- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Estimated Time to 200: 5+ Hours [Assuming the guide is used]
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1
- Missable Achievements: War Story Gold, Adventure Story Gold, Max Power, Survivor, Eight Port Master
- Do cheat codes disable Achievements: N/A
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
- Glitched Achievements: No
-Unobtainable Achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

Outpost Kaloki X is a city-building game that places the player as the manager of a variety of different space stations with the goal of either financial success or the much simpler task of survival.

This is very much one of those games that can be as hard or as simple as anybody would like to make it. With or without a guide this is a fairly simple game to grasp conceptually, but a very difficult game to master. Even with a guide it can require great dexterity and memory to get up on one of the various leaderboards.

Step One: Adventure Story and War Story
The best way to get a grasp of the game is to jump right in to the Adventure/War Stories. Playing through the first level without a guide to grasp the controls is highly suggest. Continue on with a guide if help is needed with the gold medal times. A fantastic campaign guide is linked to in the "War Story Gold" achievement description below. This gives great step by step instructions to achieve the gold medal time on each mission in both the War Story and the Adventure Story. Following this guide will unlock "War Story Gold", "War Story Complete", "Adventure Story Complete", "Marksman", "Honorary Fish", "Fed and Entertained", "Friend of Wally" and "Adventure Story Gold" for a total of 135 gamerscore. "Max Power" can also be obtained in War Story Mission 6 when the Hangar expansion is built for him, but this mission can be replayed later (provided a save for that level is available).

Step Two: Individual Scenarios
All that remains is the completion of the individual scenarios. The final achievements require earning gold medal times in the Survival and Eight-Port challenge scenarios and simply completing the hammer scenario. Particularly strategies for each scenario can be found below in the achievement guide. While "Eight-Port Master" doesn’t explicitly say it, it needs to be completed with a gold medal time in order to unlock the achievement. Completing this step should lead to "Eight-Port Master", "Sir Protector From Asteroids" and "Survivor".

Step Three: Missed Achievements
If the game was completed without the gold medal guide, it’s doubtful that many will unlock gold medal on every level. Going back through the game with the guide should easily unlock "War Story Gold" and "Adventure Story Gold". Gold medal times can also be obtained for the various scenarios through use of the guides listed below.

Odds are that the game is completed now, but missing "Max Power" is still a possibility. Levels can’t be selected for replay, but an old save can be loaded for the sixth war story mission in order to obtain the achievement.

Glitched Achievements:
Two achievements were previously glitched, "Eight-Port Master" and "Adventure Story Gold". Both of these achievements are now attainable with the most recent patch of the game. With an active Xbox Live account, this game has no glitched achievements.

Unless this is being done completely without a guide, which is doubtful if this Roadmap has been read this far, Outpost Kaloki X is a relatively low-key, fast completion that can be as fun and/or challenging as desired.

[XBA would like to thank mercyforme for this Roadmap]

Outpost Kaloki X Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Finished the War Story with all gold medals

    Complete War Story and obtain a gold medal time on all missions. 

    A great gold medal guide for both stories as well as scenarios, created by Drunky can be found here.

    Note: As of the last update, the last mission only needs to be completed once with a gold medal to register for "War Story Gold".

  • Finished the War Story

    Complete all 10 missions in War Story within the time limit.

    See "War Story Gold" for a complete walkthrough.

  • Convinced Max Power to lend a hand in War Story Mission 6: The Attack

    After talking to Max Power, climb through the tech tree and build the expansion Hangar 1 for him in War Story Mission 6.

  • Completed The Hammer Scenario

    Survive the asteroid bombardment in the Hammer Scenario.

    A good strategy for surviving this scenario is to stick to basic tier one expansions and just keep them in good condition. This will require either a few Garages or a Hangar to achieve. It’s also worth noting that an expansion can’t be damaged while it is building so it is often wise to start building during the first asteroid wave. Furthermore, expansions are less likely to be damaged when built on the lower level of the station. Once the cash flow is within range of the goal, sell expansions to meet it more quickly and take a few seconds off of the completion time.

