- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 33 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 30-40 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 [NG+ is required for A world so nice I saved it twice (85G)]
- Missable achievements: None [free roam after completion] 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Nobody Saves The World, a hack 'n' slash RPG from the makers of the Guacamelee! games. Here, you play as a nameless, faceless, colorless, eyeless creature who quickly gains the ability to transform into different Forms at will. Each Form has different attacks, abilities, status effects, etc., and this is the core mechanic of the game, which you'll need to use to explore the world, defeat enemies, conquer dungeons, and save the world from the Calamity. The completion requires two full playthroughs of the game - one initial playthrough and then a second New Game+ playthrough - so we will take care of all achievements on our first playthrough, maximizing and completing everything to make us as strong and prepared for NG+ as possible. Let's get started.

First Playthrough - All Forms, Maxed Forms, All Fairies, All Side Quests:
The first playthrough will be on Normal difficulty, and we'll be doing everything there is to do, unlocking every achievement aside from the one for beating the game on NG+. Nothing is missable, so feel free to go in blind and just enjoy yourself and the progression. There are no achievements that are opportunity based or that are easier to get earlier rather than later, so there's nothing really that you need to be aware of or keep in mind while playing, from an achievement perspective. 

My main recommendation for your first playthrough is to change up your Form and make it a point to complete challenges for all Forms, because the more you unlock, not only the more Forms you'll have but the more attacks and abilities you'll have to equip on the Forms you actually prefer. So while it may be tempting to stick with a Form that feels really good and you're cruising along with, keep switching to new ones and ranking them up. It'll cut down on the grinding later, and you'll likely find more Forms and abilities and passives that you really like.

In terms of all of the stuff you'll find on your map, surprisingly, one of the only things on the map not really required for any achievements is completing all of the demi dungeons. In fact, you don't need to complete most of them. The only reward you get for completing dungeons is stars, and while stars are needed to open the doors to the story dungeons, you'll be getting so many stars from leveling up Forms and completing side quests for the three Guilds that you'll have plenty and won't need to play through many of the dungeons if you don't want to. (You'll need to play them all during NG+ anyway, so don't bother with them here unless you really want to.) To put it in perspective, I completed less than half of the demi dungeons and still had over 100 stars extra by the time I used all needed ones. So feel free to skip over any demi dungeons that look intimidating or too hard.

The only other thing not required for achievements are the random side quests you get. There are miscellaneous achievements tied to a few, but one that doesn't have achievements don't need to be completed.

Here is a quick rundown of everything you'll want to do during this playthrough:
 By the time you finish your normal playthrough, you should only have one achievement left, for completing NG+.

Second Playthrough - New Game+:
New Game+ has three major changes - enemies all scale to your level (making leveling up further pointless), dungeons have rerolled modifiers (they all have two or three mods now, instead of one), and you only get stars from completing dungeons, not from any other quests or challenges. This last change makes it so that you must complete every single demi-dungeon in the game to be able to access all five of the Legendary Dungeons. There are 19 demi dungeons you'll need to complete, each with their own unique combination of modifiers. Assuming you got all other achievements on your first playthrough, there is nothing to be gained here by killing enemies or doing anything else in the overworld, so you can really just run from dungeon to dungeon, completing each one so you can access each Legendary Dungeon. Refer to A world so nice I saved it twice (85G) for both an overworld map showing all the dungeons, in case you get lost or don't remember where they are all, as well as tips and my builds in case you need any help with specific dungeons or can't find a build that works for you.

Only a handful of dungeons have some intense modifiers. Many of them are very easily countered with the corresponding passive, so it's just a matter of picking the correct passives for each dungeon. Once you complete all five Legendary Dungeons you're home free, because there is no change to the final boss fight at all. Once you beat him you'll complete NG+ and unlock your last achievement.

Nobody Saves The World is a very fun and addictive game. The nonstop quests and challenges and leveling up make for an extremely addictive gameplay loop. The dungeons are all fun in their own right, as is the dialogue (which is to be expected from Drinkbox at this point). Surprisingly, NG+ is also fun and interesting because each dungeon is unique with crazy modifiers. Nothing is nearly as difficult as their previous Guacamelee games, so this was a much simpler and somewhat shorter completion, but still just as fun and silly. Hopefully you enjoyed the game and stuck with NG+ for the completion!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Nobody Saves the World Achievement Guide

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Grand Castle

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Grand Castle is the first main dungeon of the game, and once you earn enough stars (from completing challenges and other demi-dungeons), you'll be able to access it. It has no modifiers.

    The first floor requires you to kill 55 enemies to unlock the gate; the second floor requires you to kill 60 enemies. Both floors are a small loop, so pick your strongest Form (I chose either the Ranger or the Slug) so that you can keep your distance and kill enemies without getting overwhelmed. The third floor requires two keys, so you'll have to follow each of the two paths to the end, killing a moderate amount of enemies on the way, to obtain the key at the end of each. Unlocking the two-key door opens up the final gate to the boss fight.

    The boss is only a (much) larger version of the enemies that do a spinning fist attack at you. Treat this boss the same way you'd treat them: keep your distance so you don't get hit by the spinning fists, and attack from afar. The Ranger and Slug are both good choices. I personally chose the Slug - I would use button-x.png to sprint away from the boss, and then hold button-a.png to unload on him whenever I was at a safe enough distance. The boss will spawn in adds, but as soon as the boss dies the fight ends and all enemies disappear, so focus on the boss as much as possible since the adds are infinite.

