The First Line Achievement

  • The First Line



    On day 3 of the Firestarter job, find the rare hockey poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.


    You will have to complete day 1 & 2 of the Firestarter job to play day 3 in either or Offline. This mission is a classic bank robbery but with less assets available. This achievement will be MUCH easier if you successfully stealth your way into the vault. First things first, you'll have to disable the power on the vault door from the room on the roof. You will probably want to disable the cameras too by taking out the guard in the security room. The bank manager and 3 guards will be on patrol. Try to get them singled out and dominate them but be careful they don't get spotted on camera (if you haven't disabled them yet). If you have the ECM override, you can use it to break into the room on the roof and into the security room to take out the guy monitoring the cameras. If you get the manager down, he will usually drop a keycard that can be used on one of those doors. Both can be drilled but of course that takes time and makes noise.

    Whether you succeed in stealth-ing the mission or not, you'll need to set up the drill on the outer vault door, and then drill through the inner door. Once inside, instead of setting up the camera, immediately start working on the safety deposit boxes. If someone sets up the camera first, that's not a big deal, it's just a little in the way for some of the boxes. However, DO NOT START THE FIRE. The more people you have lock picking the safe deposit boxes, the faster this next part will go. Whether you have triggered an alarm or not will depend on how many of you are free to lockpick. Alternatively, if you have someone in your party with the saw, they can rip through the locks in no time at all. The saw will eat up lots of ammo though, so bring as much extra ammo as possible.

    NOTE: The poster must be picked up by the host! The achievement will unlock for the entire party.

  • Pretty simple. Equip your saw and an ammo bag and go to down on the safes. You can sit there picking the locks and hope you get it quickly or you'll be there a while.
  • After 30 fucking minutes of opening safety deposit boxes, I finally found it. I don't know if it changes every single time or maybe this is where it is always located, but I found mine in: ROW V, LOCKBOX 4. Somebody check it out and let everyone else know if it's where they found it too. (:
  • Found it in ROW L, LOCKBOX 3. Seems to be random.
  • Hey if you need a guide for this achievement here you go: Also the Location is random this guide is just an idea of what your supposed to do.
  • I've done this twice already and STILL have not got the achievement. Anyone else?
  • I have a theory based on my own, and other peoples' findings: I believe that the poster is located in the O, V, E, R, K, I and L columns, as people have said they have found it in columns L, E and V, and from personal playthroughs I have located it in K and I. And assuming that it is based on OVERKILL, one can only think that it can be found in O and R too. If it is true, then that's quite a nifty trick there by OVERKILL.
  • @5 did you unlock all the safety boxes in the bank? Thats where the poster is
  • @5 & @7 Just done this with 2 others aswell. Nobody got the achievement yet we got the poster
  • Step1: Have 2 ppl BOTH with double ammo bags and saws Step2:find firestarter mission with hector Step3:make sure you start from the beginning and finish all the way up to day 3 Step4: just go in get everything all set up*go up to roof to deactivate electric safe use saw* Step5:once in the safe have one guy start opening up as many safe deposits as he can with his double ammo bags,then the next guy and boom! You'll eventually find it and get check right away. Note: sometimes it just won't spawn :p And I was able too do this on my own with double ammo bags took me 32 minutes cuz I picked the locks at the end and got lucky that it messed up and cops didn't come :3
  • Fairly easy but just plopping my guide on this one like I have the others - wish my footage didn't crash Vegas however.
  • I know a really easy and quick way off doing this. I am looking for preferably 2 or 3 me people to do this with p.s. saws or lockpick skill will be useful. Gt: zero ski11
  • @8 i believe the HOST has to be the one to grab it. Every time i've grabbed it, it has worked. but the one time a friend grabbed it, it didn't. so that might be your problem Based on personal experience. i have found it 4 times now. getting the achievement for various friends. most times in the overkill boxes, but i have found it in the x column, so there's that.
  • Looking for help on achievments in this game, if you wanna help or need help add me : MrPeterL
  • Sorry Quackerz9 but your theory is not 100%. I found mine in H 3.
  • I have no idea how but today I played a game where I was not the host and someone else picked it up and I got the achievement.I was in shock when it happened because I thought the host had to pick it up.

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