Short Fuse Achievement

  • Short Fuse



    On day 3 of the Rat job, get away with 7 bags without defusing any bombs.


    You will have to complete day 1 & 2 of the Rat job to play day 3 in This achievement is MUCH easier with 4 players, especially if you all have the Fast Hands skill under the Ghost skill tree. It is also highly recommended that all players have the Transporter skill under the Enforcer tree. Purchasing the Ace Pilot asset will reduce the amount of time you have to hold out and guard the loot before the loot helicopter arrives.

    Once the mission starts, all players should make their way down the freeway to the bus. If you take the sidewalk on the left, you can pretty much just sprint your way there. Kill everyone on the bus and then open all the money cases BUT DO NOT PICK UP ANY OF THE MONEY. Have each player pick two cases and position themselves to get ready to loot two money bags each. One player counts down from 3, then everyone loots a bag, throws it outside (through a window or door) then straight away loot the second bag and sprint through the door outside. Don't bother throwing the second bag as the bus will explode resulting in failure. If successful, you will have recovered 8 bags, one more than what is needed for the achievement. It is likely that one or more of you will be downed while trying to escape. Don't worry, just pick each other up and get moving again.

    You'll have to wait for the loot helicopter to arrive so you can toss the loot onto it. Go ahead and start moving the bags about halfway back to the spawn point and on the left side outside of the barriers. Be careful not to toss any bags into the water. Once the pickup helicopter arrives, throw all the bags into it. Do not miss, this is why the transporter skill is helpful in being able to throw bags further. Achievement will unlock once everyone escapes.

    Alternatively, throw 4 bags onto the loot helicopter, and carry the other 4 (one each) back to the escape vehicle. When you escape, you'll get credit for any bags being carried.

  • VERY HARD! You'll need two to three guys who have perks for better throwing and faster bagging, and you'll have to practice. Once one of the C4 blocks start, you'll have a few seconds, and anything on the bus when it goes gets destroyed. Money, bags....heisters.
  • Don't listen to MotorDaniel13, you can just defuse the C4 by holding F and looking at it, and then move to the next bag.
  • Yeah, but this is for getting the bags WITHOUT defusing the bombs! Standard playing, that's easy unless you're too quick or just lack awareness. Doing it without're gonna have to be quicker than most!
  • Ugh, I should learn to read. Sorry for the snappy reply. Thanks for taking it lightly :)
  • is it possible that an ECM jammer would prevent the C4 from blowing while its active? that would make this achievement significantly more....possible
  • I don't believe the ECM jammer prevents explosions.
  • If you do this with 4 guys (with the fast hands skill) and communicate which bags to get, it can be done in one run. Note: opening the suitcases doesn't start the c4.
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  • Okay this is officially my last achievement of the game funny enough everyone is putting on the need help with it but no one excepts my response. Ill be waiting.
  • I attempted this on my own and got away with 3 bags so I believe it can be done with 3 people. Everyone run into the bus and when we go 2 guys stay on the bus and chuck 2 bags out and grab one on their back and run. As long as the other guy get away you should be gold. But be aware the two staying behind needs to be heavy armoured to walk out of it.
  • I did it with someone else we both got 4 bags off by our self's as some of the suitcases don't have c4 in them its just working out which ones and it looks like it is always the same once. Another game in the bag. Thank you
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