    This achievement will unlock as soon as you pick up the Gem Shard after the boss fight.
  • Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Witch Queen Catacombs

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This Legendary Dungeon is in the east, and is technically the second dungeon (based on level requirements) in the game. Before you can access it, you'll need to join the League of Wizards (see Licensed Acolyte (15G) for joining).

    1. Enemy health x1.2
    2. Healing items affect everyone (i.e. enemies get health from any healing items you pick up).
    Neither of these things really changes your gameplay or strategy at all, just be aware that if you retreat from a fight to heal, you'll be healing enemies too. The main problem will be during the boss fight, since health you pick up from enemies will heal the boss too.

    This dungeon's first two floors are similar to demi-dungeons where you'll just be following a linear path, killing enemies, until you find the stairs leading deeper. The third floor will once again task you with finding two keys at the end of two separate linear paths.

    The boss of this dungeon is a (much) larger version of the tall thin enemies that don't move much, place circular symbols on the floor, and have claw attacks in those areas if you're standing there. Like usual, there are plenty of adds as well, but again, once the boss is dead the fight ends. Be careful here, because you will likely end up inadvertantly killing many enemies even if you try to focus on the boss, and if they drop health items, you'll pick them up and end up accidentally healing the boss too, so don't be surprised to see its health going up at times. The other catch to this boss is that after taking off enough of its health, it'll split into two smaller versions. While attacking a smaller version, it'll again split into two smaller versions. However, it's important to realize that all that matters is that you drain the health bar across the top of the screen. You do NOT need to kill every single smaller version of the boss. Focus on a single one until it splits, then pay attention to the health bar on the top of the screen. Only damaging the "prime" version lowers this health bar, so ignore the other versions and look for the one whose health bar matches the bar on top, and focus on it until it's dead, which ends the fight.

    For this fight, I personally used the Slug, with its Slime Slide on button-x.png, which I would use to quickly retreat and put some distance between me and enemies. This would also slow them down significantly. I used the passive ability from the Ranger to have my attacks inflict poison, and I also had a passive that made my attacks stun. So I would force the enemies and boss to come through my slime, inflicting Slow, while I unloaded constantly, inflicting Poison and Stun, and I had no problems surviving. I barely killed any adds, and instead tried to avoid them so they couldn't interrupt my shots on the boss.

    This achievement unlocks as soon as you grab the Gem Shard after defeating the boss.
  • Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Ancient Robot

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    This Legendary Dungeon is in the west, and is technically the third dungeon (based on level requirements) in the game. Before you can access it, you'll need to join the Thieves Guild (see Lesser Peon (15G) for more information on joining). Once you do, you'll be able to open this dungeon for 40 stars.

    1. Explosive corpses
    2. Melee attacks +50% crit chance
    The important thing here is to be aware of what the exploding corpses actually entail. After killing enemies, a light shines up and then there is a small explosion around, but the explosion also sends out four projectiles in each of the four cardinal directions. These projectiles are very important to be aware of and avoid, because if you're just gunning down a line of enemies straight ahead of you, you'll have tons of projectiles flying at you that can very quickly drain your health. Make sure to move back and forth to dodge these projectiles.

    The first floor is similar to the first dungeon: it takes place on a medium sized loop of a path, rife with enemies, and you need to kill 105 enemies to open the gate to the next floor. Nothing special here, just keep your distance and avoid the projectiles when enemies explode, since they are in large groups here. The second floor is just a small loop from one set of stairs to the next, with a gated fight chamber. Nothing complicated here though, especially compared to the previous floor. After only two simple floors, you'll face the boss.

    The boss here is a bigger version of the enemies you've been encountering that shoot balls at you, and those balls shoot spikes out. Like all boss fights, tons of adds as well. But again, once you kill the boss, the fight ends, so like always, my recommendation is to focus on the boss to kill him as quickly as possible. Just be aware that when you kill the boss, if there are a ton of regular enemies on screen, they will all "die," resulting in tons of explosions and projectiles everywhere, so be prepared to avoid them if you're close to death.

    Like the previous fights, I again used the Slug, with the Ranger's poison damage perk and his Arrow Flurry ability. I started the fight off by using my entire mana bar with Arrow Flurry into the boss, taking off more than one full health bar. I then switched to the standard Slug attack, which is strong, deals poison, and regenrates mana. Once my mana bar was full, I did another nonstop Arrow Flurry on the boss and this finished it off. I also had Slime Slide equipped, and used it to quickly move from one side of the arena to the other if enemies were swarming me from all sides. Because of how much stuff can end up on the screen here, it's best to kill the boss as quickly as possible.

    This achievement will unlock as soon as you pick up the Gem Shard.
  • Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Secret Corporation

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This Legendary Dungeon is in the Northeast, and is technically the fourth dungeon (baesd on level requirements) in the game. Before you can access it, you'll need to complete a side quest to get the security code. You'll need to head east to the demi dungeon where someone is inside with the code. Fight your way up to the end to find the person who gives you the code (you don't actually need to complete this dungeon, but might as well). Head back to the Secret Corporation to use the code and get access (after using another 65 stars to open the door).

    1. Enemies do 1.2x damage (extra 20% damage)
    2. Status effects last 5x longer
    The first doesn't change much other than how quickly you can die, but the second is extremely important to be aware of. Inside are enemies that will poison you like crazy, and you'll have a very difficult time surviving. Thankfully, there is a workaround. Buy the Poison Dampener perk from the Shop, then fully upgrade it to its fourth level, and it prevents poison from building on you at all. This allows you to completely ignore the big purple blobs that many enemies in this dungeon shoot at you, because the purple puddles literally do nothing with this perk equipped.

