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    Eat all ghosts four times within a stage!

    I drew a diagram of a pattern that works... this works 9 times out for 10 to get your first four in a row (easy way to get the All Ghosts achievement).

    NOTE: This method works BEST in Level 1.

    1. Using the blue lines and arrows, Immediately from the start head toward your first point (the blue circle) and WAIT there... youll see a red ghost and blue ghost eventualy come at you (red 1 and 2) just like that...

    2. You have to wait til the last split second (right before youre about to get hit by ghost 1) to move down and follow the path... the blue ghost should be right on your tail...

    3. Immediately go for the power pellet and go back down... the ghosts should be perfectly lined up with the exception of one who will be floating across the bottom... just follow the path and you will have your first four.
    Now, here's the method i used to get the rest... make sure your lives are set to 5.

    4. you should die and follow steps 1 and 2...

    5. now go right past where the pellet originally was and follow the green arrow to the middle right section of the screen that allows you to pass through and come out the other side...

    6. Go back and forth (evading the SIGHT of the ghosts) until you see a perfect chance to go for the next pellet... just wait until theyre all close together and make a dash for it.

    7. Die and repeat steps 4 - 5.

  • dont understand whats so hard about this one, but i guess thats just me
  • I guess it is just you. I've had a hell of a time with it. I got it no prob on Ms. Pace Man, but Pac Man is killing me. I'll just keep working at it.
  • Yup. A tough one for me as well. I have tried it on different occasions since I got the game a couple years ago and this one still eludes me. I hate being just ONE achievement short!
  • Was looking at games played in my history, forgot I needed this one. Finally 200/200 on this one.
  • Blinky always gets me -_-
  • There always seems to be one ghost who likes to not cooperate when I try this, bastard LOL
  • Hey guys, here's some advice that helped me out. Watch the video in the guide, ignore what the diagram says because in my opinion it's easier to do what is in the video. After you eat the first 4, try and get the 2nd four using the same method in the video. I followed the first two steps in the video and then i waited in between the middle walls going in and out so the ghosts couldn't see me. Once they group together, go for the nearest pallet and it shouldn't be too hard to do. Just remember you need to die and get a game over for the achievement to go though. Good Luck.
  • level 6 is the best level to get this
  • Why level 6? Logic would suggest level 1... and yet I still can't get this achievement to save my life.
  • Finally got this after about 40 attempts, one of the most annoying achievements i've tried to get.
  • This one really isn't that hard. When you first try doing this, it will be a major pain in the butt, but i just got this, and i have only been attempting it for about 20 minutes. Follow the video in the guide, but only for the first four. Then just keep going around the map, untill they start getting into groups, and once three of them are together, lead them to the next dot. just keep doing this. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  • peace of shit
  • *piece
  • Just a lucky cheevo
  • Just be aware of the dots you have left. I had all four on my tail ready to eat the last power dot, and it was in fact the last dot.
  • I haven't yelled at my TV this loud in my entire life... thankfully I got it after a few tries.. the longest part is having to clear the stage of the smaller pellets first, since they slow you down quite a bit.
  • You need some experience and much time to do this achievement. This one was my last on this game.
  • Here is a good video guide for this:
  • The feeling alone that I get from hunting this could scorch the Earth

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