- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 45 [1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-20 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [with save manipulation]
- Missable achievements: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins! In a world at war, the vast Empire of Men tries to extend its domination over the territories of the Orcs and Goblins, who are systematically persecuted, enslaved and massacred. Through this great role-playing game, lead a fearsome Orc warrior, and a Goblin master of assassination and stealth. You have been appointed to fulfill an extremely dangerous mission, deep in enemy territory: to kill one man...

Step 1: Extreme Playthrough
All of the difficulty achievements stack, and you can save whenever you like, so with a little save/reload magic, you can get all the achievements in this game with one playthrough on Extreme difficulty. I would highly suggest following the Road Map for this game written over at PST found here, which will lay out exactly what order to do all the game's quests, and when to save/reload, so you can get all the achievements in one run. The only thing I'll suggest you ignore is that it says the game requires two playthroughs. The writer over there had some incorrect info regarding the "Big chest lover" achievement which can indeed be done in one playthrough.

I will say Extreme difficulty is no joke, and you'll need to be very careful to succeed. Here are some tips I found helpful during my run:

  • SAVE CONSTANTLY! You should save after every battle, and when assassinating people with Styx, save after every single assassination. It's annoying to kill 2-3 enemies and then get spotted and have a fight you can't win. You can also die very easily, so don't forget to save after a battle so you never have to redo it.
  • Assassinate as many enemies as possible. Use Styx to clear out any fringe enemies, whittling down the total number in any given area before you get caught and have to fight. Because you take a lot of damage on Extreme, you'd much rather have only three enemies compared to five.
  • Target the same enemy! You can use to switch the character you're controlling, then / to select an enemy. Always have both characters attacking the same one. The quicker you can get less enemies in the fight, the better.
  • Kill "normal" enemies first. To compound on the last point, always kill the weakest enemies first. Don't spend two minutes killing the boss while his dogs and basic swordsmen take off half your health.
  • Upgrade defensive abilities early and often. I used Stunning Punch as much as possible with Arkail while he tanked damage, with Styx starting a fight using Sharpshooter and then letting him auto attack.
  • For your attributes, put everything you have into Stamina for Arkail to boost his health pool, and Strength with Styx to increase his DPS. You'll use Arkail to stun and get in big hits while Styx picks away from afar.
  • Try to upgrade gear often. Always be searching for bags/chests to loot (which will help for "Big chest lover") and use trade points to always upgrade your weapons. Again, killing enemies quickly is paramount. You can likely skip upgrading your armor, but if you have extra trade points it certainly won't hurt.
  • If things go south and Arkail goes down, run away with Styx! Use your revive shout on him, and continue running! He'll get in a few more hits, and if all the enemies turn to focus on him you can throw a few daggers with Styx, then rinse and repeat until the fight is over. You can take on really bad odds with this method.
  • Throw Styx to start a fight. Don't underestimate this move. You can throw him at a crossbowman for example and kill them in one shot, and this will put him on the edge of the fight to have a nice spot for his ranged attacks.

Step 2: Easy Mop Up
There are two achievements that you may not get during your main run of the game. The first is the aforementioned "Big chest lover" though if you're doing every side-quest and checking every inch of each map, you should have no issue with that. The other is "You crack me up" for killing 15 enemies while Arkail is berserk. He takes a lot of damage when he is enraged and will die quickly if there are still a few enemies left who are attacking him. Both of these achievements track across all save files though, so start a new game on Easy if you need to and mop them up.

[XBA would like to thank Mist and The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Of Orcs and Men Achievement Guide

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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Trade an item

    The first opportunity to do this is at the Black Hand Camp, via the orc Spearhead. Initiate trade with him and press to get to your items and choose any to sell. You'll get plenty of new items throughout the game and will want to sell them to buy better items or upgrade existing ones.

  • Survive the Row

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Kill the Imperial officer in the Monastery

    At the beginning of Chapter 3, speak to Drakane to get this side-quest. Make sure you agree with Styx to accept it and kill the officer to unlock the achievement.

  • Finish Of Orcs and Men at Hard level


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Assassinate 47 enemies

    While controlling Styx (press to switch between characters) you can click in the left thumbstick to go invisible. Move close to the back of an enemy and a prompt will come on screen and you can press to instantly kill the enemy. You'll want to do this often when playing on Extreme to thin out the number of enemies you fight, so this will come along the way. Always kill an enemy who is far away from others or at least out of their field of vision first so you can get a few assassinations in before the enemies are alerted to your presence.

  • Break 15 spinal columns while Berserk

    There is a red meter underneath Arkail's character portrait that shows his rage level. This will increase as he takes and deals damage, and once full he will go berserk and no longer follow commands. In this state, if he is fighting against human enemies, there is a chance he will pick them up and smash them over his knee. Each time this happens will count toward this achievement, and it tracks across all playthroughs. You'll likely want to avoid him going berserk on Extreme difficulty as he takes a TON more damage and could easily die, so if you don't get it during you main playthrough, start another on Easy and have Styx avoid attacking and let him take damage until he goes berserk in every fight possible.

