Ninja Style Achievement

  • Ninja Style



    Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game.


    This is the only achievement that will require you to be online and playing with 3 other players or 2 if using a split screen co-op partner.

    The ideal spot is on Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 (Future Proofing).
    There will be two guards straight ahead and two snipers on raised platforms beside them. Two characters will have to climb ladders and the other two will perform stealth kills out of cover.

    This can this be done with 2 players both using split screen, an extra controller each and guest accounts.

    Video guide by WORLDEATER


    >Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

  • This one might suck to earn.
  • There is probably a scripted place to get it you go off the path.
  • Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 (Future Proofing) is the ideal spot. You'll find a spot with 2 soldiers on the ground level and snipers up short ladders, all facing the opposite direction. You can stand behind them forever and the other soldiers in the room won't notice you. did this with 3 player and one of them signed in with a guest account i.e Gamtertag (1) so maybe this is achievable with only two players with both doing split screen? It's still online though.
  • just wanted to verify what #3 posted it's a great spot to get it. i did it with 3 others that didn't have it and we all gained this cheevo. i gained it on 8th of this month so it is a bit late me posting this but it's not going without a lack of knowledge either. have fun gang.
  • Anyone up for doing this achievement? Add me Gt: Fifth Fleet
  • anyone want to help get this, i have one other person so i just need 2 more, GT is Kottonballz, will be on most of the day
  • I'm up for getting this if anyone else is.
  • Don't wait to do this one. Do it as soon as you can.
  • I was playing with 3 other randoms and 3 of us did this right in Chapter 1 but the 4th person didn't know what he was doing! Argghh!!!
  • I as well need this one. If you need help with this inv me! Looking for fellow ach hunters to help out in the future as well with other games. Even if i have it I can help you. REMEMBER 2 player split screen and guest accounts! I only have this game for the next 2 days, so dont wait!
  • @ #10 - I've added you on Xbox. I hope you still have the game. I can use a second controller/guest account. If you can do the same then we can get the 4 co-op achievement. Let me know by sending me a message on Xbox.
  • Finally done it, woohoo.
  • I'd like to boost this and I have a second controller. GT: Timodus
  • I would like to boost this so just message me GT:RDWatson16 and oh yeah i have 2 controllers
  • I have the game until Monday 10/14/13 and I'm looking for help with this achievement. I have 2 controllers. Send me an invite/message. GT Roswellian
  • help needed her, got two controllers GT: i j i m m i xpx
  • Should Prob update this so here goes yeah this game is 100% now and i no longer have it sorry anyone wanting help that is just the way stuff happens
  • Can use help with this , got 2 controllers . Send me invite/message GT : Rainleaf
  • I could use some help with this one. I've got two controllers, but I only have one Gold account. Gamertag: Nebuchadnezzary
  • Looking to do all the online achievements gt MR SMAD1990
  • Looking to do this achievement. I have a second controller so there can only be 2 of us to do this if you also have 2 controllers. PM me on XBL. Gamertag:Daky1001
  • Need this achievement GT KrazlerPL
  • If anyone wants to get this one with me or any of the others shoot me a message. GT: Dining Car
  • Looking to snag online chieve! Need two more! GT: StillFreeLife

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