, he doesn't track you on this attack, so if you keep moving, he'll end up dashing behind you and missing you altogether. He's open for a moment after the dash, so it's a good time to get a quick combo in.

    Electric Projectiles: Alexi will fly outside the map and fire a continuous stream of spherical electric projectiles at you. You'll have to keep dodging them until he stops. This is one of the only times that he's reliably vulnerable to ninpo attacks, so feel free to hit him with Art of the Inferno if you like.

    Melee Combos: You can block most of his melee attacks directly, although some can break through your guard, or simply dash behind him to avoid them. In the latter case, use that moment to hit him with a quick combo.

    Strategy: Despite his speed, the safest place during this fight is actually close to Alexi. As long as you stay near him, he'll generally avoid using his whirlwind and projectile attacks. As long as you keep dodging his melee combos, you can chip away at his health with quick combos of your own. If you have your Dragon Sword upgraded to level three by this point, the Divine Flying Swallow move can do a great deal of damage if you connect with the full combo (Jump forward ).
  • Defeat Volf in battle.

    This is a story related achievement. You will face Volf at the end of Chapter Six, "The Lycanthropes' Castle".

    Sub-Boss: Mortis
    Stomp: When you're under him, he tries to stomp on you. Quickly Reverse Wind away from him when you see him lift his foot.

    Punch: He punches the ground. Again, Reverse Wind to block the attack and get away from the impact.

    Bone Throw: This is simply a ranged attack where he throws a wave of bones at you. This can usually be blocked.

    Grab Number One: Both grabs use the same start up. When you're under him, sometimes he will pick you up. This grab consists of him grabbing you, sitting down, picking up bones and pouring them on you, crushing him with his other hand, and then throwing you. This is hard to avoid if you're near his legs, so the best you can do is stay moving while you attack and hope that he misses you.

    Grab Number Two: With this grab he picks you up, puts you in his mouth, runs straight into a wall, and then starts chewing on you. When the chewing starts, press the buttons quickly to get out.

    Strategy: If you want to keep your distance, charge up level two Ultimate Techniques with your Fiend Bow and chip away at his health slowly. Alternatively, you can attack him the same you did the Godomus in Chapter Four. Just get behind his legs and slash away while avoiding his attacks. You'll likely take some damage, especially from the grabs, but it's a fast way to take away a lot of his health. If, by chance, you've fully upgraded your Kusari-Gama, the Immense Tragedy attack () does a tremendous amount of damage to him. After you've dealt some damage, he'll be temporarily stunned and sit down. At this point leap into the air and use aerial attacks like Blade of Nirrti () with a level two Dragon Sword or Wind of Dawn () with the level two Lunar Staff on the orb in the middle of his chest. If you can deal enough damage at this point, you won't have to do too much more work after he gets back up before you can stun him again.
    Boss: Volf
    This is his starting attack. He will charge straight at you and knock you over. Simply dash to the side to avoid him.

    Combo: If you get close to him, he will start punching with some claws and slashing his Scythe with the others. Dash away from him, but don't go too far. As soon as the combo is finished, you have a moment to hit him with one of your own.

    Grab: This is fortunately a very rare attack. He will pick you up with two arms, slam you on the ground, and slash you three times with his Scythe while you bounce back up in the air. It deals a lot of damage, so be prepared to dash if you see him start to reach for you.

    Overhead Slash: Volf will slam the Scythe down on the ground, creating a powerful shock wave. Stay on the move and be prepared to get away quickly.

    Jumping Slash: Volf will yell, then jump from one end of the arena to another and slash the ground when he lands. If you stay on the move, this won't affect you.

    Spinning Slash: Usually he spins the the Scythe twice around his body and will frequently end with an overhead smash. He pauses after this attack, so it's another perfect time to hit him with another combo.

    Shock Wave: Volf can swing his Scythe, creating a shock wave in front of him. Stay on the move and he can't hurt you.

    Strategy: Use the tips above to dodge or block his attacks. After he finishes an attack, there's almost always an opening for retaliation. If you have a level three Dragon Sword, hit him with the Divine Flying Swallow (Jump forward ). He'll usually block the first stroke, but the second and third will connect. Fast attacks with the Falcons Talons like Lion's Roar () can also deal a lot of damage. Try to be conservative during this fight because you need to be prepared to kill about twenty werewolves after you finish off Volf. Fortunately, you'll acquire Volf's Eclipse Scythe after you kill him and its level two Ultimate Technique can really decimate these weaker werewolves.
  • Defeat Zedonius in battle.

    This is a story related achievement.

    Boss: Zedonius
    Fireballs:Just dash to the side until the barrage stops.

    Pounce: Zedonius jumps into the air and lands in the middle of the arena with a massive ground pound. As soon as you see him jump, dash away. He's vulnerable for a moment after he lands, so dash up to him and hit him with a combo.

    Fire Shield: When Zedonius takes a lot of damage, he will roar and a massive fire shield will appear around him. When you finish a combo, run away.

    Flame Pillar: Zedonius will roar and summon a pillar of flame beneath you. Stay on the move and it won't hit you.

    Fiend Summon: Zedonius can summon Van Gelfs to help him attack you. Use the Lunar Staff to remove a limb and quickly use an Obliteration Technique to take them out. If you get desperate, you can use Art of the Inferno to take out a couple of them.

    Strategy: Zedonius is difficult because of how powerful his attacks are. The best way to beat him is with the level three Eclipse Scythe. Wait until he does the pounce and then he will start walking around. Dash up to him and combo him twice with a  combo, which takes off 25% of his health, and then run away before he does his fire shield. You can also use Ultimate Techniques with the Scythe, if you time them correctly. Make sure you stay close or else he will summon Fiends. Repeat this process to kill him.
  • Defeat Elizébet in battle.

    This is a story related achievement.

    Dash: She does a back flip then dashes straight at you. Simply dash off to one side to avoid her.

    Grab: She can stab you with her tail and then fling you off to the side. This only happens if you get really close to her, so be aware of that.

    Combos: She has a five hit combo where she throws a quick series of punches and claw swipes. You can easily block the initial attack and then Reverse Wind to dash away. She also has several other combos where she stabs you with her claws or swipes at you with her tail. In all cases, they have pretty similar reach and power, so stay alert and be ready to block and dash.

    Teleporting Dash Attack: She can teleport away from your attacks and then teleport back to you and immediately attack right after she appears. Keep your guard up and be ready to dash behind her.

    Blood Attack: She will summon a massive heart in the air above her that will shoot streams of blood at you. Not only do they do substantial damage to you, but they can also heal her. Either run away and keep moving or use a ninpo spell for its invulnerability frame. Occasionally, Art of the Inferno will actually hit her at this point.