    A nice way to slowly work on this though is to kill all but one human enemy, then cancel all of your commands with both characters and put Arkail in Offensive stance so his rage builds more quickly. Let the last enemy hit you until you go berserk, and Arkail will mess him up. Do this with each fight until it unlocks.

  • Find and empty 20 chests

    For this achievement, anything glowing orange will count. There are traditional wooden chests, as well as large cloth sacks that you can empty. There are well over 20 combined throughout the game, so as long as you are doing every side-quest and going for the full 1000 Gamerscore you'll get this along the way. If you stick only to the story, you may miss this and need a few more in a second playthrough.

  • Hit eight enemies with a single attack

    There are a few areas in the game that will have enough enemies to get this, and you can use either character. When you find a swarm of goblins, let them surround you and use either Rain of Blades with Styx or Round Attack with Arkail. On Extreme, letting this many enemies surround you will surely end in death, but it's necessary to get the achievement out of the way. The Catacombs is a great spot for this.

  • Put together the best squad possible to assault the Pillar

    Pre-Requistite: Make sure you spare Dakath and earn the "Samaritan" achievement. There is another achievement for killing him, so get that first then reload your save so he is alive on your save file.

    At the end of Chapter 2, you will need to suggest who to use during this mission. You will need to appoint Dakath as your runner, Drakane as your strategist, and Garok as your warrior. The achievement will unlock after the decisions are made.

  • Upgrade a Skill

    When you level up you will earn one Skill point per character. You can use these to purchase new skills to use, or to upgrade existing ones. There are level restrictions for each upgrade, but any available will have a small plus sign (+) on the skill's picture. Choose either upgrade for any skill (and be warned, you can ONLY select one of the upgrades, you won't get the other one later) and the achievement will unlock.

  • Poison three different enemies at the same time

    When you hit Level 6 you can purchase the Poisoned Daggers skill with Styx. When you use this in battle, you will get three charges of poison and your next three hits will poison enemies. Make sure you target an enemy and let it hit, then interrupt his next attack and switch targets. Once you hit three different enemies during the same battle, the achievement will unlock. The enemies can die during this process, their dead bodies stay poisoned and count toward the total.

  • Equip a full set of upgraded equipment (weapons and armor)

    You can upgrade your gear with any merchant, and can get this quickly the first time you arrive at the Black Hand Camp. You'll need to sell at least four items to get four trade points, then upgrade all four equipment slots for either character (weapon, chest, gloves, legs). Feel free to save prior and reload. Trade points are best spent on weapons while on Extreme to kill enemies more quickly, and you'll upgrade equipment fairly often so upgrading everything as you go isn't the best option. The achievement will pop once you exit the trading screen.

  • Bind Skills to both of each character's shortcut keys

    You will get prompted to do this shortly into the game. Press the Back button to get to the menu and tab over to the Skills section. Highlight a skill you like and will use often, then press or to map it as a shortcut to use in battle. Any two skills will work, and this must be done on both characters at once.

  • Deal with the Scourge issue in the shantytown

    You will get this side-quest from Monkey at the Black Hand Camp. You will arrive in a new map and have to fight three waves of small goblin enemies. The first two are very easy, but the third has the added annoyance of some human archers who can also fire down on you. Be sure to try and assassinate a few goblins (I managed to get three) to make this fight more manageable, then fight in the alley at the front of the area so the archers can't hit you.

  • Save a brunette in distress

    You will get this side-quest from Fox after dealing with Raven's chapel mission. As with all side-quests, you'll transport to a new map location and just need to run through the linear path and kill all the enemies in your way. At the end of this map you'll find Brune and unlock the achievement.

  • Kill Dorek the Trainer

    You will receive this side-quest from The Last after beating the other three Black Hand members in combat (see "Hand Shake" for more info on that). In usual side-quest fashion, just work through this map and kill everyone in your path to unlock the achievement.

  • Put an end to the madness of the Shaman of the Bowels

    At the very end of Chapter 1 you are given the option of saving Arkail's brother Arken. Make sure you accept this quest and kill the shaman at the end of the map to unlock this achievement.

  • Win the Black Hand challenge

    The Black Hand challenge consists of four different fights against the NPCs in the Black Hand camp, solo with Arkail. Follow the link in the Road Map to see which order to fight them in, but once you defeat Spearhead, Fox, Monkey, and The Last the achievement will unlock.

    The two fights against the orcs (Spearhead and The Last) were very easy, while the human enemies (Fox and Monkey) are tough. For the most part, I simply used Stunning Punch to defeat all four, keeping them stunned as much as possible. The only one I had real trouble with was Monkey, who sent my rage meter high very quickly, and if Arkail goes berserk during these fights, he's going to die. I got lucky on one attempt and stunned him often, using the Rage Release skill three times anytime he was stunned to lower the meter and recover health.

  • Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Prevent a miners' revolt in the Mire

    At the beginning of Chapter 2 you will need to speak with Adek and accept his quest. As usual, clear the map of all enemies to complete the quest and unlock the achievement.

  • Let Styx take out the Imperial sentinels of the Mire on his own

    Shortly after returning from the quest related to "Class struggle" you can ask Adek about the foreman to start this quest. Complete it to unlock the achievement.

  • Kill Gorkash the head Foreman without further ado

    After unlocking "Throat-slitter" you'll want to speak with Adek once more and ask again about the foreman. At the end of the map you're sent to, you'll find the foreman and need to choose "Arkail: [Kill]" when it comes up as a dialogue option.

  • Kill all the dug-in foremen and guards

    This is toward the end of Chapter 2, and will be Adek's final mission to track down another foreman. Make sure you save before entering the final area of this map, as there is an opposite achievement to this one. For this achievement, choose to kill the orc at the end of the map. You don't want this to be the option on your main save file, so reload and spare him for "Samaritan" directly after.

  • Spare Dakath the repentant

    As mentioned in "No quarter" above, you need to spare the orc at the end of Adek's final mission. You want this to be the choice on your main save file, as it ties into "Guidance counselor" right after.

  • Take pure water to the Shaman of the Mire

    This side-quest will come from the shaman near your father. This is another simple side-quest of killing everyone on the map and you will find the water at the end.

  • Be buddy-buddy with a force of nature

    After putting down the miner's revolt at the beginning of Chapter 2 (see "Class struggle") you can speak with Garok at camp. Exhaust all dialogue options until you can tell him that Dorek is dead (which we did in Chapter 1) and the achievement will unlock.

  • Confront Braggart with his lies

    Sometime between all the missions for Adek, speak with Braggart at camp. Exhaust all dialogue options and this will unlock along the way.

  • Put together a special squad to assault the Pillar

    Story related and can not be missed.

    Note: Make sure to read "Guidance counselor" as that is tied to this story event.

  • Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Follow the path of the Assassin

    See "Into the shadow" for more information.

  • Follow the way of the Shadowgoblin

    This happens at the beginning of Chapter 3 when you enter Styx's past. You will have two options, so choose whichever one you DON'T want to use, then revert your save to get the other one.

  • Follow the path of the Berserker

    See "Anger management" for more information.

  • Follow the path of the Master

    This happens at the beginning of Chapter 3 when you enter Arkail's past. You will have two options, so choose whichever one you DON'T want to use, then revert your save to get the other one.

  • Finish Chapter 3 at any difficulty level

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Kill Emperor Damocles

    This is the only achievement tied to Chapter 4, when infiltrating the palace. Make sure you choose to kill the emperor when prompted to unlock this achievement.

  • Finish Chapter 4 at any difficulty level

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Finish Chapter 5 at any difficulty level

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Rakash



    Finish Of Orcs and Men at Easy level


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Finish Of Orcs and Men at Normal level


    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Finish Of Orcs and Men at the highest difficulty level

    All of the difficulty achievements stack, so be sure to start on Extreme to unlock them all at once and only have one full playthrough to do.

  • Answer Sork's provocation in a language he understands

    At the end of the very first map of the game you will hit a cutscene and conversation. At the end, you have three choices. Select "Arkail: Shut your damn mouth, traitor!" to unlock this achievement. Reload the last auto-save to get the other achievement tied to this encounter.

  • Have Styx calm things down a bit

    At the end of the very first map of the game you will hit a cutscene and conversation. At the end, you have three choices. Select "Styx: Uhm, Sergeant, you gonna let him do that?" to unlock this achievement. Reload the last auto-save to get the other achievement tied to this encounter.

  • Defeat a boss without using an automatic attack (assassinations excluded)

    For this achievement, it only applies to the character you are controlling. I got this against the first orc boss, but it will work against any named character essentially. They are all considered bosses. To get this, you will want to press as soon as the fight starts and begin queuing commands for your character. Once you use a command or two, queue up some more. So long as you always have a command in queue and the character doesn't choose an attack on their own, the achievement will unlock at the end of the fight.

  • Learn every Skill in a single tree.

    As you level up and earn Skill points, you are able to either purchase new skills or upgrade existing ones. Each purchase or upgrade will have a level requirement, so you'll need to be a decent level before you can purchase everything from either the offense or defense categories. It is highly suggested to invest in the defense category for your Extreme playthrough.

  • Learn and improve every Skill in a single tree.

    You can work on this as you level up (a lot of the skills are somewhat useless, so upgrading the good ones before buying the bad ones for "To each his branch" is advised), and I would suggest looking hard at each option when you upgrade as it is only one or the other that you choose - you can't get both. Once you have purchased every skill and then upgraded each once, this will unlock.

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