    As for the dungeon itself, the first floor has you explore three separate linear paths to get three keys. There is a single giant cluster of enemies per path, so be prepared to back up if need be. The second floor is a twisting linear path around the floor and eventually leads into a gated fight. This fight is in a small area with a lot of enemies, so it'll definitely be tougher than previous ones. After getting to the stairs, you'll be able to head up to the boss floor.

    This boss fight is far more difficult than the previous three, and in my opinion is the hardest boss in the game. It's a giant version of the crab enemies you've seen. Thankfully, this one doesn't break down into smaller crabs when you drain its health. It only has one ranged attack, and that is shooting purple balls at you. These are very easily dodged. The rest of its attacks are close range attacks, and they deal massive damage. Avoid and/or keep your distance at all costs. The real problem during this fight is that those giant growths spawn, and then continually reset the ward on the boss and any applicable enemies. You should therefore make these huge growths a priority as they'll get really annoying. In fact, this is the first fight where I recommend actually killing all the adds first, because they are finite. The boss has three health bars like usual, and as each is nearing depletion it'll spawn a ton of enemies. Kill them all and then you're free to keep your distance from the boss while you drain his next health bar. Once he's dead, everyone dies and you're finally done.

    I ended up using the Slug again for this fight, with Arrow Flurry to remove the Sharp wards and Ravager Rocket to remove the Blunt wards. The Ravager Rocket actually worked amazing against the growths, so I highly recommend it. Keep moving around the arena and keep your distance from the boss, because his melee attacks can take off a huge amount of health. I would immediately try to target the growth, usually firing rockets into the fray to hit it and kill it, then run around the outside of the arena taking out all the enemies, then concentrate on the boss when it was just me and him, using regular Slug attacks. However, i had a tough time with this one and died a bunch, so feel free to use whichever Form you're best with at this point.

    This achievement will unlock when you grab the Gem Shard after beating him.
  • Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Dragon Ruler's Alcazar

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This Legendary Dungeon is located in the northwest corner of the map, and is technically the fifth dungeon (based on level requirements) in the game. Nothing is needed to access this dungeon aside from the 65 stars to open the actual door.

    1. Break wards to get 300 Mana
    2. Signature hits (i.e. button-a.png attacks) don't regen Mana
    As you can tell from these modifiers, if you're reliant on special attacks that use mana, you're going to have a tough time with this dungeon. The wards are Light and Dark, so you should absolutely use a Form whose Signature Attack (i.e. button-a.png) is either Light or Dark so you don't have to rely on Mana to break one of the two wards. For the other, use something that doesn't cost much Mana and recharges quickly. I personally used the Slug, whose Signature Attack is Light, and used his Slime Slide to deal Dark damage, because Slide Slide uses almost no Mana and doesn't have a recharge delay.

    The first floor of the dungeon requires you to kill 142 enemies to open a gate. Keep your distance since they will be present in heavy amounts. As soon as you've killed enough, double back to the gate to go up the stairs. The second floor is a winding linear path that starts with a gated fight that is surprisingly easy. Keep on the move, and there aren't very many enemies that spawn. After the gated fight, there are some traps and many more enemies, but you can use the traps to your advantage to kill enemies quicker. Take the steps at the end up to the boss fight.

    The boss is a huge version of those four-legged creatures that throw boomerangs at you, which you've encountered many times in this dungeon. Surprisingly it doesn't get any wards though, just adds tons of enemies with wards. As a result, I recommend just unloading on the boss nonstop to finish this fight. There aren't any phases or different attacks as you progress, it's literally just a large version of those pretty basic enemies. I ended up using tons of Familiars and they absolutely destroyed this boss in seconds, so consider doing the same (I used the Magician's ability).

    This achievement will unlock after picking up the Gem Shard.
  • Escape from Nostramagus' basement.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Nostramagu's basement is the first dungeon in the game and serves as the tutorial for the game. Follow the tutorial and objectives, kill enemies, and when you get out you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Locate Nostramagus

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    You'll need to complete the first three dungeons to obtain the first three Gem Shards:
     Once you've gotten all three Gem Shards, you'll get an objective to head to Octavia's Lab. Do so, and after the story dialogue is done this achievement will unlock.
  • Reach max Rank on a single Form

    Refer to Super Wiz (100G) for more information.
  • Reach max Rank on all Forms

    As the description says, this achievement requires you to reach an S rank with every Form in the game. Forms are unlocked by ranking up with previous Forms, so you will naturally unlock every Form in the game by ranking them all up to S rank.

    Be aware that you won't be able to reach S rank until you finish the first three Legendary Dungeons and then unlock Nostramagus is Missing! (15G). Right after you unlock that achievement, you also unlock more challenges for each Form, which are the last ones needed to be able to reach S rank. There are two unique Forms to this process: your base Form, and the Egg. Your base Form levels up by completing story quests (the Legendary Dungeons and Gem Shards, etc.). So you will automtically reach S rank with your base Form by the time you finish unlocking Fortress in the Sky (30G). I discuss the Egg requirements at the end of this solution.