    Strategy : Since Elizébet has both ranged and close attacks, there really isn't a safe place in this fight. You can really only hurt her if you're close to her though - she'll almost always dodge ninpo and projectiles. To that end, stay close to her and constantly stay on the move to avoid her attacks. Once she finishes a combo, she'll be vulnerable for a brief moment, so hit with a quick combo of your own. I prefer to use the  attack of the Eclipse Scythe because it's fast and does reasonable damage. Don't get greedy and try to extend the combo because she will likely hit you with her grab attack.

  • Defeat Genshin in battle.

    You face Genshin for a third time at the end of Chapter 11, "A Tempered Gravestone". This time he doesn't have any ninjas to assist him, but he's faster than he was in your previous encounters. He also has his own Ultimate Technique and Izuna Drop available, so you'll want to stay close to him and on the move. Just use the same general techniques and strategies that you did in the previous two battles with him.
  • Complete the game on the Path of the Acolyte.

    See Way of the Master Ninja.

  • Complete the game on the Path of the Warrior.

    See Way of the Master Ninja.

  • Complete the game on the Path of the Mentor.

    See Way of the Master Ninja.

  • Complete the game on the Path of the Master Ninja.

    Once you defeat Dagra Dai, you still have two more boss battles before you finish the game. First, you'll face off against the lower form of the Archfiend in a multistage battle as he tries to climb up to the surface. Once you defeat him, he'll be reborn in his true form and you'll have to kill him again. After you kill this form, you've beaten the game and the achievements for completing the game will unlock after your final save.

    Boss #1: Archfiend
    Vomit: When you damage the Archfiend, he will vomit bloody body parts and they will do a fair amount of damage. Just dash to the side or directly towards him to avoid them.

    Electric Beam: He will lower his face down to the ground and fire a beam of electricity at you. Either quickly hit him with a level two charged arrow or dash to the side.

    Skulls: Glowing skulls will come flying out of his mouth. You can either use the invincibility frame of Art of the Inferno or simply jump back and forth and they will impact on the ground or wall behind you.

    Ground Pound: He will slam the ground with his fist or - more rarely - sweep his arm from side to side. If you're up against the edge of the platform and directly in front of him, the ground pound can't hit you. You can just block the other attack if he uses it.

    Strategy: The strategy for this battle is very simple. Just charge up a level two arrow and shoot him in the face. The game will auto-aim for you, so you don't have to worry about aiming. Once you hit him, he'll roar and vomit on you, so dodge towards him to get under it. Immediately charge another level two arrow and shoot him in the central orb in his chest to damage him. Dodge again and then repeat the process. When you see him stagger and partially fall off the edge, run towards the back wall and he'll recover, break down the barrier to the next level, and continue climbing upwards. Follow him up to the next open area and repeat the process. After the third time, he'll fall back down the shaft and die.
    Boss #2: Archfiend Reborn
    Electric Beam: He can shoot a beam of light out of his mouth, but unlike the previous incarnation, it will sweep toward whichever side of the arena that you're on, so be prepared to jump over it.

    Eternal Grab: At any point, he can grab you, then slam you on the ground, then throw you onto the ground.

    Dash: When he hovering to the side of the arena, he can sweep across the ground from one side to the other. Just stay near the back wall and he'll miss you.

    Electric Rain: He can call forth a shower of electricity. Just be on the move and avoid it.

    Meteor Shower: When he flies off the arena, he call forth flaming meteors that home in on your location. Run and dash away to avoid them.

    Ground Pound: When he lands on the edge of the arena, he can pound the edge and do some serious damage.

    Strategy: The strategy is fairly easy. When he is on the side of the cliff, take out your favorite weapon and hammer , making sure to avoid his attacks, especially the grab. Just attack him from the side, never directly from the front. Eventually he will do a grab and walk on the platform. Slash at his legs until he flies off the platform. Avoid his various attacks and then he should go back to the side of the cliff. Repeat the same strategy. Once he's almost dead, he'll hang his head and you can just run up, press , and finish the game!
    Only Way of the Acolyte and Way of the Warrior are available at the outset. You have to beat the game on Warrior to unlock Mentor and then beat it again on Mentor to unlock Master Ninja. If you can handle Acolyte, the difficulty jump to Warrior is not very significant. The jump up to Mentor, however, is quite substantial and will challenge your skills and patience. If you can pull that off, then you get the chance to really test yourself against the hardest that the game has to offer.

    The most important piece of advice is that Ninja Gaiden II is NOT a button-mashing hack-and-slash game! You need to practice with each weapon to figure out which combos are most effective against which enemies and to learn the weaknesses of all the bosses. If you have a bad run against a boss, don't be afraid to start over at the last checkpoint. Practicing until you get a really good run is far preferable to using up a bunch of heal items needlessly.

    Remember that Lives of the Gods and Lives of the Thousand Gods will fully heal you as well as extend your life bar, so save them to use as an extra healing item. You can use a similar approach with Spirit of the Devils - they refill all your ninpo when they add the additional slot.
  • Obtain 10 Crystal Skulls.


    See Karma of the Master Ninja

  • Obtain 20 Crystal Skulls.


    See Karma of the Master Ninja

  • Obtain all of the Crystal Skulls.

    There are 30 crystal skulls to collect as you make your way through the levels of Ninja Gaiden. Most are in full view and fairly obvious, but others you will need to hunt for.

    If you are having issues finding all the skulls use the following guide:

    Crystal Skull Guide
  • Achieve a 100-hit combo with any weapon.

    You could, technically, unlock this at any point, but there are several places where it is significantly easier than others. Once such point is in Chapter 9, after you've unlocked the gate allowing you to leave the large lake area. You'll swim through an underwater tunnel and eventually come to a place where your path is blocked by a very large stone. A large number of "pillbugs" will continually spawn for quite a while. Simply equip your favorite weapon - I recommend the Vigoorian Flails - and chain a series of level two Ultimate Techniques together. You should easily surpass one hundred hits without any problem as long as you use the strategy of leaping and pressing  as soon as you land to instantly charge your attack.
  • Defeat 1000 enemies using Obliteration Techniques.

    While fighting your enemies you will be able to finish them off with a fatal blow once you've removed a limb using normal attacks. Simply press  next to an enemy once you've removed a limb and you'll see an animation of Ryu finishing them off.

    Doing this 1000 times may seem difficult but it will come with natural progress. You will likely not earn this on your first playthrough, but try to pull off the obliteration kill whenever it's a possibility and you'll probably unlock this achievement sometime in your second playthrough of the game.
  • Defeat 1000 enemies using Ultimate Techniques.

    An Ultimate Technique is unleashed by holding the  button down and charging up an attack. There are two levels, the second taking longer to charge and being more powerful than the first. Once you're charged, release  and Ruy will unleash a flurry of attacks on any nearby enemies. With some weapons, you can keep tapping  during the animation to prolong the attack. Given their power and very useful invincibility frames, you'll find yourself using Ultimate Techniques quite frequently throughout the game, so you should unlock this early in your second playthrough.
  • Complete the game using only the Dragon Sword.

