Vertical Envelopment Achievement

  • Vertical Envelopment



    Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated landing zone in Dragon Fury


    Shortly after you start the mission you will need to clear out the valley leading to a small village. After you have killed all the troops two choppers will land, and you will need to walk up to the pilot side and press to climb in the pilot seat. Fly the chopper to the designated LZ, and make it there without crashing or bumping into anything. This also includes taking excessive damage from firing troops below. Once you land the plane, and assuming you have not damaged the MH-60s, the achievement should unlock.

  • Something the guide doesn't tell you, is to land at or around the purple smoke. I kept going thinking I had to make it to the Naval base. So if you start getting fired at, you have gone to far. Once the chopper touches the ground, the achievement will unlock.

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