- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 19 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-12 [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Yes, I will list them in the guide [there is no chapter select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

>observer_ takes place in 2084 in Poland. A digital plague has swept the globe, killing thousands in its wake. In this post-war world, drugs, pest, and bionic upgrades ravage the few human beings left on the planet. As an Observer, Daniel Lazarski invades the dreams and memories of his targets in order to solve cases with the Dream Eater. As the building goes into lockdown with the potential threat of a virus, the situation, and your sanity, begin to quickly spin out of control when you discover the first in a line of murders. Can you survive the lockdown and solve the mystery at hand?

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Option 1: You can play the game blind and enjoy the bizarre concept of it, unlocking what you can along the way.

Option 2: In this playthrough, you're going to want to do just about everything the game has to offer. You'll pick up every collectable, complete every side mission, and earn all miscellaneous achievements. None of these things stack over playthroughs, so if you miss anything you'll need to do it all over again in another playthrough.

There are a lot of missables in the game, so be careful if you want to just do one playthrough or it will cost you a second. Everything you need is listed in the guide.

[XBA would like to thank jroller1979 for this Roadmap]

>observer_ Achievement Guide

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There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Earn 3000 points during a single trapware run.

    This achievement is missable!

    Near the end of the game, you will get to a point where you uncover Adam’s severed head.

    You have the option to mind hack the head or leave. You need to hack the head to get the chance to unlock this achievement. After hacking the head, you will get to a part with a TV and have to play three arcade-style minigames. The first and second game you can earn points on, but the last you cannot. The best game to get the points on is the first game. The principle of the game is simple enough: Tetris blocks will fall to the floor from above, and you need to avoid being hit by them long enough to rack up 3,000 points. You have three hearts, but that's one heart per minigame, and being hit takes half a heart. The simplest way to unlock the achievement is when the blocks start falling run around the outside of the room. It can be awkward at first, but you'll get used to it. Run around for a couple of minutes while being hit once max and you will eventually get to the 3,000 points. You may now let yourself die and play through the other two minigames however you'd like.

    Note: Losing all your hearts will not void “Unbreakable

    Thank to Game Knot for the video.

  • Analyze 100 objects.

    This achievement is missable!

    There are plenty of objects to scan throughout the game from Holocom Panels (tenant intercoms), Service Consoles, Bodies/Parts, Personal Computers and Service Drones to name a few.

    To scan an object simply hold then .

  • Decide the fate of the organ farm.

    This achievement is missable!

    First, you need to investigate room 205 and unlock the safe by tracking the cables from the safe to the unlock button. In the safe, you'll find the code 7441 which you will need later in the game.

    After Helena’s Dream Eater sequence, you will gain access to the basement of the building. Go through the tunnel and explore the corridors to find Room 028. You can use the code you found to open the door. Inside there will be a computer. Interact with the computer monitor and you'll be given a choice. You can pick whichever choice you like, and the achievement will unlock.

  • Find all nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough.


    This achievement is missable!

    There are a total of 69 patient cards throughout the game.

    Here is a good video that will get them all.

    Collectable Guide

  • Find 10 nanophage patient cards.


    This achievement is missable!

    Please refer to "Pandemic"

  • Finish the game without dying.

    This achievement is missable!

    This sounds a lot harder than it is. There are only a few sequences where you can die; the rest is safe.

    The achievement will unlock as soon as the credits start rolling. To make it easier, if you get grabbed by the monster you can press and quit to the main menu and then continue.

    This thread is very helpful thanks to nelov4ego.

  • Interrogate 20 tenants.

    This achievement is missable!

    There are more than enough tenants to interrogate in the game. Go up to one of the doors that has a Holocom Panel (tenant intercom). Now all you need to do is press the on it and if they are in they will answer.

  • Interrogate Amir’s clients.

    This achievement is missable!

    After coming out of Amir's dream sequence, pick up the jar behind Amir’s body and scan it. This will start a subquest.

    Now you must visit both of these apartments and have a chat with the tenants. The room numbers are 112 and 209. Once this is done the achievement will unlock.

  • Decide the fate of the merging minds.

    This achievement is missable!

    Get to the 1st floor of the building, then go to apartment 113 to get the code for apartment 114 from Paulina. Now go into apartment 114 and you will find a woman sitting on a chair. Scan her head with then and enter her mind/dream with .

    Afterwards, interact with the computer in the room, scroll down to the fourth square called programs and pick cephalus_7.34. It will give you two options, and this achievement will unlock once you make your choice.

  • Complete all With Fire and Sword: Spiders arcade games


    This achievement is missable!

    The Fire and Sword: Spiders arcade games are on computer consoles throughout the game. There are ten in total.

    Here is a good video that will get them all.

    Collectable Guide


Secret achievements

  • Find all RC cars and recall a memory of Adam.


    This achievement is missable!

    There are a total of four RC cars in the game.

    Here is a good video that will get them all.

    Collectable Guide

  • Complete your first Dream Eater sequence.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    When you get to apartment 104 you will see Amir Nowak and enter your first Dream Eater sequence. Once you come out of the mind hack the achievement will unlock.

  • Survive Adam’s trapware.

    This achievement is missable!

    Please refer to “Voxel runner.”

    This achievement will unlock once you have finished the mind hack sequence from Adam's mind.

  • Find all roses and discover the final resting place.

    This achievement is missable!

    There are only four roses in the game.

    Here is a good video that will get them all.

    Collectable Guide

  • Reject Adam.

    This could be missable if you don't do it right.

    This will happen at the end of the game. You will have two choices to make: either reject Adam or not.

    You can pair this with "Embrace Adam": as soon as the credits roll, the achievement should unlock. When this happens press your guide button (the one in the middle of the controller) and quit the game to the dashboard. Simply load the game back up and continue and you should start at the end again. Now pick the other choice to unlock "Embrace Adam."

  • Find and listen to all patient interview recordings.

    There are a total of four patient cards throughout the game.

    Here is a good video that will get them all.

    Collectable Guide

  • Overdose on synchronization pills.

    To unlock this achievement, you must overdose by taking too many pills at once. This can be done as soon as you get out of the car at the start of the game. All you need to do is take about three pills, one after each other by pressing then .

    Note: This does not kill you, so it will not void “Unbreakable

  • Embrace Adam.

    This achievement is missable!

    Please refer to "Reject Adam"

  • Decrypt Adam’s figurine.

    Near the start of the game, you will investigate your son’s apartment in room 107. You need to pick up the strange figurine (statue data chip) in the corner cupboard of the kitchen.

    When you come out of Helena’s mind hack you will go into the Tattoo Parlour’s basement. As you go through the door there’s a computer on the right. Before you can use it you need to turn on the power at the back of the room. Once that is done, go back and use the computer to unlock the achievement.

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