I'm Your Huckleberry Achievement

  • I'm Your Huckleberry



    Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm.


    Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots are heavy enemies that resemble 8 foot tall mechs.
    These enemies all have tanks on the middle of their backs that act as a weakpoint.
    Any 3 mechs will do for this achievement. They do not need to be the same kind.

    Only kills with one-handed sidearms, the Guardian and the Dragonfly, count towards the achievement.
    Equip a sidearm using .
    Using both the Guardian and Dragonfly on the same mech is okay.
    Leaping between characters is okay.
    Using the Quickdraw team perk is okay.
    Being downed is okay.

    Your AI team mates may still use Xenotech weapons and other methods to deal damage to the mech, but as long as you only use sidearms it should be okay.
    However there seems to be one exception, if Izzy crystallizes the mech with her Shattergun. To prevent this from happening simply play as Izzy.

    Good spot:
    A Leadfire can be found early in Chapter 1, Checkpoint 3 (They Came…They Saw)

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  • You're a daisy if ya do...
  • Pretty simple in the demo, just cut their health down super low, then press left or right on the D-pad to switch to your firearm. Not having your kill stolen on the other hand...might be an issue.
  • By secondary weapons ONLY it means ONLY. As I was attempting this earlier with a friend who was using magshields to protect us against his shots which voids that attempt. SO, ONLY USE SECONDARY weapons and nothing else and it should pop after the 3 kills :)
  • NOTE: I would also like to add that it only counts towards the player that gets the final shot on the enemy! Not both players!
  • I got it with 2 ai partners and a friend. He had fired at one of the first 2 with another weapon so on the 3rd kill it popped only for me. Don't think you have to get the kill just beat the enemy as he killed one of the 3.
  • i beat all three with DRAGONFLY or SUB-MACHINE GUN and i used the DRAGONFLY all the way never once used a different gun. also note *i did this by myself on HARD* it's pretty simple to achieve. (stay close to cover, keep distance from yourself let the other players create the diversion for you so it opens up the back with the fuse tank on them, run when you have to keep distance.) do this and you'll get it and you'll see it's not that hard after all. another side tip to make this even easier. use NAYA and use the cloak move around to keep the fuse tank facing you. IF YOU DO ANY OR ALL OF THIS LIKE I DID YOU'LL GET THIS EASY NO MATTER THE DIFFICULTY.
  • Chapter 1, Checkpoint 3 (They Came...They Saw) is a good place to find a Leadfire early on. Leaping between characters and using both the Guardian and Dragonfly on the same mech is okay, it'll still count. It doesn't need to be 3 of the same type, I had 2 leadfires and 1 leadfoot. Don't worry about what the AI characters are doing. If they use Xeno weapons, shoot fuse containers or throw grenades it shouldn't stop the kill counting for you. There does appear to one exception though and that's if Izzy successfully crystallizes the mechs with her Shattergun. You can prevent that by playing as her while doing this. :)
  • If you are doing this with a friend(s), you have to make sure your friend(s) use only side weapons (I suggest the guardian, powerful shit)......If anyone that isn't an AI uses any weapon apart from their side weapon, the achievement won't pop....it shouldn't take long if you are good at aiming at its tank. Also as people have said, make sure you get the last shot if you want the achievement.

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