    Location: You will always have this sword as you start the game with it.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Lunar Staff.

    Location: In Chapter 1, after the third save point, you'll find a statue holding the Lunar Staff in its hands. Simply walk up to it and press  to take it.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Falcon's Talons.

    Location: As you're fighting your way through Chapter 2, you'll find these in a side alcove in a building on your way to the Dragon Shrine.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang.

    Location: In Chapter 4, after you defeat the Godomus, Rachel will drop you off on the island with the Statue of Liberty. Once you enter the first room on the ground floor of the building - the one with the save point - you can find these by breaking one of the display cases.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Kusari-gama.

    Location: In Chapter 5, look to your right when you get to the second bridge. You'll find a dead ninja holding this weapon.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Eclipse Scythe.

    Location: You receive this weapon automatically when you defeat Volf at the end of Chapter 6.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Tonfa.

    Location: In Chapter 7, you'll drop down into a storage room as you work your way through the airship. One your way out, look at the body of a dead ninja and you'll find this weapon.

    See Vigoorian Flail Master

  • Complete the game using only the Vigoorian Flail.

    Location: After you defeat the Amazonian Worm sub-boss in Chapter 9, follow the way out of the tunnels and then immediately follow the path to the right. When you get to the top of a small hill, you'll find a dead ninja holding the Flails.

    To get any of the Weapon Master achievements, you need to complete a playthrough of the game using only a single melee weapon. You can use ninpo and ranged weapons, but hitting another enemy or even blocking an incoming attack with another melee weapon will invalidate the achievement. See the Road Map for two different strategies for unlocking these eight achievements.

Secret achievements

  • Purified the site of the the first Test of Valor.

    To unlock the Tests of Valor you must have the Rod of Trials. When you're first working your way through the Hyabusa Village in Chapter Two, you'll come to a large open courtyard and face off against a horde of ninjas that feels almost endless. Keep persevering and once you finish them all off, the candles near the altar on the side will light up. Approach the altar and you'll have the option to pick up the Rod and the Tests of Valor will now appear throughout the game.

    The first Test of Valor is found in Chapter Three. After Bird Flipping out of the subway car and make your way through narrow corridor infested with enemies, you will come to a clearing. You will see the portal to the first Test of Valor on the other side. To get there you must drop down and defeat all the enemies. After climbing some stairs you must turn around and wall run off of the walls. You will land in front of a shop, so you can use this to stock up for the challenge. Further ahead on the walkway is a save point, the portal is in front of the save point. Wall run off the small wall and you will be at your destination.


    Strategy: These are the same ninjas that you've been fighting for most of the game. Use whatever strategy you are most comfortable with to take them out. Any weapon can work well for this.

    Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • Purified the site of the the second Test of Valor.

    The second Test of Valor is in Chapter Four. Once you defeat the Godomus sub-boss, Sonya will pick you up in her helicopter and drop you off on the island next to the Statue of Liberty. Once you get into the ninja exhibit, you'll see a Save Point and the portal is nearby.

    Purple Van Gelfs

    Strategy: First of all, you can use ninpo as much as you want because it will refill once you exit the Test. Wind Blades will generally remove a limb. Val Gelfs are also very vulnerable to the Lunar Staff and almost any combo will remove a limb, setting them up for an Obliteration Technique.

    Talisman of Rebirth
  • Purified the site of the the third Test of Valor.

    In Chapter Five, you'll come to a wine cellar and eventually be able to break through a wooden floor. Do a leaping ground pound and you will fall down the shaft and land in the water below. You'll be right on the portal next to the third Test of Valor. There is a save point further up ahead, but you'll have some stiff resistance if you try to make your way to it.

    Flying Demons

    Strategy: Equip your incendiary shurikens and run around the outer part of the arena. Jump throw shurikens at the flying demons. When you run out, switch to your arrows and keep firing with the auto-aim. If you run out of arrows there are some on the dead ninja's body. Keep doing this until there are no more aerial enemies remaining. Now all you need to do is focus on the werewolves. The Falcons Talons will quickly remove limbs, setting them up for Obliteration Techniques. Try to stay close to them, so they won't resort to throwing the limbs of their fallen comrades at you as projectiles.

    Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • Purified the site of the the fourth Test of Valor.

    In Chapter Six, you will fight a sub-boss called Mortis in a giant pit filled with bones. When you finally get out of the pit, work your way up and open the Skull Door to get outside. After that, make your way through the newly unlocked door. You will find yourself climbing many flights of steps. At the top you will be at the base of some fancy stairs leading up to the castle. On the other side of the pool you can see the portal to the fourth Test of Valor in a gazebo. There is a save point further up the steps, but you'll have to fight your way there if you want to save.


    Strategy: Simply use a couple of Izuna Drops with your favorite weapon to kill the first couple of Gajas and then use a series of level two Ultimate Techniques with the Eclipse Scythe to rip through the remainders. Finish off the bats with a series of aerial attacks and you'll be done.

    Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • Purified the site of the the fifth Test of Valor.

    In Chapter Seven, you will find a huge control room and a squad of tactical ninjas and a pair of rocket ninjas. There will be two operating doors and the fifth Test of Valor is behind the door to the left across from another door where you find the Art of Piercing Void Ninpo.

    RPG Ninjas
    Tactical Ninjas
    Giant Demon Mechs

    Strategy: Incendiary shurikens can take an arm off of the RPG Ninjas, which will keep them off of your back while you handle the other enemies. I prefer to use the aerial combos of the Eclipse Scythe because they're very effective at removing limbs from both the Tactical Ninjas and the Mechs. As soon as you see one of the Mechs lose a limb, quickly use an Obliteration Technique to finish them off, making sure to block or dash away when you do because they will explode a moment after they die.

    Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • Purified the site of the the sixth Test of Valor.


    You find the six Test of Valor in Chapter Eight, "Submit or Die!". After the part where you're working your way through the underground tunnels and the water, you will come to a ladder. Do the Flying Bird Flip to make it out. Blow a hole in the wall with the incendiary shurikens and then you will be in a huge lobby. There will be a save point down the stairs and a shop on the other balcony from where you entered. Use this to stock up on whatever you need. Then when you are ready, head downstairs, follow the red carpet and go through the huge brown door to the Gate of the 6th Test of Valor. There is a box of arrows to the right of the gate.

