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    On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.


    Select any Watchdogs job in either or Offline, preferably any easier job with 0-1 gold stars. Before the job starts, buy the Armored Van asset for $9,600; this will drastically improve the survivability of the escape vehicle. During this job, you will move all the drugs to a safe location, guard them until the loot truck arrives, then toss them all in the truck. Once you've done this, you will have to wait for the red escape van to arrive. It will show up at the end of the mission in the middle of the main road where all the cop cars are parked.

    In most cases, the van will arrive in-between police assaults. You shouldn't have as many cops to deal with and you won't have to defend the van so long as all players in the game run to the van as soon as it arrives. It's a good idea to start moving the team toward the roadway before the van gets there so you can escape faster and decrease the chances of the van being destroyed. However, if there are a lot of cops around, you will have to make sure to kill the majority of them before moving to the van so they won't target the van or take you down, but this is unlikely to be an issue.

  • Difficult but possible. You just gotta get to it quick and draw away the fire....mianly by shooting those firing. The "Ace Driver" asset gives you extra time, but he ain't invincible. Run and shoot.
  • i've seen videos where people stand in the way of the car and jump on it before it hits them. if the whole team does this the mission will end the instant it stops since the whole team is already in the escape area. probably best way to do this
  • After you drop all the bags in the truck, run to the escape area quickly. Make sure you kill the rooftop snipers as they are the ones who target the truck right away.
  • Hey Guys this achievement is pretty easy but for those who need a guide here you go:
  • When does this become available because I only ever see Watchdogs: Day 2?
  • Nevermind, may my shame go fully noticed.
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