Smasher Achievement

  • Smasher



    Break 30 windows in one day during an Xbox Live Co-op match.

    Break 30 windows. For this one, I picked up all the bundles I could reach and through all of my papers through windows. Co-Op match.

  • If anyone wants to try this, send me a friend request. GT=StormCheese Thanks.
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • would love to work with somebody to get these. Message me at XBox gamertag: Death Peppers
  • anyone wanna play? i need all online cheevo's for paperboy
  • Still need this does anybody play online
  • is this both players together or to each his own? last one I need add me.
  • Add me if you need to complete. xX BILLVILLE Xx

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