    Small Mechs
    RPG Ninjas

    Strategy: During this challenge you are under constant fire from both automatic machine guns and burst fire rockets. The best chance of staying alive is to constantly be moving (especially in air) and blocking whenever you are under fire. Focus on the rocket ninjas first because their rockets can break your block and can hit you very easily when you're in the air. Move around the outer part of the arena and do the Flying Swallow Technique to quickly dispose of the rocket ninjas. You can also try blindly throwing your Incendiary Shurikens to take off an arm. When they stop spawning focus your attention on the mechs. The only threat that they can be to you is if you get to close to them - they will shoot and charge into you. Again just use the Flying Swallow Technique to stay off the ground. When they die, they blow up so make sure to avoid or block the blast.

    Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • Purified the site of the the seventh Test of Valor.

    In Chapter Nine, you will fight a sub-boss called the Amazonian Death Worm, after which you will be outside. You'll need to cross two open bodies of water. The first will contain giant worms that you can either kill or run past. The second is full of Blood Eels. Simply drop into the water with your back to the wall and use the Gatling Gun to take them out before proceeding. In the next clearing, you will find the seventh Test of Valor and a Save Point.

    Bone Scorpions

    Strategy: This is probably one of the easiest challenges. Simply pick your favorite weapon and chain together level two Ultimate Techniques until everything is dead.

    Talisman of Rebirth
  • Purified the site of the the eight Test of Valor.

    In Chapter Ten, "Temple of Sacrifice", you'll cross a wooden bridge and face a horde of Chainsaw Fiends. Once you've killed all of them, you'll activate the eighth Test of Valor.

    Ghost Fish

    Strategy: Use the Vigoorian Flails or Art of the Wind Blades to quickly kill off the Ghost Fish and take the limbs off of the Gajas. From there, use Obliteration Techniques on the Gajas or simply chain Ultimate Techniques together.

    Grains of Spiritual Rice
    Yellow Essence
  • Purified the site of the the ninth Test of Valor.

    In Chapter 11, "A Tempered Gravestone" you will be fighting your way towards Mount Fuji. Part of the path is up a forested hillside. Eventually, you will come to a save point on a ledge and there will be a cave behind it. The final Test of Valor is inside the cave.

    Ninja Dogs

    Strategy: The key here is to be more agile than the Ninja Dogs. Just keep using the Flying Swallow with the True Dragon sword and it will be fairly easy. Whenever you land, instantly block just for safety, then jump into a Flying Swallow as soon as possible.

    Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • Finished Chapter 1, "Sky City Tokyo."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Boss: Shadow Rasetsu
    Here is your introduction to the boss fights of Ninja Gaiden II. Generally speaking, your best strategies are to keep moving and play defense. Avoid or block the attacks from the boss and then counter with an attack of your own when there's an opening. You can use a move called Reverse Wind to move quickly while you're blocking. Just flick the thumbstick in the direction that you want to go and Ryu will do a short dash that way. This is very useful for moving quickly around bosses while not dropping your guard.

    Wind Blades: This is his only ranged attack, but it can be annoying if you aren't watching for it. He will roar and scream at the sky, then a flurry of blades will fly towards you. As soon as he yells, dash away. The blades don't really track you, so they are relatively easy to avoid.

    Claw Combo: He has a few of these, but they are basically all the same. He will just run, or crawl up to you, then start trying to slash you. One variant that he'll sometimes use is a jump high in the hair where he'll try and crush you. In any case, if you just dash or Reverse Wind away, then he shouldn't hit you. When he finishes a combo, he usually stands still, giving you a nice chance to hurt him.

    Strategy: For your first boss, he isn't really that difficult. Basically, what you want to do as soon as the fight starts, is charge up a level two Ultimate Technique with whatever weapon you like. I prefer the Lunar Staff, but the Dragon Sword works very nicely as well. He will usually run directly at you. Just as he gets to you, unleash it to take off a nice chunk of his health. He will be stunned for a bit after this, so run away and charge another level two Ultimate Technique. If you can keep up this strategy, he should go down in less then a minute. Just keep your eye out for him to start his Wind Blades attack and be prepared to break out of your Ultimate Technique and dash away.
  • Finished Chapter 2, "The Castle of the Dragon."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Boss: Genshin
    Six Hit Combo: He usually opens up the fight with this. It is comprised of two sword slashes, two fast jabs with his claw, another sword slash and then a 360 degree power slash that will break your guard and leave you vulnerable. If you can just dash away, you should be able to avoid it.

    Jumping Slash: He will just usually do this randomly by jumping straight at you and trying and slash you. You can block this, but be careful because he can follow it up with another set of slashes while you recover.

    Twirling Slash: He does a swipe of the sword, jumps in the air and twirls around twice, then lands and slashes twice. Again, just dash away from him.

    Flying Swallow: Do not jump off of the ground. He only uses this if you jump. When you jump, he will just home in on you and do a flying swallow, which knocks you down and takes off a lot of health. It is very dangerous, but you can avoid it by simply staying on the ground and never giving him the opportunity.

    Ultimate Technique: He will charge up and start grunting, then do a quick dash forward, which homes in on wherever you are, and knocks you down. As soon as you see him charge, run around the arena to avoid it.

    Kick Combo: Genshin will kick once, then slash twice. Just move away from him. There's little start up for this. Think of it as his version of a counter move.

    Four Hit Combo: He will just slash twice and then spin around twice and try to hit you with his sword. You can block most of this combo or simply Reverse Wind to avoid it.

    Strategy: First of all, ninpo rarely works on Genshin. You can use it for the sake of its invulnerability frames, but don't count on it doing any damage to him. Secondly, as mentioned above, stay on the ground. He'll counter any of your aerial attacks with his own Flying Swallow. The strategy for this fight is relatively simple. All you have to do is avoid his attacks by dashing and blocking and then wait until he finishes a combo. At that point, he'll pause for a second and you can dash up to him to pull off a quick combo. Don't get greedy and try to extend the attack for too long or he'll counter with more attacks of his own. To be really safe, just use Crimson Tempest () with the Dragon Sword and then dash away. If you've upgraded the Dragon Sword to level two, you can get away with using Undefeatable Demon (). Be patient and you'll eventually finish him off.
  • Finished Chapter 3, "Thunderclap of Catastrophe."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Boss: Gigadeath
    Electric Projectiles: This is his main attack. He will fly around, then stop, and start shaking rapidly. This is followed by streams of electric orbs flying out from him in the general direction that he is facing. If you are in front of him when he does this, quickly dash to the side of him to avoid the attack. If one hits you, you will be stunned and knocked backward a considerable distance.

    Electric Shock: If you touch him or even get close to him, you will be shocked and thrown backward. Simply avoid getting too close and this is easy to avoid.

    Mini-Worms: You can see these worms trailing Gigadeath. Frequently, they will disengage from him and swarm down the tunnel to attack you. If you're standing against a wall, wait until the last second and then dash away or jump into the air and they will impact harmlessly against the wall and floor. You can also use the area effect of the Art of Inferno as a weapon by waiting until they are almost upon you before you cast it.