    Aside from those two Forms, every other Form is leveled up by completing combat challenges. While each Form has its own unique challenges, they pretty much all fall into set categries. The vast majority of them are very basic, such as hit X enemies with Y attack, and don't really require any guide, but here are some others and some tips.
    • Almost every Form has a challenge for breaking specific types of wards. No enemies in the overworld have wards, so you'll need to pull up the map and scroll over dungeons to see which wards they contain, and head to an applicable one for the challenge. I always saved these challenges for last and went to a dungeon and knocked out as many Form challenges as possible with those wards.
    • Defeating enemies with three stacks of Attack Up or Defense Up. Always use 4-5 stacks of these before going for kills. This gives you far more time to attack enemies and kill them. If you only do the minimum 3 stacks, you'll find you only get one or two kills per usage. Instead, use all of your mana to give yourself tons of stacks and then just go crazy killing enemies.
    • One specific type of challenge I want to highlight are ones that seemingly require a lot of mana. For example, the Magician has a challenge to have 20 Familiars at once, or the Robot has one for killing 12 enemies with a single Tempest Barrage, or the Horse has one for Galloping for 10 seconds without stopping or taking damage. There are a handful of challenges like these where you'll feel like you always run out of mana before you can complete the challenge. The easiest way around this is to buy (and preferably fully upgrade) the Magic Life passive from the Shop. This passive makes it so that when you run out of mana, your special attacks drain health. This essentially gives you a full mana bar and a full health bar to use for these challenges, making them far easier to complete. I used this passive for many challenges, not just these, so I never had to worry about running out of mana.
    • The other type of challenge that can be difficult is doing something to a set amount of enemies at once. For example, the Horse has one for Galloping into 8 enemies in a single Gallop, or the Robot for killing 12 enemies with one Tempest Barrage, and other challenges where it feels difficult to reliably get that many enemies in one area for these challenges. I found a great place to farm these (and actually almost every) challenge, and it also works post-game because enemies in this area always scale to your level (and don't run away in Fear because they're too low of a level). The spot is in the northeast region of the map, and it is conveniently right at a fast travel spot. See screenshot below.

    This area contains 12 enemies (one of which is an elite enemy) and is great for every challenge aside from the ones requiring wards. Only two things to note about this spot. The first is that many enemies are slug enemies, and they are immune to Slow, so if you have any challenges that require you to Slow enemies or kill Slowed enemies, it won't work on them. There are, however, three fire breathers here that can be Slowed, so it still works here. Conversely, the three fire breathers are immune to Burn, which you need to do for the Dragon challenges, but the slugs can all be Burned. Once you've completed the challenge or run out of mana or enemies, you can either let the enemies kill you (preferable if the elite fire breather is alive, since you'll respawn with full health and mana), or fast travel away and back (you won't refill your health and mana this way).

    Lastly, for the normal Forms, there is one other challenge I want to point out that gave me problems, and that's the Necromancer's challenge to create 5 Demon Familiars from Familiar corpses. The game doesn't tell you this, but you need to be aware that you cannot make Demon Familiars from Demon Familiar corpses! Instead, you need to use the Magician's ability to spawn rabbits and tigers, let them die, then use the Necromancer's ability to create Demon Familiars from them.

    Finally are the Egg challenges. To get the Egg to S rank, you need to find the five nests and go on them as the Egg. Here are screenshots of where each nest is located. Normally the nest will be marked quite largely on your map when you get close but I had already used them, so I placed my cursor on where the nest is located.
    1. Just east of the Knights Guild and Grand Castle
    2. Just southwest of the League of Wizards
    3. Just west of the Ancient Robot Legendary Dungeon
    4. Right behind the Beheaded Behemoth dungeon
    5. Just east of the Secret Corporation Legendary Dungeon
    As soon as you complete and turn in the final challenge of the final Form, this achievement will unlock.
  • Upgrade an ability

    Refer to Peak Performance (90G) for more information.
  • Reach the max upgrade level of a single ability

    Refer to Peak Performance (90G) for more information.
  • Reach the max upgrade level of all of one Form's abilities

    This achievement first requires that you reach max rank for a Form. Refer to Super Wiz (100G) for doing so. Only once you've reached S rank with a Form can you fully upgrade any of that Form's abilities. Since Super Wiz requires you to reach S rank with all Forms, you can pick any Form you want for this achievement. There is no achievement related to upgraded all abilities of all Forms, so pick and choose whichever abilities you prefer based on your playstyle.

    In terms of how to upgrade abilities, that is done via the blue upgrade tokens. You're guaranteed to get some at the completion of every dungeon in the game, from its chest, but you can also get upgrade tokens as random drops from enemies and from all of the other chests in the game. Bigger enemies have an increased chance to drop upgrade tokens. Additonally, you can buy upgrade tokens from any of the shops, but I wouldn't recommend spending money on them until you've already bought all of the stat increases, since you'll get so many upgrade tokens from just playing the game naturally.

    To fully upgrade one ability to max rank, you'll only need around 30 upgrade tokens. Each Form has either three or four abilities, so you'll need anywhere from 90 to 120 upgrade tokens for this achievement. You'll be collecting literally hundreds of upgrading tokens across your first playthrough, from completing dungeons and from enemies randomly dropping them, so as long as you make it a point to get this achievement, you won't need to do any grinding of tokens.

