The Geologist Achievement

  • The Geologist



    Crystallize and kill 3 enemies at once.


    Only obtainable whilst playing as Izzy

    To Leap to Izzy hold  and press 
    Press  to equip the Shattergun

    Fire at 3+ enemies who are within close range of each other. When they are crystallized they will be connected to each other. The higher level Izzy is the higher the chance of her shattering all enemies with continued fire from the Shattergun. You can use a grenade instead to get the simultaneous kills.

    Good spot: Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) when the riot shield guys first appear. There should be 5 guys side by side. Throw a grenade then crystallize them by firing directly at their shields. The grenade will then kill all 3+ simultaneously.

    Also found early on in Deveraux’s Hideout in Echelon Mode.

  • I personally tossed a grenade at a batch of enemies THEN put them into a massive crystal. The explosion made sure all 3 were killed simultaneously. :)
  • Riot shield enemies are best for this, you can find them at: Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (Gaze Into The Abyss) or Deveraux's Hideout in Echelon mode

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