    Face Attack: While rare, this is easily one of his most dangerous attacks. He will start shaking again, but this time, a massive blue face will come out and attack you. If it connects, it does catastrophic amounts of damage. You can either use the invincibility frame from a ninpo to cancel the damage right before it hits you or simply try and dash away quickly, so it impacts with the wall behind you.

    Grab Attack: If you happen to get caught directly in front of Gigadeath, he will grab you in his mouth and then grind you up against the wall of the tunnel for some ways before dropping you again. Simply dash away from him before he gets to you to avoid this attack.

    Strategy: The strategy is easy in concept, but can be quite hard to pull off. All it entails is staying where you are, charging a level two arrow Ultimate Technique and shooting him in the face. If you have to fire quickly, a level one arrow will do an acceptable amount of damage in a pinch, but you do really want to wait the extra seconds for a level two. Once he closes on your side of the tunnel, run to the other side and repeat the strategy. If he turns upside down during the battle, you can damage him with melee attacks. When he has a bit of life left, he will crash to the ground. Run up to his face and press  to trigger the final Obliteration Technique.
  • Finished Chapter 5, "The Aqua Capital."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Boss: Water Dragon
    Ice Spears: The dragon will wave his head and about ten ice spears will come out. You can simply use Reverse Wind back and forth along the platform. If they hit you, they can knock you off, so be careful.

    Roar: This roar causes a plume of water to shoot forward through the water towards you. You can't block it, so your only real defensive option is to Reverse Wind away from it at the last second.

    Water Whip: This attack is only an issue if you're in the water. He will whip the water with his tentacle, sending a shock wave along the water. If you're on the platform, this does nothing. If you're in the water though, it can deal some serious damage and there's almost no way to avoid it, so stay out of the water if you can.

    Ghost Fish: If you do end up in the water, then sometimes the ghost fish will attack you. Hammer the buttons to get free and pull out the Gatling gun to take them out. Be aware that the Water Dragon will still be around and looking to attack you. The best thing to do is stay out of the water.

    Grab Number One: If you're in the water, he will swim through and grab you is his mouth then start eating you. Hammer all the buttons to free yourself. He really doesn't pull this move very often.

    Grab Number Two: This is easily his most dangerous move. When you're swimming underwater, he will stab his tentacle underwater and whip you around, then throw you very far. This is easily his most used attack when you're underwater, so be VERY careful. There's no real way to avoid this, so try to stay out of the water.

    Strategy: There are two ways you can do this.

    The slow way is to stay on the platform and launch level two arrows at his face. You can avoid his particles easily enough, and his roar is his most dangerous attack. If you learn to time is roar, he is very easy and you don't have to worry about his other attacks, because you won't be in the water. Occasionally, he will rest his head near the little platform that you're on and if you're near the left side, you can hit him with the Lunar Staff for some easy damage as well. Regardless, as long as you aim your arrows carefully and wait for him to stop moving, you should have no trouble taking him down.

    The second way is very dangerous and requires a level three Lunar Staff. As soon as the battle starts, jump in the water and swim to an open area. Wait for the Dragon to come and dive underwater and start spamming  on his stomach. It's very powerful and deals a great deal of damage, but is hugely dangerous. The Ghost Fish can attack you and ruin the entire run and his grab attacks are almost completely unavoidable when you're underwater. If you get lucky though, you can end the fight very quickly.
  • Finished Chapter 7, "The Flying Fortress Daedalus."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Sub-Boss: Genshin
    After you've finished taking out the engines, you'll return to the main hold and face Genshin again. It's largely the same fight with the addition of ten Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas alongside him this time. You need to move quickly and take out the ninjas while staying on the move and out of the air to avoid Genshin. Once you've taken all of them out, you can turn your attention to him and bring him down the same way that you did in Chapter Two. Do try to avoid getting too far away from him this time because he'll throw Incendiary Shurikens at you as he closes the distance.


    Boss: Fire Armadillo
    Meteor Shower: The Armadillo will shake for a moment and the start shooting meteors out of his back. Stay on the move and keep an eye on him to finish. There are usually ten to twenty meteors in a single salvo.

    Flamethrower: The Armadillo will shoot a long jet of flame from his mouth as he swings his head back and forth. Simply dash over to his side and he won't be able to reach you.

    Rolling Attack: He can roll into a ball and roll around the arena very quickly. If he runs over you, it deals a great deal of damage. He can also bounce off of the walls and into the air, giving him the possibility of actually landing directly on you. Your only real option is to stay on the move and wait for him to finish.

    Strategy: There are two primary strategies that can both work very well. Your choice will largely be based on how comfortable you are getting close to the Fire Armadillo.

    If you don't mind getting close, then use your level two Eclipse Scythe and the Cries of Aries attack () on his face. If you're lucky, it will also stun him, allowing you to chain the attacks together. At some point, when his health gets low, he'll turn bring red and begin bouncing around shooting jets of flame. Just get close to him, you'll take some damage, and hit him one or two more times to take him down.

    The second strategy is simply to launch incendiary shurikens at his face. The explosions there do a phenomenal amount of damage. Don't waste them anywhere else because shots to the body or legs barely do any damage at all. Once again, he'll eventually go crazy when his health gets low, so you know you're almost done. Give him one or two more shots with the incendiary shurikens and you'll be ready for the finishing move.

    Once he's laying on the ground, run up to his head and press  to trigger the final Obliteration Technique. Importantly, you must remember to hold block after the animation finishes because he will explode after he dies and the explosion will kill you if you don't block it, forcing you to repeat the fight from the beginning.

  • Finished Chapter 9, "Heart of Darkness."

    This is a story related achievement.

    Sub-Boss: Amazonian Death Worm
    Grab: His only attack is to grab you in his mouth as he zooms by. He'll chew on you fro several seconds and then toss you into a side cavern. As long as you never step out into the hall, he won't be able to hurt you.

    Strategy: You can use either the Eclipse Scythe or the Fiend Bow with level two Ultimate Techniques. Simply charge them up in the side cave and release them when he rumbles past the opening. It may take one or two tries to get the timing down because if you wait too long to fire, he won't take as much damage. Simply chip away at his health until you finish him off and trigger the final cutscene.
    Boss: Quetzalcoatls
    Giant Fireball: This attack is easy to see coming. The dragon will hold still in midair for several seconds and then release a very large, slow-moving fire ball. It can kill you instantly on the higher difficulties, so make sure you're nowhere near it when it impacts the ground.

    Triple Fireball: This attack is just three small fireballs fired in quick succession. Just dash away to avoid them.

    Fiend Summon: The dragons can also summon smaller fiend dragons. Just dash around the arena, avoiding them and launching auto-aimed arrows until they're all dead.

    Dragon Tail: If you happen to jump into the air when a dragon is hovering overhead, you may hit its tail, which dangles a little lower, resulting in instant death.

