Echelon Agent Achievement

  • Echelon Agent



    Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players.


    Echelon mode is unlocked from the start as are its 6 maps.
    All maps are 12 waves long.
    There is one set difficulty.

    To obtain a 5 star rating you will need to complete all 12 waves in under 25 minutes.
    Being downed, dying, using Fusion or failing time goals is okay.

    It has been known for someone to join a game of Echelon mid-way and still receive a 5 star rating but not have it count towards to "Echelon Specialist/Agent" achievement.

    >Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

  • I got all but the Tram Station, if anyone could help me get five stars on the Tram Station that would be greatly appreciated. My gamertag is Dmari23.
  • brooooo
  • This becomes easier as you reach the higher levels, and unlock the Fusion + revive everyone ability.
  • GT is DarcEmrik, still trying to get this hit me up and ill help
  • If anyone is still trying to get this achievement, message me either on here or on Live. Would like to team up and get this. Having a mic is preferable.
  • still currently needing this and the Lethal, DarcEmrik is the tag. Msg me and if I can i'll play... Central time zone for me
  • If anyone wants to get this one with me or any of the others shoot me a message. GT: Dining Car

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