    Personally, between both of my playthroughs, I had enough upgrade tokens to fully upgrade almost every ability in the game, so you will naturally get more than enough upgrade tokens for this achievement.
  • Squire



    Join the Knights Guild

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the Grand Castle Legendary Dungeon as part of the story (see Castle Crasher (15G)), your next objective will send you back into town to the Knights Guild. Simply head inside and speak to the head Knight with the exclamation mark over her head to join the Guild and unlock this achievement.
  • Become an Acolyte of the New League of Wizards

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the Grand Castle Legendary Dungeon, you'll have access to the east and west. Head to the east to find the New League of Wizards building in the southeast. Head inside and talk to the leader to be admitted, unlocking this achievement.
  • Join the Thieves Guild

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the Grand Castle Legendary Dungeon, you'll have access to the east and west. Head to the west to find the Thieves Guild building in the southwest. Head inside and talk to the leader to be admitted, unlocking this achievement. You'll just need to steal the stars when given the prompt to do so.
  • Customize a Form for the first time

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the Grand Castle Legendary Dungeon, you'll be able to head through the east and west gates. Regardless of which you go through first, you'll encounter Marty Joe who teaches you how to customize Forms, and you get run through a tutorial to do it, unlocking this achievement.
  • Have a Form equipped with 4 Passives

    This achievement requires you to reach level 30 overall. Once you do, you'll unlock the ability to equip four passive abilities on all of your Forms. You'll need at least four Forms unlocked so you have a passive available from each one to combine on one Form, but you'll need to unlock enough Forms and level them up for you to rank up to level 30 anyway.

    Leveling up happens only from completing challenges and quests, not from killing enemies, so don't bother farming enemies unless you're purposely working on a challenge. Either way, by the time you're done with all of the necessary dungeons in the game and by the time you reach max rank in all three Guilds, and level up all Forms to S rank, you'll likely be around level 50 by the end of your first playthrough, possibly higher. So this achievement will become available along the way to obtaining Super Wiz (100G)
  • Make a shop purchase

    Refer to One of Everything, Please! (15G) for more information.
  • Own one of every shop item in the game

    You'll meet the first shopkeeper relatively early in the game and find them everywhere. Initially they only sell stars, upgrade tokens, and then attack and defense upgrades, but eventually they sell many abilities you can buy to equip. You will also see them selling Infinite Quests, and an option to mark a dungeon on your map. For this achievement, you need to buy everything except that last item, the one that marks a dungeon on your map. You must buy every perk, every Infinite Quest, and at least one pack of stars, one pack of upgrade tokens, and one of each stat upgrade.

    This will cost a huge amount of money, mainly because there are so many abilities to buy and they're pretty expensive. However, on your first playthrough where you should be doing 100% of the tasks in the game for achievements, you will assuredly earn enough money to buy everything. If you for some reason don't, grinding out money is easy since dungeons reset when you exit them. Overworld areas also reset whenever you go through a screen transition, fast travel, or enter/exit a dungeon. Before doing that, you should grab all of the chests in the overworld. They'll be marked on your map and easy to find. Then, in dungeons, as long as you're smashing everything you see you'll be getting tons of money, plenty for this achievement. 

    Note that during NG+ there are no stars available to buy, so you'll need to do this during your normal playthrough. Don't worry if you start NG+, because you can always load your normal playthrough back up if you for some reason missed this. 
  • Find 5 mana fairies

    Refer to Fairy Conservationist (90G) for more information.
  • Find the final mana fairy

    There are a total of 35 mana fairies in the game, each of which gives you a boost to your maximum mana. All of them are located in the overworld; none are found inside dungeons. If you simply explore and uncover all of your map, you will easily find 33/35 fairies. The last two are a little trickier to find:
    • One is found inside 'The Expanse.' Refer to The Light Expanse (15G) for a screenshot of where this area is located. The fairy is in the southwest corner. 
    • One is found inside a cave in the southwest region of the map. You may have noticed the cave but didn't find a way to access it once inside. You need to go around to the back of the cave and there is a hidden entrance. The screenshot below shows the cave and the cursor is on the hidden entrance to it. Enter, follow the linear path through with all the enemies, and you'll get to a fairy along the way. 

    If you need help with other fairies, please refer to THIS GUIDE that shows screenshots of every fairy and how to reach them. As noted above, if you explore and uncover your map, you won't have a need for a guide and will easily find the rest in your own. 
  • Experience true love

    One of the first two demi dungeons the game introduces you to is the Horse Mines just east of the Grand Castle Legendary Dungeon. Play through and complete the Horse Mines to rescue all the horses inside. 

    Once done, you need to also unlock the Horse Form by leveling up the Rat and then the Guard. Once you can transform into the Horse, head back to this dungeon and talk to the horse outside it with the exclamation mark over its head. After a bit of dialogue this achievement will unlock. 
  • Find the treasure beyond the Gulp

    The Gulp is a region located in the southwest part of the map. You'll head all the way west and loop around south to get to the town in the southwest corner, where the Thieves Guild is. From the town, you can head a bit east and north to go up into the Gulp. Here is a screenshot showing the Gulp. Notice that you need to approach directly from the south straight up the path.

    This image shows the map farther south and zoomed out. As you can see, from the Thieves Guild fast travel portal, head east a bit and then straight north to get the The Gulp.

    You'll need to be able to swim (Turtle, Mermaid, or Ghost) to the stairs. Go through and out the other side to be in an area with around 20 Slug enemies. Simply kill them all to get the treasure and unlock this achievement. 
  • Do some journalism

    When you head to the east side of the map towards the Witch Queen Catacombs, you will come to a house with an exclamation mark over it on your map. This house is just south of the Witch Queen Catacombs, and will unavoidably be uncovered as you go towards this dungeon. Head inside and talk to the reporter to get a quest. Right outside of the house is a fast travel point. Use it to travel to the Knights Guild. Head into the house just east of the Guild and talk to the man inside. Choose whichever answers you want, then fast travel back to the reporter to give your report and unlock this achievement. 

    Here is a screenshot with my cursor on the house with the reporter in it.

