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    On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer.


    You will have to complete day 1 of the Firestarter job to play day 2 in either or Offline. The Dominator skill from the Mastermind skill tree and the ECM Override skill from way up on the Ghost skill tree are almost mandatory. Other skills such as Chameleon and Shinobi (also from the Ghost skill tree) will help and make the mission a little easier.

    At the start of the mission, after heading inside the FBI building from the right side, there will be several wire boxes scattered around the building. Two of these boxes will disable the alarm on the room you need to enter. You have to get very lucky and cut the two correct wires without getting caught. The wire boxes spawn in different locations inside the building every time you play it. If you cut the wrong wire, the alarm will go off, and you will have to restart the mission.

    NOTE: Be sure you close the alarm box when you're done. If a guard sees an open box, they will immediately call in the alarm. Also, you have to stand up to cut the wire inside.

    Currently, if you have the Dominator skill you can get a maximum of four guards to stand down and cuff themselves. Other guards will not react to the cuffed guards. THIS IS SCHEDULED TO CHANGE AFTER THE NEXT MAJOR UPDATE. Be very careful that cameras or other guards do not see you, or the guard you are dominating, as they will alert from it and immediately call it in.

    Once you've successfully cut both wires, find the entrance to the server room, lockpick the outside door, and use an ECM jammer to silently open the inner door. While doing this, stay alert on any passing guards. Finally, grab the server and bring it back to the van; again, be careful to avoid cameras and guards.

