What a Waste of a Space Station Achievement

  • What a Waste of a Space Station



    Complete Grigori Station.


    See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

  • The last boss isn't particularly hard, but his one hit-KO move can be really annoying, and the fucking AI can't take cover for shit when he uses it. Always going down and stuff.
  • If anyone's having trouble defeating Fable, here's what I did and it worked well. Use either Izzy or Naya to take down Fable's shield, then switch to Jacob and use his arcshot (make sure he's upgraded to allow you to manually explode the shots with RB). The arcshot did the most damage and in the shortest amount of time. Also, try and make sure to keep a watch on your teammates if you're playing solo. They're insanely stupid and will die if you don't revive them quickly. Other than that just stay in cover and unload into Fable with the above technique to take him down.

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