C0D38R3AK3R Achievement

  • C0D38R3AK3R



    Decrypt Adam’s figurine.

    Near the start of the game, you will investigate your son’s apartment in room 107. You need to pick up the strange figurine (statue data chip) in the corner cupboard of the kitchen.

    When you come out of Helena’s mind hack you will go into the Tattoo Parlour’s basement. As you go through the door there’s a computer on the right. Before you can use it you need to turn on the power at the back of the room. Once that is done, go back and use the computer to unlock the achievement.

  • Make sure you pick up the figurine on the right side of the kitchen in Adam’s apartment near the beginning of the game. Get this item before ever going into the tattoo parlor, or you may miss this achievement. Hold onto the figurine until you get to the lab underneath the tattoo parlor. In the room with the mini claw puzzle, decrypt the figurine using the computer.

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