    Due to the fact that the asteroids come at random times and with varying intensity, this will require almost as much luck as it does skill.

  • Achieved a Gold Medal time in the Survival scenario

    This achievement requires the completion of the Survival scenario in no more than 15 minutes. After one unguided attempt it often seems more difficult than it really is. The best bet is to make a large cluster of Big Bertha expansions supplemented with a cluster of Garages and/or Hangars next to them. Every expansion will most likely be destroyed before the target time is reached, but their destruction will most likely buy enough time to capture the gold.

  • Finished the Adventure Story

    Complete all 14 chapters in Adventure Story within the time limit.

    See "War Story Gold" for a complete walkthrough.

  • Completed War Story Mission 4: Into the Warp

    Complete War Story Mission 4.


    • Build 3 Guns
    • Build 800 Surplus Power
    • Earn $1000

    This is probably one of the easiest missions to complete so long as the visitors bar is periodically checked for Max Power. When spoken with, he’ll lend a hand with a significant amount of power, enough to reach the surplus target easily. To build income, there shouldn’t be any need for more than two or three first tier expansions. Once the station has earned enough money, build the three guns. As long as the station survives the attack, the expansions should be sold for enough cash to complete the mission with ease.

  • Completed Adventure Story Chapter 10: Deja Vu

    Complete Adventure Story Chapter 10.


    • Build a Wall Street Expansion

    Reaching the end of a category tech tree may seem daunting, but it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. To get a better start on the level, make sure to sell all of the dying expansions at the start. They’re more of a cost than they’re worth. Focus early on the trading demand and then start expanding into other categories once the visitors are satisfied.

    Don’t forget that the Restaurant is necessary to build the later expansions, and an Herb Garden is required to build the Restaurant. Each category depends on another at some point so make sure to have some diversity in the station to help out in the latter end of the chapter.

  • Completed Adventure Story Chapter 8: Military Madness

    Complete Adventure Story Chapter 8.


    • Build an Amusement Park
    • Earn a 4.5 Star Rating

    This chapter requires building through the social category of the tech tree. The Amusement Park will be the final expansion available in the social category.

    In order to obtain the 4.5 star rating, here are a few tips that should be helpful:

    • Keep all expansions in good repair. This level makes expansions deteriorate more quickly which will also make the station rating deteriorate.
    • Higher appeal often means a higher rating. Be careful as this also means a higher monetary cost.
  • Built a habitat for Wally

    Complete Adventure Story Chapter 3.


    • Build a Pond
    • Build a Habitat for Wally

    This achievement requires building through the nature category of the tech tree up to the Pond expansion. After successfully completing the first objective by building a Pond, Princess Bethyni will appear in the visitors bar. Once she and the Hero are done conversing, the Habitat for Wally expansion will be available in the nature category. Once the expansion is complete, Chapter 3 will be complete.

  • Finished the Adventure Story with all gold medals

    See "War Story Gold" for a complete walkthrough.

    Note: Previously unattainable, but now available with the most recent update.

  • Master of The Eight-Port Challenge

    This achievement doesn’t explicitly say it, but it requires completion of the Eight-Port Challenge with a gold medal time.

    A great walkthrough from shalley303 can be found halfway down the page here.

    *Previously unattainable, but now available with the most recent update.

    Tips: When completing harder levels make sure you balance profit and power. having too much power sucks profit. Try to sell some power generators for more powerfull ones to keep the station rating high. Have all your ports on full appeal, 1st grade ports and cheaper and work the best for raising it. Make sure you shut off repair ports when they are not needed as they suck up power.

    A very handy glitch for the entire game, and especially this scenario, is the aptly titled "Repair Glitch." It allows the repair ports to work while drawing no power. Simply set all of the ports to zero bots, shut it off and then set it to the maximum number of repair drones. The drones will come out and work for only the cost of the repairs.

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