  • Completely light the Dark Expanse

    The Expanse is an underground cave area in the overworld where being in the darkness drains your health significantly. There are lanterns that you can hit to light them, which provide safe areas in the dark. You will actually come to this area during the final quest for the Knights Guild (which you'll do to unlock Grandmaster Knight (30G)), and will be required to light many of the lanterns just to finish that quest. Once you're done with that quest, be sure to go back into the cave and finish exploring, lighting all of the lanterns to unlock this achievement. Alternatively, you'll need to go through this area to reach the Secret Corporation Legendary Dungeon. 

    The location of the Dark Expanse is shown in the screenshot below. 

    Here is a picture of the Dark Expanse with all lanterns lit. They're the green dots on the map, so you can cross reference this with your map if you're missing one. 

  • Learn the language of dolphins

    As you progress through the story and after opening up the upper half of the map (after Nostramagus is Missing! (15G) unlocks), you will unavoidably come to Stonefish Village during the story. In this small town is a scientist with an exclamation mark over her head. Talk to her to accept her side quest to use the translator to learn the dolphin language. You now need to find all five dolphins and interact with them. The ones you've like seen early in the game aren't required, just the five located in the jungle region (entire northeast region). As you explore and uncover your map, they'll all get marked on your map with an exclamation point. Simply interact with all five (none is hidden) and then return the scientist to complete this quest and unlock this achievement. 
  • Defeat the Calamity in NG+

    Note: you can skip the entirety of your NG+ playthrough by finding someone who has already completed it and join their game. You can then just defeat the final boss again in their game and you'll unlock this achievement, eliminating the need for a full second playthrough. 

    Before starting your New Game+ playthrough, you should do the following on your normal playthrough:
    • Collect all 35 mana fairies to maximize your mana (Fairy Conservationist (90G))
    • Level up all Forms to S rank (Super Wiz (100G)) so they're all free to use four passives and you have all of their abilities available
    • Unlock One of Everything, Please! (15G), because the shop doesn't sell Stars in NG+
    • Reach max rank in all three Guilds be completing all of their quests, because enemies will all scale to your level in NG+
    While you could take care of all miscellaneous achievements too (and probably should), it won't help your NG+ playthrough at all, so it's not a huge deal. 

    NG+ has three major changes:
    1. ​​​​​​All enemies always scale to your level. This isn't a huge deal since you're fully upgraded by this point. 
    2. Dungeon modifiers have been rerolled. More on that shortly
    3. Stars are no longer awarded for completing challenges and quests, nor can you buy them. The only way to earn stars is to complete dungeons, and you'll need to complete every dungeon in the game to complete the story
    If you've done everything on your first playthrough, NG+ can focus solely on going dungeon to dungeon to complete each one, allowing you to access each Legendary Dungeon to progress the story. You'll quickly notice that the modifiers are a bit more extreme in NG+, but it's really just a matter of choosing the proper ability to counteract the modifier. Below is a list of some common/intimidating modifiers and how to easily counter them. 
    • Damage x9999 - equip Hardened Shell so you can take six hits (fully upgraded) before dying. Also equip Zomnomnom to regain tons of health when you kill enemies
    • No health drops - equip Zomnomnom so you have a way to regain health. Using Bless Me (Monk ability) is also a good way to get health if mana is plentiful
    • Exploding corpses - equip Ranged Resistance to help negate damage from all of the bones flying at you from exploding corpses
    • Status effects x5 and Status effects last forever - equip Poison Dampener to negate poison entirely. Otherwise, you'll have to just be careful if there are fire breathers
    • Increased baddie damage of any sort - use either Melee Mitigation or Ranged Resistance as applicable
    There are a lot more, but it usually pretty obvious what to use to combat the modifiers. Your passives will be geared entirely towards counteracting the modifiers and to take advantage of what's allowed. And that's the entirely of the NG+ playthrough. Just run from dungeon to dungeon. There's no point in leveling up since enemies just scale to your level anyway. You should easily have fully upgraded all of the abilities you're using by now with upgrade tokens, but continue to do so if you have more that aren't at level IV. Since your uncovered map doesn't carry over, here is a screenshot of all of the dungeons in the game, in case you aren't sure where to go next.

    As far as general builds, this will vary based on playstyle, but here is what I used for almost the entirely of my NG+ playthrough:

    Primary Build
    • Necromancer (huge health amount, decent range on attack, and nonstop regular attack)
    • Hat Trick to spawn Familiars nonstop, also for Sharp wards
    • Gallop for Blunt wards
    • Water Spray for Light wards
    While there are obviously stronger abilities to do Light and Blunt attacks with, I prefer ones that have no recharge delay and use barely any mana, since that came in handy often. It's kind of pointless to list my passives since they changed for every dungeon, but my preferred ones were always:
    • Blood Pact (can't be changed)
    • Poison Tipped
    • Slug's Secret
    • Zomnomnom
    When I didn't use the Necromancer, ​​​​​​I used the Slug. The main times I used the Slug were for dungeons where the main ward was Light damage, or if there was no melee damage allowed. My Slug build was virtually identical to my Necromancer build, except with different preferred passives.

    Secondary Build
    • Slug
    • Magician's Hat to spawn Familiars and for Sharp wards
    • Slime Slide for Dark wards
    • Gallop for Blunt wards​​​
    My passives were a bit different though:
    • Slug's Secret (can't be changed)
    • Poison Tipped
    • Crit King
    • Crit Cleric
    With those passives I was virtually invicible with the Slug. I would crit nonstop on enemies, and it would refill so much health each time that I could literally stand still shooting and not die.

