- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 10 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 2-4 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 2 - Romance (200G) and Hope (75G)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
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Olija is a game about Faraday's quest, as he tries to return home after a shipwreck. You are trapped in this new mysterious land and must help other castaways (Hope (75G)) and try to win over the heart of Olija while collecting music boxes (Romance (200G)). Armed with a magical, possibly cursed, harpoon, you'll take on groups of mysterious enemies on your quest to escape this land!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There is only one story related achievement (Farewell (200G)). The rest are earned in combat (BlackSlash (75G), Lime Sour (50G), and Lord Gardener (50G)), for finding collectibles (Hope (75G) ​​​​​and Romance (200G)), and for doing miscellaneous stuff (Icarus (25G), El Dorado (75G), Along the Nile (200G), Oni ha sotto (50G)). The majority of these should come naturally if you are varying your combat, exploring each area thoroughly, and purchasing hats from the hat shop. The only achievements that may challenge you are finding the two sets of collectibles.

The only real mop-up will be for backtracking to find any collectibles you missed prior to completing the game, or completing any of the miscellaneous tasks listed in the abbreviated walkthrough.

Olija is a really good, simple game. Despite the lack of story, this game will keep you engaged with its fleshed out combat system and an exploration system that is aided by your throwable harpoon that you can teleport to. Another 1000gs.png to absolutely add to your collection!
[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for this Roadmap]

Olija Achievement Guide

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Romance



    Find all the music boxes

    There are 8 music box collectibles to find in Olija. The are often hidden in hard to find locations. Being music boxes, they play music which helps to hint where they are and if you are close. You can backtrack to collect all of these, but before to do so before progressing through the Shadow Gate. The Shadow Gate is the final area of the game, there is no returning from it, and the game deletes your save file once you defeat the final boss.

    See Hope (75G) for a video guide of all collectible locations.
  • Kill 5 enemies with acid

    The easiest way to kill enemies with acid is to buy the acid hat (second on the bottom) at the hat shop in Oaktide. With it equipped, you will shoot acid in both directions when you fill your special meter. Additionally, you will be immune to acid damage.

    The hat costs 10 necklaces, 4 bones, 1 green feather, and 20 silver. The necklaces and bones are easily collected from defeated enemies, destroyed skeletons and looted chests. The green feather can be found from defeating green and black bat/fly type enemies in a cave on The Forest island. You can also earn random loot from the Shipmaster in Oaktide for 25 silver and the traders found throughout the game world for 5 silver; however, their drops are random.

    With the hat equipped, just progress through the game fighting enemies and this should unlock naturally.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Make the boatman angry

    To make the Boatman angry, head to any dock and blow the horn three times while the Boatman is there. He will get made and throw rocks at you, doing a little damage and earning your achievement.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Craft my favourite cap

    The hat shop in Oaktide has several different hats to purchase. You'll need to buy the first one on the bottom row (it creates red feathers that shoot out at enemies) to earn this achievement. The hat costs 1 red feather, 5 necklaces, 5 bones, and 15 silver.
  • Open 10 treasure chests

    Treasure chest can be found on every island in Olija. Many will be found in the same areas as the collectibles for Hope (75G) and Romance (200G). Even more can be found along your path as your progress through the game. You should easily find and open 10 chests through your journey.
  • Hope



    Rescue 10 castaways

    There are 10 castaway collectibles to free in Olija. You can backtrack to collect all, but one of these, but be sure to do so before progressing through the Shadow Gate. The Shadow Gate is the final area of the game, there is no returning from it, and the game deletes your save file once you defeat the final boss. The final castaway is found in a Dark Door area. These areas cannot be rentered after completing them, so if you miss it you'll need to start a new playthrough.

    See the video below for all 10 castaway and 8 music box (Romance (200G)) locations.

    00:00 - Music Box 1/8 (Shadow Creek)
    00:40 - Music Box 2/8 (Oaktide)
    01:17 - Music Box 3/8 (Shadow Creek)
    01:55 - Castaway 1/10 (The Forest)
    02:42 - Music Box 4/8 (The Forest)
    03:46 - Castaway 2/10 (The Forest / The Grove)
    04:33 - Castaway 3/10 (The Forest / The Grove)
    05:20 - Castaway 4/10 (The Forest / The Grove)
    05:44 - Castaway 5/10 & Music Box 5/8 (Fallen Town)
    06:55 - Castaway 6/10 (The Old Archives)
    07:31 - Castaway 7/10 (The Old Archives)
    08:13 - Music Box 6/8 (The Old Archives)
    08:46 - Music Box 7/8 & Castaway 8/10 (Filap Islands)
    11:00 - Castaway 9/10 (Filap Islands)
    11:58 - Music Box 8/8 (Filap Islands)
    12:49 - Castaway 10/10 (Filap Islands - DARK DOOR)
  • Cut 30 bushes

    On every island you visit there is vegetation. You can cut them using your sword button-y.png or throwing your spear button-b.png. There is a chance that when cut they will drop health pickups. Just cut 30 patches of vegetation.
  • Harpoon dash on a mid-air foe right after air kicking it

    We recommend fighting some of the earlier winged enemies. Throw your harpoon at one, air kick it (by jumping and attacking), and dash to your harpoon. This is easier to do in an area with multiple levels, as enemies are more likely to jump around, and after isolating a single enemy.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Icarus



    A tragic leap of faith

    Elevators exist throughout the Olija game world. Activate one and immediately jump off, then wait for it to reach the bottom. Finally, jump down the elevator shaft to your death.

    See the video below for more information.

Secret achievements

  • Secret

    Story-related; unlocked for progressing through the Shadow Gate and defeating the final boss.

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