We're Gonna Need a Mop Achievement

  • We're Gonna Need a Mop



    Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield.


    Only obtainable whilst playing as Dalton

    To Leap to Dalton hold  and press 
    Press  to equip the Magshield

    Hold  to hold out the Magshield and get close to normal enemies.
    Enemies will be highlighted in yellow if your MagBlast will hit them.
    Line up so that a minimum of 3 enemies are glowing yellow at the same time and press , the Blast XP bonus should pop-up on every kill that you made by yourself.
    On Normal they shouldn’t require are softening up, one blast will kill them. 

    Everywhere is good for this achievement. You’ll be doing this hundreds of times whilst playing as Dalton.

  • Really easy to pull off. Here is a video showing you how: http://youtu.be/1nyEf2e5Q-I

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