    Strategy: Use level two arrow Ultimate Techniques. It'll whittle down their health and there's a corpse with arrows on the edge of the arena, so you'll never run out of ammunition. If you don't mind using ninpo, level three Art of the Void will take off more than half of their life bar if you hit them directly. You have to aim it manually, but if you wait for one to hold still close to you, it's well worth the effort. If you get lucky and one is directly behind the other, the void will pass through both, damaging each of them.
  • Annihilated Zedonius, the Greater Fiend of Flame.

    You face Zedonius for the final time in Chapter 12, "Quickening Devestation". Focus on avoiding his attacks and killing his minions as long as he's flying around. Once he lands, use aerial combos with the Eclipse Scythe to do significant amounts of damage. Since the fight takes place on an island in the middle of a lava pool, you'll want to be aware of your location at all times, so you don't get lauched into the lava. Be aware that you need to use your Fiend Bow to take out the floating mines between you and the exit tunnel after you finish the fight. If you try to run across them, you will die and have to go through the fight all over again.
  • Annihilated Volf, the Greater Fiend of Storms.

    Your final fight wth Volf takes place at the end of Chapter 12, "Quickening Devestation". He has a new bone scythe, but basically the same attacks that he used in your first encounter. He's backed up by fiend centaurs, but they spend a lot of time riding around, so, if you're fast, you can more or less ignore them and focus on Volf. Avoid his attacks and use aerial combos with the Eclipse Scythe to take him out in a hurry.
  • Annihilated Alexei, the Greater Fiend of Lightning.

    You kill Alexei for the final time at the end of Chapter 13, "The Underworld Abyss". He's faster and his grab attack is even more damaging than before, but you now have the advantage of the Eclipse Scythe. Close quickly and use the heavy aerial combos with the Scythe to take his life down in a hurry.
  • Freed Genshin's soul and ended the reign of the Black Spider Clan.

    Your final attack with Genshin is in Chapter 14, "Poisoned Blood". He's now a fiend and has a series of new, fire-based, attacks. Once again, the Eclipse Scythe is your best strategy. If you pull off a full combo on him, it might even stun him for a moment, allowing you to get in some bonus damage. Try to be conservative with your use of ninpo and healing items because you have another battle immediately after this one.
  • Annihilated Elizébet, the Greater Fiend of Blood.

    Your final battle with Elizébet begins as soon as you kill Fiend Genshin. She's pretty similar to your first encounter, but there's a very easy way to defeat her this time. Use your Eclipse Scythe and keep Genshin's body between you and her. She can't seem to cross it, but you can reach her with the Scythe. Just keep circling around the body and she'll keep trying to follow you, allowing you to tear her apart in very short order.
  • Annihilated the High Infernal Priest, Dagra Dai.

    This is a story related achievement.

    Tentacles: He will stab his tentacles into the floor and then five massive pillars of darkness erupt from the ground in sequence, one after the other. They will track you, so you have to continually run and dash away to avoid.

    Electric Beam: Dagra Dai will hover in the air and fire a massive beam of white light at you. It doesn't track, so just dash away at the last minute and you can avoid it. Be very careful though because it does a phenomenal amount of damage if it connects.

    Electric Shocks: If you stand under him while he's hovering, Dagra Dai will fire bolts of lightning at you. He can also summon this attack while he's on the ground by raising his sword in the air and firing off six or seven bolts of lightning in a row.

    Fiend Summon: While he's hovering, Dagra Dai can also summon a trio of purple Van Gelfs. Take them out quickly using ninpo or Ultimate Techniques so you can get back to attacking him directly. Important note: If you simply run through the tunnels on the approach to this battle and don't kill any Van Gelfs on your way, Dagra Dai will be unable to summon any for the duration of the battle.

    Sword Combo: He can slash you three times with his sword. Just dodge the attack and then counter, but be aware that he frequently goes right into his lightning attack after the combo.

    Strategy: You can use aerial Scythe combos to hit him while he's hovering in place and powerful combos on him while he's on the ground. You'll be spending most of your time avoiding his attacks and staying alive, so just chip away whenever you can. You'll almost certainly have to take some damage to get close enough to hurt him, but as long as you're using the Scythe and moving quickly, you should deal far more damage to him than he can to you.
  • Chose to continue the game 100 times.

    This will come with natural progression. This game has its moments where you will have to continue several times just to beat small sections. You may not unlock this while playing through on Acolyte but you will definitely unlock it on the harder difficulties.

    Just play at your own pace and this will come with time.

DLC: Mission Mode

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points


    Secret achievements

    • Completed 4 Missions

      See Eight Missions Completed


    • Completed 8 Missions

      For these two achievements, just complete the required number of missions on any difficulty. Importantly, you must complete four or eight different missions. You cannot simply beat one or two missions on four different difficulty levels to unlock these achievements. 


    • Obtained a Medallion in a Survival Mission

      See All Gold

    • Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Acolyte

      See Master Ninja of Missions

    • Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Warrior

      See Master Ninja of Missions

    • Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Mentor

      See Master Ninja of Missions


    • Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Master Ninja

      These achievements all require you to beat all of the Karma Attack Missions (missions 1 through 16) on each difficulty level. The difficulties do not stack. You'll have to beat every mission a total of four times. Once you complete one mission you are able to choose the next difficulty for that mission.

      Now I’ll tell you some tips one each mission. These are the ways that I found it easier, but each of us as different ways of playing and may find other ways easier. If there are minions associated with a boss they usually spawn when the boss is at 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% health, although there are a few fights where there are only three spawns and they skip the initial spawn. Those will be noted below.

      Mission 1 – You just need to kill twenty ninjas - Eight Black Spider Ninjas, eight Fire Archer Ninjas, and four Warlocks. Try to kill the enemies from upstairs first and then take out the lower level ones.


      Mission 2 – There is one worm, five Tactical Ninjas, and two Rocket Ninjas. Try to take out the worm first and then the ninjas.


      Mission 3 – There are two waves. Wave One is four Tactical Ninjas and two Rocket Ninjas. First, try to take out the rocket launcher ninjas and then the others. After that, a chest will appear with Karma Burst and your Health will be restored up to the red damage. Wave Two will be a Godomus and, initially, nothing else. Tactical Ninjas will spawn in groups of four as you get the Godomus down to 75%, 50% and 25% health. If you kill all the Ninjas each time, a total of twelve will spawn over the course of the challenge. Don’t worry about the Ninjas, they are not a threat here, try going under his feet and land a combo each time he ends an attack. The Eclipse Scythe combo  worked really well for me.


      Mission 4 – This battle is insane. You need to defeat Alexei with minions surrounding him.  The minions spawn in four waves of five Pill Bugs and two Silver Gajas. Equip the Eclipse Scythe and keep spamming him with the jumping  combo. Its very effective against him and is a very good way of escaping the minions. The wind blades Ninpo is very useful because it kills most of the minions and they don’t bother you until they respawn. His grapple moves are very dangerous, so you want to be off of the ground for most of your time in this mission. Also beware of his “Tornado” attack - you need to do wait until the very last moment before dodging.