Secret achievements

  • Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the fourth and fifth dungeons (refer to Corporate Espionage (15G) and Alcazar Shmalcazar (15G) for more information), you'll have the completed Arcane Gem and be instructed to go to the Mouth To Hell. Do so, and after the cutscene you'll finally have that missing stone piece Marty Joe has been after all game. Head to the new objective where Marty Joe is, and take the teleporter to the Fortress in the Sky. After all of the story dialogue, this achievement will unlock.
  • Hidden

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks upon completing the game. Right after unlocking Fortress in the Sky (30G) you'll be outside the entrance to the Mouth to Hell. Surprisingly, there is no dungeon here. Head inside and it's just a short path to the exit. There are a bunch of tougher enemies on the way, but there's no need to fight any. You can simply run past and go through the doorway to reach the final boss fight. 

    This boss fight is actually relatively simple: short, with no modifiers. You can't damage the boss directly. You need to protect Randy while he charges up an attack. Enemies will spawn in, so you'll need to kill them quickly, but not many spawn at once. The boss will shoot an electric ball at Randy, and the only way to stop it from hitting Randy is to have it hit you or a Familiar. And then the Boss will shoot two rays of electricity. These are the three things you need to protect Randy from. The ball of electricity is the main thing, as it drains his health significantly. Thankfully, if he loses all of his health, it just resets his charging. The fight doesn't start over. Once Randy launches his attack, the head will pop out of the boss and now you can damage it until it retreats back inside. That's all there is to this fight. No different phases or anything special, other than enemies spawning with wards. 

    In terms of strategy, there's nothing really complex required here. I used the Aqua Barrier and ran into the electricity ball to protect Randy. The electricity rays can simply be dodged. Enemies don't spawn in large amounts, so take them out quickly in whatever your preferred method is. I used the Necromancer and spawned tons of Familiars, which is especially good for taking off a large amount of the boss's health whenever the head would pop out. 

    Once the boss is dead, this achievement will unlock after a bit of dialogue.
  • This achievement unlocks upon unlocking the final Form in the game, the Dragon. This requires you to reach rank S with the Egg, and rank C with the Robot and Necromancer. While you don't need to max out any Forms for this achievement, the process is the same, so refer to Super Wiz (100G) for more information on leveling up Forms. That achievement requires you to reach S rank with every Form, so this achievement will come naturally while working on that achievement.
  • This achievement requires you to reach the maximum rank in the Knights Guild, Grandmaster Knight. This is achieved by completing every single side quests given by the members of the Knights Guild. After joining the Guild, you'll be given a handful of quests, and after turning a few in, you'll be able to access more.

    Here is a list of all the quests and any tips for completing them:
    1. Ratsbane - Survive a blow from Ratsbane, the One-Punch Monk. Playing as the Rat, this guy will punch you and kill you instantly. The only way to survive is to level up the Rat Form enough to unlock the Egg. This gives you access to the Hardened perk, which makes it so that a single blow cannot kill you. Once you've progressed in the story past the first Legendary Dungeon and encountered Marty Joe who allows you to combine abilities, you can then equip the Hardened perk on your Rat Form. Talk to the Monk and his punch won't kill you, completing this quest.
    2. Gorilla Warfare I - Complete the Ranger Challenge as a Ranger. Head to the objective marker and you'll have to shoot targets with your Ranger Form as they move left and right. Score a 23 to win. For me, there were 25 total targets, so you can only miss two. Nothing fancy here, just be quick with your charged shot to reach the ones in the back.
    3. Gorilla Warfare II - Complete the Ultimate Ranger Challenge as a Ranger. Same thing except this one is much harder because sets of 5 targets will come out together in a line, and while it is technically possible to shoot them all with very fast and well-aimed charge shots, it's incredibly difficult to be consistent, and there are five sets of five targets, so even if you manage it a couple times, you'll likely get frustrated trying. Instead, wait until you unlock the Robot Form, and more specifically his Ravager Rocket attack. Equip it on the Ranger and use it each time the groups of five targets come out. The rest of the targets are relatively simple to hit.
    4. Save for Last - Find Sir Pumpkin in the Eldritch Gourd Dungeon, and Kill the monsters in the arena without killing the Elite monster: The only difficult thing here is avoiding killing the Elite monster, because it is constantly chasing you and getting in your way when you're trying to kill regular monsters. I recommend avoiding poison because if you accidentally poison the Elite monster, it dies pretty quick. Instead, using the Slug Form to Slow everyone is a great way to keep the Elite monster away while you kill everything else.
    5. Dodge This - Find Sir Pumpkin near the Depleted Mines Dungeon, and Raid the Secret Corporation's Power Station and retrieve the Melon Malady:
    6. Not Tomb Raider - Find Laura in the Ancestral Forest, and Help Laura in the Animal's Bestiary: Once you find her, you'll go on a separate path and reunite at a chest, with her on the opposite side of a wall. Monsters will attack her, and you need to kill them all from the other side of the wall so she doesn't die. You'll want hard hitting fast ranged attacks. Either the Arrow Flurry from the Ranger, the Tear Burst from the Slug, or the standard shot from the Mermaid are good choices. Equip your highest DPS perks because the monsters will quickly swarm her and likely set her on fire too.
    7. The Unbreakable - Find Knight Temporary in the Moletopia Dungeon, and Clear the monsters in the stash without breaking the crystal: the main issue here is that the crystal is destroyed in a single attack, and both enemies AND you can destroy it if you aren't careful. Thankfully there aren't many enemies, but you'll want to use a Form with precision attacks so you don't accidentally hit the crystal. You'll also want to aggro any projectiles that enemies shoot to prevent them from hitting the crystal. Death isn't really any issue here, so just protect the crystal at all costs.
    Once you've completed all quests, return to the Knights Guild and speak to the leader. You will then be given a new mission, along with a marker on your map. Head to it to begin an escort mission, and probably the hardest mission in the game.You need to hit lanterns to light the path. If you stay in the dark, you take massive damage. Enemies spawn and try to kill your escort, so you need to protect her, stay out of the dark, and shoot lanterns. This is not easy, as it's really easy for either you or her to die. Thankfully, after four lanterns you shoot, she regens all of her health and pulls out her own lantern for you to follow her. Again kill enemies until you get to the chest. Once you get to the chest you need to fend off around three waves of enemies charging you. Once they're all dead, you're finally done with this mission. All of this must be done in a single run; if you die or she does, you start back at the beginning. My recommendation is to use an ability that spawns Familiars (I used the Magician's), because they can split up and attack many enemies while you use your normal attacks on them too, plus they often end up aggroing for you.

