Chain Gang (of Dead Guys) Achievement

  • Chain Gang (of Dead Guys)



    Create a chain reaction that takes out 3 enemies at once.


    Only obtainable whilst playing as Naya

    To Leap to Naya hold  and press 
    Press  to equip the Warp Rifle

    This gun will overheat if fired for too long so wait until 3+ enemies are within close proximity of each other.
    Approach from an angle where you can spray all enemies without the need for much adjustment. 

    Good spot: Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) when the riot shield guys first appear. There should be 5 side by side. 
    Cloak with , approach from behind and fire at all enemies until they have been ‘painted’ with antimatter. Then focus all fire on one enemy until it sets off a singularity. This should trigger a chain reaction setting off black holes on the other painted enemies.
    They shouldn’t turn around unless you de-cloak so it’s very easy.

    These riot shield enemies are also found early on the Deveraux’s Hideout map in Echelon Mode.

  • This one can be tricky to get them all close together, but it's really easy to do in mission 2, first time you encounter enemies with shields. Video:
  • Enemies with riot shields can be found in Wave 1 of Deveraux's Hideout in Echelon mode too.

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