The Inspector Achievement

  • The Inspector



    Collect every piece of Intel in the game.


    All Intel looks like tablet computers. They glow like other pickups so they should catch your eye. 
    There are 53 in total. 
    There is an in-game checklist but it only tells you the names of Intel already found. It doesn’t tell you at what chapter/checkpoints they are in the game.
    Every time you pick one up, you get 500 XP and a little back story. 
    You’ll also get 2,000XP for each complete Intel Set.

    Chapter and Checkpoint Breakdown:

    • Chapter 1 (Hyperion Base) – 7 (3,2,2)
    • Chapter 2 (Triton Outpost) – 9 (4,3,2)
    • Chapter 3 (Sheng Island) – 11 (3,5,3)
    • Chapter 4 (Raven Facility) – 10 (2,7,1)
    • Chapter 5 (Jodhpur Stronghold) – 9 (2,4,3)
    • Chapter 6 (Grigori Station) – 7 (3,2,2)

    This >Intel Guide< provides a list of all intel in the game. Just figure out which ones you’re missing and find the corresponding link to their place in the video guide. 


  • Why, why, why? Why do developers insist that collectibles are enjoyable in any way?
  • I enjoy hunting them down in a separate playthrough :)
  • Uh oh!
  • Boo! Hiss!
  • just when i thought this game was gonna be fun then this pops up jeez give it a rest game developers
  • There are 57 pieces of intel. They are scattered across all 6 story missions. The four Xenotech intel reports are obtained automatically in the first mission. If you miss an intel you can still get it via mission select. Here's a YouTube playlist with all intel locations:
  • This is my video/picture guide for all 53 intel locations in Fuse:
  • personally as a gamer i love the hardest difficulty cheevo's that's one play through. INTEL and etc cheevo's is one play through as well, an i have fun me personally speaking. pretty much 2 play throughs and bam-o i have the cheevo's. sometimes in the second play through i see things i didn't see in the first play through and i find it enjoying, also, depending on the game with intel hidden if you can move the cam around like in this game, you can enjoy the graphic designs of the stages and again see things more the second play through. but that's just me. i choose games wisely just by viewing can i see myself playing this 2 times around, but then again, it's just me too. i don't base off what i feel will give me an easiest 1000g, i did that one time and i let myself down for an epic fail

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