Shots Fired! Achievement

  • Shots Fired!



    Pin 3 enemies within a 10 second period.


    Only obtainable whilst playing as Jacob

    To Leap to Jacob hold  and press 
    Press  to equip the Arcshot.

    To “pin” enemies you need to kill the enemy using the Arcshot with a wall close behind them, though pinning them to the floor also works.
    Enemies are more likely to stick to a surface if they are on the same height platform as Jacob. 
    After 10 seconds their bodies will fall off the walls so aim to have 3 pinned up at once.
    Being scoped or getting headshots are not necessary.

    Do not press  or you will Liquify the enemy.

    Good spots: Chapter 4, Checkpoint 2 (No Honour Among Thieves), after you breach the wall and turn off the fans you’ll go up a ladder and take cover. A string of baddies will be lined up in front of you with a wall behind them.

    Another good area is Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 (Future Proofing). When delivering the fuse containers you will have infinite Arcshot ammo whilst within the pulsing orange radius so fire away like a maniac.

  • This can be tricky, you need them fairly close together, and it takes a while to pop. video:
  • I had trouble with this one because I didn't understand what I was suppose to do. Maybe it's obvious to everyone but I discovered it has to be head shots only. So you need 3 head shots in 10 seconds with Jacob's Arcshot.

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