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    This achievement requires you to reach the maximum rank in the League of Wizards, Grand Maester. This is achieved by completing every single side quests given by the members of the League of Wizards. After joining the League, you'll be given a handful of quests, and after turning a few in, you'll be able to access more.

    Here is a list of all the quests and any tips for completing them:
    1. Mound o' Chicken - Collect 15 drumsticks from slain baddies and deliver them to the mutant by The Mound Dungeon: Simply a matter of killing enemies and picking up the chicken drumstick health items until you have 15. Don't worry, they'll still heal you in the process of doing this quest
    2. Gotta Go Fast/Gotta Go Faster - Beat the Cool Witch in a race/Beat the Cool Witch in another race: Use the Horse with Gallop. You have two options to keep the lead. The first is to equip the Rat's Scavenge ability so that the healing items littered around the course give you mana back so you can keep Galloping. The second is to use the Magic Life passive, which lets you use your health for abilities when you run out of mana. Either option will ensure you can Gallop the entire way to win both races
    3. Long Distance Medicine - Ask Octavia's assistant to develop a cure for the Fish Mage's curse: You need to convey the correct information to the assistant, which is: slippery like soap, being caught in a fishing net, fishy meal pellets, and swimming with a school of fish
    4. Cure the Fish-Curse - Find the Fish Mage's brother in the Jungle and deliver the cure to him: nothing special, just talk to each person
    5. Sweet Style - Collect chocolate bars from slain baddies and deliver the chocolate to the Witch by the Sweet Home Dungeon: exact same as Mound o' Chicken above
    6. Dark Science - Kill enemy-buffing Growths (recommended: Dark Tower Dungeon): these Growths are the large flying tumor-like things that regenerate wards on enemies. The Dark Tower Dungeon is a guaranteed place to find them, but you need 10 and during my run through this dungeon I only found 8, so you may need two runs through this dungeon to get enough
    After completing all of the quests, return and talk to the leader. After some dialogue, this achievement will unlock.

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