Group Hug Achievement

  • Group Hug



    Complete all missions co-op (2, 3, or 4p).


    Complete all 18 campaign checkpoints while playing with more than one player.
    These will unlock for all players whether split screen or online.
    There’s no screen that explicitly tells you which ones have been done in co-op but go to Service Records and then Achievements and you’ll see a thin white progress bar at the bottom of the Group Hug achievement as well as many others.

    >Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

  • If anybody wants to play co-op send me a friends request GT-S0FT AND WET
  • Up for doing co-op on lethal? add me: The5peshulNinja
  • If anyone wants to do this one with me or any of the others shoot me a message GT: Dining Car

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