Keep on Truckin' Achievement

  • Keep on Truckin'



    Destroy all of the trucks at the bunker defense.


    This is found on Chapter 3, Checkpoint 3 (Sheng Island, A Bad Breakup)
    You’ll need to destroy a total of 4 trucks. 2 will already be parked up once you arrive but they are invincible until reaching the rally point within the building.
    Once you’ve hit this point the bunker will be stormed. Mount one of the two turrets. The trucks should blow up after firing one rocket () at them.
    Another 2 trucks will arrive at the front entrance eventually.
    Will pop for everyone playing.

    Video guide by PowerPyx

  • Location: Mission 3 - Sheng Island, Checkpoint 3 - A Bad Breackup At the end of the third mission you will breach into a bunker. After clearing it of enemies, reinforcements will arrive. There will be a total of 4 trucks. Use one of the turrets to destroy them. You can still do this after the defense is over. If you have already completed this mission you may select the third checkpoint in level select directly.

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