      Mission 5 – This battle is against Volf and four spawns of two Brown Werewolves each. Beware of Volf's running attack and spam him with the Eclipse Scythe  jumping combo and ignore the Wolf Minions to focus on him.


      Mission 6 - This one can be tricky. You have Zedonius as an enemy, along with four spawns of two Tactical Ninjas and three Rocket Ninjas each. Do the Eclipse Scythe jumping combo. Just keep dodging his attacks and at the end of each one, if you see an opening attack him. You will need to be careful when he starts flying because when he finishes he does a landing attack that is very difficult to dodge and takes most of your health.


      Mission 7 – This time you will be facing Elizébet with three Fire Archer Ninjas and one Incendiary Shuriken Ninja spawning in four waves. You will need to learn the timing for dodging her quick attacks then attack her with the same  combo from before. Beware of her grapple attack, since it takes a lot of damage. Also, when she does that healing technique try to hit her as soon as possible because she will fall and stay in the ground for some time without moving.




      Mission 8 – You will be facing Genshin with four spawns of two Rocket Ninjas each. If that wasn’t enough, you have no healing items. What you need to do is learn how to dodge every move he does and hit him at the end of them. Personally, I used the Eclipse Scythe  combo, but before doing it I always pressed  to see if I was able to hit him(and for a little extra damage) because you need to wait some time before you can damage him again from combo to combo, you can only take about 1/6 of his Health per combo and you will have to wait at least ten seconds to do the next one.

      The fire Ninpo is very good here because it kills the rocket ninjas and it gives you some time alone with Genshin, and if you are lucky enough, the ninjas will drop Ninpo or healing orbs. You really need to watch out for his “Izuna Drop” grapple move because it kills you even if you have full energy. If he does that attack where he punches the ground, it takes almost all of your energy, so just restart the mission if this happens.


      Mission 9 – Now here comes the annoying part of the mission mode. From now on you will have some missions that take a really long time to finish. There are five waves of enemies.

      • The first wave has four Rocket Ninjas, four Warlocks, four Black Spider Ninjas, and four Black Spider Claw Ninjas. There isn’t a specific way of doing this, but I recommend the Eclipse Scythe  combo.

      • The second wave is just Genshin, do the same thing as Mission 8, but without worrying about the rocket ninjas.

      • The third wave is two Brown Werewolves, two Purple Van Gelfs, two Spriggans, two Black Widows, and two Silver Gajas. I highly recommend you to go around the coliseum in circles while throwing incendiary shurikens at the monsters chasing you, than just finish the remaining Black Widows with some full charge Bow Ultimate Technique.

      • For the fourth wave you will face three Red Werewolves, three Green Van Gelfs, three Fiend Warlocks, three Humanoid Mechas, and three Fiend Incendiary Shuriken Ninja. At the start, you need to go right from the chest (looking from where the chest is to the center of the coliseum) and charge a full Eclipse Scythe Ultimate Technique and hit the robot with it as soon as he spawns followed by an Obliteration Technique. Then, for the other fiends, do the Scythe jumping  combo until some piece of their body falls and finish them with an Obliteration. Upgrade your Void Ninpo to level 3 and kill the Mechs with it - try going behind the robot to do the Ninpo so you can kill other enemies as well. As for the rest of the fiends, do the same thing as before.

      • Now, the fifth wave is the Skeleton Boss and four waves of two Red Gajas each. Start with a full charge Scythe Ultimate technique on one of the Red Gajas, followed by an Obliteration and then kill the other one. Now just keep spamming the boss with full charged Bow Ultimate Technique until two more Gajas appear, then kill them and repeat the process two more times. When you run out of arrows, just do the full charge Scythe Ultimate Technique because it has a large range. This last wave may take a while, but this is the safest way of doing it.



      Mission 10 – This mission has ten waves of enemies.

      • First you have to kill fifteen Archer Ninjas while going up the spiral where you fight the Archfiend. You can get past them but they can hit you with arrows so you should kill them. Try using one incendiary shuriken and then the jumping Scythe combo.

      • The second wave is two Warlocks, three White Ninjas, and three Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas. This time you need to kill the ninjas in order to get past them because there is a fiend wall blocking the way. For this battle do the Scythe  combo on the Warlock Ninjas first and then the others.

      • The third wave is just six Explosive Arrow Archer Ninjas. To kill them instantly, equip the Falcons Talons, jump and press  + (direction towards the enemy) then press  and you will do an Izuna Drop.

      • The fourth wave is three Red Gajas and three Yellow Van Gelfs. The Scythe  combo works really well here, but, if you find yourself in trouble, try using the Art of The Piercing Void and hitting two Yellow Van Gelfs to instantly kill them.

      • The fifth wave is seven Spriggans. You can just ignore them or take them out from a distance with a fully charged Windmill Shuriken Ultimate Technique.

      • The sixth round is two Rasetsus. This one is very easy. Just use the Tonfa Ultimate Technique over and over again while dodging their attacks.

      • The seventh wave is six Yellow Van Gelfs. You can ignore them if you want or use your Incendiary Shuriken.

      • The eighth wave is two Fiend Ninjas, two Fiend Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas, two Fiend Warlocks, and two Worms. Again use the Scythe  combo on the Warlock Ninjas and then take care of the rest.

      • The ninth round is simply four Ninja Dogs.

      • The final round is Dagra Dai. For this Boss, you will have to do different techniques for each of his moves. He will start the battle by going up and summoning some Purple Van Gelfs, while he is going up, do the Scythe combo on him. If he does the lightning technique trying dodging it. If you see you cannot use the fire Ninpo (it is important that you try leaving one fiend alive so that Dagra Dai comes down). If he does the other technique where black things come from the ground try avoiding this as well and watch out for the end of it because he launches a beam at you which takes most of your Health. If he comes down, there are two things that he does. He either throws lighting at you or he attacks you physically. If he does the lighting attack, do the Eclipse Scythe  combo on him to escape the lightning and to deal a great amount of damage. If he attacks you physically, block and dodge his attacks until he finishes the combo and attack him with the Scythe  combo. This should be enough to do this mission.


      Mission 11 – This mission has four rounds.

      • The first wavehas one Rasetsu, one Fiend Rasetsu, and six Dragons. First, use the 360º Lunar Staff Ultimate Technique to take out the Rasetsus and then use some arrows to take out the rest.

      • The second wave consists of five Humanoid Mechs. Start with a Scythe Ultimate Technique and then an Obliteration. The enemy will leave an Orb, so use it to quickly charge the Tonfa Ultimate Technique and keep doing it until there no one left.

