Now you are thinking with folders Achievement

  • Now you are thinking with folders



    Add a shared folder to OneGuide

    You will either need someone to share a folder with you or you can do it yourself if you have multiple Microsoft accounts. The Microsoft accounts this is done between do not have to be friends for this to work. Go to on a computer and login with the account that is going to share a folder, each folder should have a circle you can click on in the top right that shows up when you move the mouse cursor over a folder. Click that which will put a check mark there and give you more options at the top of the screen. You should only have the "New" and "Upload" options before this step. Click "Share" at the top and a screen will popup stating "Invite people to "folder name"" as well as a "To" box underneath and some options on the left side. Type the email address for your Microsoft account into the "To" box that you want to get the achievement on and click "Share."

    Now load OneDrive on your Xbox One on the account you shared the folder with, scroll over to "Shared," select the folder, scroll up and over until "Add To The OneGuide" is selected, press  and the achievement is yours.


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