Florence Nightingale Award Achievement

  • Florence Nightingale Award



    Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times


    When one of your team mates is wounded, and requires your help hold down and change to the field dressing, and hold down the to heal them. You must heal and save 20 soldiers for this achievement.

    If you don't feel like waiting for this achievement to unlock use the following method:

    • Load up the first mission
    • Shoot soldier 1, then use the field bandage on him
    • Request the medic to heal him.
    • Shoot soldier 2 and repeat the second step again.

    Keep doing this until you have earned the achievement.

  • This is really easy because there is a simple way of doing it. To get this achievement; 1st: Start a campaign mission 2nd: Do not move at the start, just command your team to halt, this is so you do not get attacked by enemies. 3rd: Shoot one of your team mates in the leg, twice preferably. 4th: When he is injured on the floor (his name should be orange or red) apply the field dressing to him, you switch to field dressing on the weapons list. 5th: To apply the field dressing just aim at the injured team mate and hold the right trigger. 6th: Do this 20times and you will get it. It saves a lot of time :)

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