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    Fully upgrade 16 perks in the Team Perks menu.


    Behold, the most time consuming achievement on this list!

    List of team perks:

    • Vitality (Health Increase)
    • Last Gasp (Bleed Out last longer)
    • Quickdraw (One handed weapons “augmented with Fuse” deal more damage)
    • Fuse Maximizer (Increased total Fuse capacity)
    • Fuse Hoarder (Ammo pickups give more Fuse)
    • Bullet Hoarder (Ammo pickups give more bullets)
    • Sniper (Deal more damage while scoped)
    • Grenadier (Grenades explosion radius increased)
    • XP Multiplier (Increases XP earned)
    • Shield Assassin (Deal more damage to Fuse Shields)
    • Fireproof (Decrease damage from fire and explosions)
    • Banker (Increases Fuse Credits earned)
    • Guardian Angel (Rescuing an agent builds up Fusion meter)
    • Medic (Revives agents faster)
    • Marksman (Gives chance of gaining ammo after headshot kill)
    • Executioner (Takedowns heal a portion of your health)

    Each perk can be upgraded 3 times
    Level 1 perks costs 10,000 FC
    Level 2 perks costs 20,000 FC
    Level 3 perks costs 30,000 FC
    Except in the case of Quickdraw where
    Level 1 costs 30,000 FC
    Level 2 costs 60,000 FC
    Level 3 costs 100,000 FC

    Overall this will cost you a total of 1,090,000 FC

    How to get Fuse Credits:
    Campaign (Shared): Fuse Credits can be earned by picking up gold bars in the campaign for 500FC. 
    At the very beginning of Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) you’ll find gold bars to the left for farming.

    Echelon (Not shared): All FC accumulated in Echelon is shown in the top right of the screen.
    Fuse Credits are dropped from random enemies.
    These will either look like coins (Very small, multiples of 5FC), a money bag (100FC) or gold bars (500FC).

    Small amounts of Fuse Credits can also be earned from headshots, revives, healing with Izzy’s health beacon, takedowns and rescuing team mates from Infiltrators or Spec Ops.

    In the top-right of your screen is a multiplier that increases by surviving consecutive waves without getting downed. 
    Survive 1 wave = x2
    Survive 3 waves = x3
    Survive 6 waves = x4
    Survive 11 waves = x5
    As soon as you get downed the multiplier returns to x1. Being caught by Infiltrators or Spec Ops doesn’t affect the multiplier.

    There are three types of bonus wave, each one grants a different bonus upon completing it early:

    • Prime Target: Cash rains from the sky
    • High Value Target: Everyone gets the listed cash, which decreases over time
    • Deliver Fuse Canister: Everyone’s Fusion meter is automatically maxed out as long as they aren’t still using it whilst the Fuse is being deposited at the goal

    Save your Fusion and heavy weapons for these Prime and High Value Targets.

    Recommended that you play as Naya. Her cloak allows you to run past enemies to collect these payoffs whilst your team mates are still busy fighting. It’s just business.

    There is a shortcut that requires a USB stick and only 190,000FC as opposed to 1,090,000FC. This will cut down the time required to less than a fifth!

    Credit to Crispy Victim

  • In order to get this achievement legitimately, you need to earn 1,090,000 Fuse credits. This guide will allow you to get this achievement with only 190,000 Fuse credits:
  • i tried this and it's not worked for me. i followed everything to a T and it didn't work out for me.
  • the best and easiest way i found to do this is by playing ECHELON and rack up as much money as you can in the 12 waves also note that the time bonus rounds on killing enforcers and whistlers are great ways to rack up money cause tons of money will fall down when you beat them within the time frame given. i did this and i'll say i easily would rack up 30,000 to 40,000 which counts to your fuse credits. so it's a little more quicker then playing the story over and over. it is a little bit grinding involved but still makes for some fun and also goes towards getting the ECHELON cheevo's and even if you do have them you'll help out others that don't so really everyone is winner and it's not a waste of time. have fun gang.
  • Chapter 2, checkpoint 2 also works for farming if you don't want to fight other players for credits, or don't have live. It will bore the fuck out of you though, so bring something to entertain yourself, like a computer, or even someone to talk to.
  • ***And to correct my mistake in the first part, it should be 'chapter 2, ch 2 is also good if you want to be lazy and take it easy, along with the other reasons.
  • does this still work after the new console update. ive tried it and when i try to sign back in to xbox live it says theres a problem with my connection.
  • Here are some tips to make to "glitch" go faster. 1st. Dont worry about signing in and out of live, stay signed in. The only reason to sign in and out is to connect to the servers but if you just buy your perks from the main screen,back out, start a solo game that is NOT offline, this will cause you to update the servers as well saving you a few minutes. 2nd. Have your money save on the removable flash drive, and when you are ready to copy the save over to your hard drive, don't worry about going into hard drive to delete the file with no money, when you copy the file from the flash drive you will be able to overwrite the previous file. This will limit the chance of accidentally using the wrong save file since your Hard Drive is the initial choice when selecting a save location o
  • ^ location on startup. 3rd. Make sure you update the server! If you are unsure what you have all done or even if it is working, select a save device with no FUSE file and check out your perks at the main menu when it loads up, if you have done it correctly you will be negative money and all the perks you have had completed will be available to you.

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