Overstrike Achievement

  • Overstrike



    Complete all missions on normal difficulty.


    See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

  • Completed the game but didnt pop for me :-(
  • also completed game on normal didn't pop for me, the bar is like 75% full which makes no sense
  • same for me. i needed to go through again to clean up some intel and stuff so ill let you know if it pops after a second playthrough.
  • ok so i went through it again and it popped after i completed the last level. no idea why it didnt count the first time. the first time i played through in solo. the second time i played offline. dont know if that helps anyone but it worked for me.
  • just finished the game. didn't pop. the bar look about 75% just like #2
  • just went through level select. apparently the game can change difficulty modes for you. i've got to go and play through some missions again
  • Yup, I had every level ticked off as normal, but because I'd messed up a few times trying to finish Fable off (I'm assuming) the game switched me down to easy. I don't think I've ever seen a game do that without asking first. Very annoying.
  • yea same prob for me but I found the solution. the final mission "for the good of man" was changed to easy for me automatically. so just do that on normal and you should be good

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