    Note: This final mission takes place in the dark cave called 'The Expanse," so be sure to grab The Light Expanse (15G) right after you're done with this mission while you're here.

    After you complete that mission, head back to the Knights Guild and talk to the leader to unlock this achievement.
  • Hidden

    This achievement requires you to reach the maximum rank in the League of Wizards, Grand Maester. This is achieved by completing every single side quests given by the members of the League of Wizards. After joining the League, you'll be given a handful of quests, and after turning a few in, you'll be able to access more.

    Here is a list of all the quests and any tips for completing them:
    1. Mound o' Chicken - Collect 15 drumsticks from slain baddies and deliver them to the mutant by The Mound Dungeon: Simply a matter of killing enemies and picking up the chicken drumstick health items until you have 15. Don't worry, they'll still heal you in the process of doing this quest
    2. Gotta Go Fast/Gotta Go Faster - Beat the Cool Witch in a race/Beat the Cool Witch in another race: Use the Horse with Gallop. You have two options to keep the lead. The first is to equip the Rat's Scavenge ability so that the healing items littered around the course give you mana back so you can keep Galloping. The second is to use the Magic Life passive, which lets you use your health for abilities when you run out of mana. Either option will ensure you can Gallop the entire way to win both races
    3. Long Distance Medicine - Ask Octavia's assistant to develop a cure for the Fish Mage's curse: You need to convey the correct information to the assistant, which is: slippery like soap, being caught in a fishing net, fishy meal pellets, and swimming with a school of fish
    4. Cure the Fish-Curse - Find the Fish Mage's brother in the Jungle and deliver the cure to him: nothing special, just talk to each person
    5. Sweet Style - Collect chocolate bars from slain baddies and deliver the chocolate to the Witch by the Sweet Home Dungeon: exact same as Mound o' Chicken above
    6. Dark Science - Kill enemy-buffing Growths (recommended: Dark Tower Dungeon): these Growths are the large flying tumor-like things that regenerate wards on enemies. The Dark Tower Dungeon is a guaranteed place to find them, but you need 10 and during my run through this dungeon I only found 8, so you may need two runs through this dungeon to get enough
    After completing all of the quests, return and talk to the leader. After some dialogue, this achievement will unlock.
  • This achievement requires you to reach the maximum rank in the Thieves Guild, Master Fraudster. This is achieved by completing every single side quests given by the members of the Thieves Guild. After joining the Guild, you'll be given a handful of quests, and after turning a few in, you'll be able to access more.

    Here is a list of all the quests and any tips for completing them:
    1. Fox Collection - Find 4 sets of disguises in the Unidentified Fallen Object Dungeon: dungeons are randomized so you'll just have to look around and uncover your map on each floor. Once you get near one it'll be marked on your map. 
    2. Laser Maze - Complete Follower 1's challenge in the Amazing Wizard Warrior course: simply use the Ranger's dodge ability to roll past each laser and you'll have plenty of time to get through it
    3. Grand Heist - Purchase 4 Discount Daggers from the shopkeeper: you must be a human of some sort. Your options are Ranger, Guard, Monk, Magician, Bodybuilder. Use whichever four you have unlocked
    4. Ward Breaker I/II - Complete Knife Bro's first/second challenge at the Thieves Guild: the first challenge is pretty easy, but the second can be tough. I used Rat for Dark in the first and second rounds, with Gallop for Blunt and Water Spray for Light and Arrow Flurry for Sharp. The third round can be pretty tricky. I used the Ghost. Run right and use Arrow Fluffy for the Sharp targets, Gallop left and use if for the Blunt targets, then use your Aura for Dark so it stays around you, and meanwhile use Turtle Spray for the Light targets. 
    5. Bullet Hell - Find the crystals and reach the exit: this can be made trivial by using the Turtle (so you can swim) with the Ghost's Ethereal ability to phase through everything so you don't take damage
    Once you've completed all of those, return to the Thieves Guild and talk to the leader. You'll get a new objective to meet them at Firepit Mountain. Do so, and you'll need to chase Follower 2. My recommendation is to use the Turtle equipped with Gallop since you'll need to swim, fit through small spaces, and move quickly. Ignore enemies and once you learn the path and where the switches are, you won't have problems. When you get to the end, I used Water Spray on Follower 2 until everyone arrived. After the scene, head back to the Thieves Guild and talk to the leader again to unlock this achievement. 

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