  • Okay, this achievement is ridiculously hard. First thing is hoping you get the server room in a good location(downstairs by the back entrance). Then you need to be extremely lucky when cutting the wires(I haven't noticed anything different between the boxes) as to not set the alarm off. Remember you're only allowed to kill 2 or 3 guards and answer the page before they set the alarm off.
  • Like ilBreeze said, there's no distinguishable difference between the 5 or so boxes in the level. It is a "guessing game", so to speak.
  • Before doing this you should buy the following skills: Chameleon, Shinobi, ECM Overdrive, Dominator. There is a random amount of wire boxes in the FBI building. Two of them will disable the alarm of the room you need to enter. You have to get very lucky and cut the two correct wires. There is absolutely no way to tell which ones are the right ones and you are not allowed to use the computer. This is all about luck. The boxes change everytime you replay the mission. If you cut the wrong wire, the alarm will go off and you should restart immediately. The wire boxes spawn randomly. You should be able to get the right ones every 10-20 playthroughs. Use your ECM Jammer (requires ECM Overdrive skill) to open the door inside the server room.
  • Best advice I can give is stick to the 1 up 1 down strategy. On all the videos I've seen the correct boxes have been one on the ground floor and one on the top floor. This goes for my run, and everyone that I know who has it. The theory of the closest boxes to the server room and computer is completely false. As is the theory of the correct boxes being surrounded by guards/cameras. It's a horrible achievement that I'm glad I have out of he way. Good luck all.
  • Extremely tricky, you need luck for the cammera locations, server room location, guard routes and alarm boxes position. As above its one alarm box on each floor. The ground floor has two boxes so you have a 50% chance of getting it, the first floor has three boxes so you have a 33% chance of getting this one. There is no way of working out the correct alarm boxes, they spawn randomly sometimes in a hard to get to location and sometimes in the easiest to get to location. And you have to locate the server room properly before you can cut any alarm wires. Try not to shoot anything if you shoot a cammera it will be spotted by a guard, if you shoot a guard you must bag and dispose of him properly or he will be found. The best way is to avoid the guards and cameras there are multiple rout
  • Need ahelp, possibly a 4 man team, all my friends don't understand the word stealth and they make me wanna punch them in the scrotem multiple times. GT: Spartan Sn1p3r
  • Need help on this GT is LTD EngineBoard
  • Sweet Jesus, this is the heist-iest achievement in the game! It took me about 30 attempts to get the first correct wire, and when I went to get the second one, there was a camera staring right at it. I used my jammer, cut the wire, and hoped for the best. No alarm sounded, so I went and tried to find the server room. Of course, it was right by the security room, where there happened to be four or five guards constantly patrolling the area. I ended up stealthily weaving in and out of them for about 25 minutes before there was an opening for me to pick the lock. I got the server, and the path was pretty much clear to the side exit. Some guy almost saw me while I was picking the lock to the exit door. Had I failed right then, I probably would have broken my game! :) As I slowly cr
  • FUUUUUUUCK this achievement. took me over 50 tries to get the 2 right alarm boxes right. Worst cheeveo in this game, by far
  • This is awful, whenever I get lucky and the boxes don't set off the alarm. The room is in a terrible location surrounded by cameras and people. Pure luck is a terrible idea for an achievement.
  • OK folks I think I have a strategy for this while stealthing obviously when you get the computer up to access look for the control boxes that are between 16 and 21 meters I used one up and one down and I got it in 3 tries It is NOT 15 that one set off the alarm and the highest I have ever had it was 27 I think. I CANT confirm this but I did just do it nor do I know if its host only (hope not). I am lvl 72 with shinobi dominator and chameleon and bag bodies all just basic no silent drill or anything like that they guards wont hear it unless they are right there I had 3 guy just stand next to the open door. Hope this helps Good luck all this is still a pain
  • sorry 16 to 21 meters from the useable computer not the sever room door and again I only have 10 points in to ghost so respecing isn't that big of deal but it couldnt hurt just go with the skills I listed
  • I suppose I should also say I had one that worked at 17 and 20 so thats where my spectrum comes from
  • Earning this one nearly put me into cardiac arrest. I just kept going for the 2 boxes closest to the server room until I got the right combination. For mine, it's easier if the server room is upstairs above the east entrance. But yes be prepared for a million restarts if the camera placements aren't favourable !
  • Looking for people to do this achievement and many others as well Add GT - Ash OneEyeSpy
  • yeah I hate the shit out of this achievement. Pure freaking luck.
  • Alright, so this one just makes me mad at the world. I need help with it, I'm looking for either people to join me, or I'll join their team, add me! GT: XGC iGhost
  • Looking to do this GT: iMrDictator
  • It's uncommon, but there can also be an access key in a safe in the FBI chief's office on the second floor overlooking the street. If you pick it or silently drill it, it should let you in through the first door. Just be advised that cameras and guards can still see your drill from all the way across the office. If you're going to try and solo this, I suggest you have Aced Dominator (dominated enemies are invisible to cameras and other guards), Chameleon, Smooth Operator, Aced Cleaner, no armor and your best silenced weapon. Good luck.
  • Looking to do this achievement!! GT: rlpoloitalia
  • This has to be the most annoying achievement I have seriously attempted.
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  • Finally got it after almost 4 hours. ECM override is REALLY good to have. That and the mastermind.
  • THis achievement is Fricken impossiable..
  • anyone able to give me a hand on this one?
  • I have been trying to do this achievement for hours and have tried for many days. I am getting no where on cutting these wires. Anybody want to help me please? GT nutterbug
  • lol, been trying this for over an hour now. Failed at least fifteen runs in a row as soon as I cut the first wire. This if so fucking retarded. They really should have put some kind of clue or something hidden in the level to let you know which ones were the right ones.
  • The best advice that I can give is to not overthink which boxes to cut. I cut the first two boxes that I came across, and luckily, they were the correct ones. Worst case scenario: you cut the wrong one and have to restart. I was dreading this one, but I don't think I spent more than thirty minutes trying to get it.
  • could use someone whos wanna get this achievement with me as well got a mic etc gt Scavenger NL and be a descent lvl thx
  • I strongly dislike achievements based on luck or chance :/
  • Just used Comment #11 by WH00PAGE's advice. got it in one try. One up, one down. 3 guards taken hostage. in and out in under 10 minutes
  • Need help with this and some other achievements appreciate it GT destroyerxp9
  • Need help with this and some other achievements appreciate it GT destroyerxp9
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  • F**************************ck! Had the server, but couldn't get outside. Help!!!
  • Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am having problems with this Achievement as I don't have the option to cut the wires! Any help on this would be welcomed.
  • I'm pretty good stealthing, but is ECM Override REALLY necessary? Because I'm level 88 and won't be able to have the skill even if I get level 100, but I've got other skills to help, such as cleaner and dominator If anyone wants to do other stealth missions please add me GT: PicachuBOND007
  • I need help on this achievement. My name is PegLegHershel.
  • if you are willing to help me with this achievement message me on skype at KyleGamer24
  • Don't break any cameras because it will fuck you over, i was 15 meters from the van and guards spotted the cameras so i didn't get it. took me 3 hours in total till i got it.
  • F**k this achievement can sumone help I'm getting close but I need sumone with the dominator perk and I don't care what lvl you are just be good at what you do GT: JuggaloTeddy83
  • +juggaloteddy I completely agree with you there Teddy, this achievement not only relies on shitty luck, but also total stealth with NO ONE spotting you, cameras or guards. So in my completely reliable opinion on this achievement: …………………....../´¯/) ……………….....,/¯../ ………………...../…./ ………….../´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸ ……….../’/…/…./……./¨¯ ……...(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ………....……………..’…../ ……….”..…………. _.·´ ………….....…………..( …………......………….…

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