Jacob 2.0 Achievement

  • Jacob 2.0



    Upgrade Jacob's entire skill tree.


    Levels are consistent over both Campaign and Echelon mode.
    Starting level is 1.
    All skills on the skill tree start at 0, so you don’t even have a little head start.
    Max Level is 35 which is 1,000,000 XP total.
    Once you hit level 35 you will obtain that character’s achievement for hitting max level, now pause the game and assign all of their remaining skill points for the respective 2.0 achievement to pop too.

    Difficulty does NOT affect XP.

    Shared XP:
    Your teammates will also obtain XP for completing objectives and challenges as well as picking up yellow XP cans.

    Equip the XP Multiplier Team perk to level up faster. Team perks are not stackable so only the highest level of XP Multiplier equipped will count.
    Example: Jacob has Level 2 XP multiplier (+8%), Dalton has level 1 XP Multiplier (+5%). All general XP earned will be +8%, not +13%.

    Farming spot:
    Play to the Ivan Sovlenko boss fight in Chapter 2, Checkpoint 3 (Triton Outpost, Kicking the Habit). Once you have defeated his giant form for the third time you must then directly shoot his human form to finish him off. As soon as you kill him 5,000XP (Objective Complete) will pop up on the screen.
    During a cutscene of Ivan writhing in pain, pause and exit to the menu. 
    Pick Campaign, Solo then Continue. 
    You'll now shoot human Ivan again, netting another 5,000XP. 
    You can do this loop in 40 seconds and gain 450,000XP per hour for each character.

  • Fastest way to level up in my opinion, is to play the very last mission when you have to kill the final boss. He gives you 110,000 points I think , which levels you up pretty quickly. Also you want to use your X weapon in the beginning of this level as each kill will this weapon gives you 2/3 times more points.

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