      • In the third wave you’ll face some two four-leggend Machine Gun Mechs and three Hoverbots. Use the  Scythe Combo to easily take them out.

      • For the final fight you have two Quetzacoatls and five Pill Bugs. You can deal a great amount of damage to the Quetzacoatls by throwing an Art of The Piercing Void at them. You have three Ninpo so you can kill one and leave the other dying, then throw some arrows at him.


      Mission 12 – This mission involves fighting Alexi, Volf, Zedonius, Elizebet, and Fiend Genshin one after the other. For this Mission use the same strategy you used for the other battles with that enemy except for Volf and Zedonius. With Volf you can spam the Front + , combo and if you do it right he doesn’t even move. When facing Zedonius, while watching out for his moves wait for him to try to grapple you and dodge since it is very easy, then do the  Eclipse Scythe combo.


      Mission 13 – This mission has thirteen rounds. There's not necessarily a specific strategy, but the Eclipse Scythe  combo on Ninjas and the Lunar Staff Jumping Izuna Drop on the Gajas work very well. Try doing some Wind Ninpo on the round where five Ninja Warlocks spawn because they are all killed, and, if possible, on the last round with Fiend Incendiary Ninjas because they are also killed with just one Ninpo. You can also use your Incendiary Shuriken on the Rocket Ninjas - two will kill a single Ninja.


      • Wave 1 - Two White Ninjas, two Black Spider Claw Ninjas, two Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas, two Fire Archers, and two Warlocks.

      • Wave 2 - Three White Ninjas, three Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas, and three Warlocks.

      • Wave 3 - Six Fire Archers.

      • Wave 4 - Six Tactical Ninjas, two Rocket Ninjas, and two Multi-Rocket Ninjas.

      • Wave 5 -  Two Tactical Ninjas, two Roacket Ninjas, two Warlocks, two Silver Gajas, and two Red Gajas.

      • Wave 6 - Five Rocket Ninjas.

      • Wave 7 - Two White Ninjas, two Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas, two Tactical Ninjas, two Rocket Ninjas, and two Warlocks.

      • Wave 8 - Two Fiend Ninjas, two Fiend Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas, two Tactical Ninjas, two Fiend Warlocks, and two Roacket Ninjas.

      • Wave 9 - Five Fiend Warlocks.

      • Wave 10 - Five Fiend Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas and five Red Gajas.

      • Wave 11 - Five Multi-Rocket Ninjas.

      • Wave 12 - Five Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas.

      • Wave 13 - Five Fiend Incendiary Shuriken Ninjas.



      Mission 14 – There are nine waves in this mission. Start by killing every enemy with the Eclipse Scythe  combo until the Gajas spawn. From the Gajas round you will be using the Tonfa, before each round starts charge the Ultimate Technique and kill one enemy then use the it’s orb to charge another Ultimate Technique (Note that if you jump and press  as soon as you land you will absorb every orb and charge your Ultimate Technique instantly), when Rocket Ninjas spawn, hit them with incendiary shuriken so that they lose a arm because they always interfere in your battles with the Red Gajas.

      Do this until the Fiend Dogs spawn, for this battle, use the Lunar Staff 360º Technique, and every time possible, charge it. Now, for the last round, use every Void Ninpo you have on the Red Dragons (try hitting other enemies as well) and spam the Eclipse Scythe  combo on the other enemies except for the Black Widows, for this ones try using fully charged Scythe Ultimate Techniques because it is dangerous to do close ranged attacks.


      • Wave 1 - Six Black Spider Ninjas and six Tactical Ninjas.

      • Wave 2 - Five Black Spider Claw Ninjas and five Purple Van Gelfs.

      • Wave 3 - Six Rocket Ninjas and six Silver Gajas.

      • Wave 4 - Three Multi Rocket Ninjas and three Red Gajas.

      • Wave 5 - Six Brown Werewolves and six Red Gajas.

      • Wave 6 -  Four Rocket Ninjas, four Multi Rocket Ninjas, four Humanoid Mechs.

      • Wave 7 - Four Red Werewolves, four Yellow Van Gelfs, four Four-Legged Machine Gun Mechs.

      • Wave 8 - Twelve Fiend Ninja Dogs.

      • Wave 9 - Four Four-Legged Missle Mechs, four Black Widows, and four Ghallas.



      Mission 15 – This mission has you facing two Godmouses. Just grab the Scythe, start with two Art of The Piercing Void or Art of The Inferno, and then spam the  Jumping combo.


      Mission 16 – The final mission faces you off against Genshin and Elizebet at the same time. For this one, start by attacking Elizébet first with the Falcon’s Talons, keep doing the jumping Front +  combo on her, and if she does the Health Draining Attack, get near her, use an Art of The Fire Art and she stops doing it most of the times. Then, with Genshin use the same strategy as you did before.

  • Obtained all Bronze Medallions in the Survival Missions

    See All Gold

  • Obtained all Silver Medallions in the Survival Missions

    See All Gold

  • Obtained all Gold Medallions in the Survival Missions

    In order to get this achievement you need to get gold medallions on all of the survival missions - missions 17 through 24 on Mission Mode.

    You are awarded a medal for each 500,000 Karma, so that goes for:
    - 500,000 – Iron Medallion
    - 1,000,000 – Bronze Medallion
    - 1,500,000 – Silver Medallion
    - 2,000,000 – Gold Medallion

    Survival Mode is all about killing as many enemies as you can before you die. The key to earning the necessary scores is getting your karma burst multiplier up to 5x as quickly as possible and then chaining Ultimate Techniques. You'll also get bonuses for getting multiple kills in a row. It's important to remember that Ultimate Techniques and Obliteration Techniques will always give you yellow essence, so they're useless for getting the green essence that you need for your karma burst multiplier. The guide will list some of the most reliable moves with each weapon to get kills in a hurry.

    Vigoorian Flails: Foe Destroyer () is an instant kill against most enemies. Izuna Drop (forward ) and Piercing Mountain (While jumping towards an enemy with ) are good.

    Falcon Talons: Izuna Drop (While jumping ) is effective. Wings of the Vermilion Bird ( Forward ) is an instant kill and an easy on-landing UT.

    Dragon Sword: The Izuna Drop () will kill any ninja in a single hit.

    Tonfa: Flower Garland Drop ( Toward ), Stone Breaker (While jumping towards enemy ), and One Thousand Blossoms () are all effective.

    Scythe: Cry of Ares () and Demon Procession () can be instant kills.

    Blade of the Archfiend: Blade of the Mind ( Toward ) and Blade of Dharma's Way ().

    Kusari-Gama: Immense Tragedy () and Fuji Drop (Toward ).

    Falcon's Talons: Izuna Drop (While jumping towards enemy ) and Charging Boar ().

    Lunar Staff: Gleaming Shadow () and Izuna Drop (While jumping ) are both good.
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