Painting Yourself Into a Corner Achievement

  • Painting Yourself Into a Corner



    On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.


    Note: This achievement only unlocks for the host. The spawn for the paintings, guards, cameras, security room, and roof windows is random every time you play the mission. However, there will always be one guard stationary behind a desk in the lobby, four guards that are roaming, and one guard in the security room watching the cameras. There will also always be a motion detecting laser barrier between 2 of the rooms, it will vary between which two rooms.

    The only "mandatory" skill for this is Dominator (aced is best) under the Mastermind tree. There are a few other skills that can be very helpful. The Inside Man (aced) perk will unlock the keycard asset needed to get into the Security Room. Highly upgraded ECM jammers will allow you to simply override the door. Without them, you'll be left putting a drill on the door or breaking all of the cameras after clearing out all four roaming guards and the stationary guard at the desk in the lobby. Fast Hands and Transporter are also useful.

    Taking the cameras out early will make it easier to intimidate the roaming guards without getting caught. However, if a guard sees a broken camera, they will immediately freak out and call it in blowing the achievement.

    This can be done solo in Offline or with teammates. Either way, the strategy is basically the same. You can only dominate four guards; any additional guards will have to be killed, and you will have to be sure to answer their pagers.

    There are multiple points of possible entry. You can enter through the bathroom on the right next to the spiral staircase. Advantage: You can lure patrolling guards into the bathroom by triggering the hand dryers, just crouch and walk underneath them to turn them on. Guards in the hall right outside will come in and you can dominate or kill them in private out the view of other guards or cameras. You can also go up the stairs to the roof and drop down inside one of the rooms. If you go up onto the roof, be careful you don't get spotted through the glass ceilings. If your Dominator skill is aced you can subdue enemies through the glass ceilings. However, this can be a little touchy and is not 100% guaranteed to work every time.

    Once you've got all the guards and cameras taken care of, all you need to do is find all the paintings and get them to the vehicle. Again, be careful you don't break the laser barrier when you're running through looking for paintings. The achievement will unlock as soon as you escape.

  • Before doing this you should get the Dominator skill from the Mastermind skill tree. It allows you to intimidate enemies and they will silently handcuff themselves without triggering an alarm. THE ENEMIES MAY SEE YOU! If they have a red exclamation mark above their head you are still good to go. They may just not shoot at you or trigger an alarm (the official achievement description is slightly misleading there). Leave the cameras intact and take out all of the enemies first. If an enemy sees a destroyed camera they will trigger an alarm. After all enemies are handcuffed or dead, destroy the cameras. Now take all paintings and bring them to the escape vehicle.
  • Hey guys, need someone to help me do this, simply because whenever i go in one direction, other people detect the hostages from the other direction. help me please, must have dominator skill and a silenced weapon. GT: Spartan Sn1p3r
  • This only unlocked for the host, so after a few hours of constantly fucking this one up, we were pretty pissed off.
  • Easy to do, get two people with c4 with the suit. Run in, blow the safes run back to van. Done. Easy exp. done it anout 100 times so far
  • Oops, sorry wrong post *-*
  • Need help on this GT is LTD EngineBoard
  • yes this dose only unlock for the host we did 9 paintings and no Achievement for anyone but me
  • Add me if you need help with this GT: Mightyrb
  • I'm after this one, if anyone wants it to, or would like to help me GT is below. GT: XGC iGhost
  • I've tryed this all afternoon and it still hasn't poped do you need to do all 3 days or am I just missing something?
  • Looking to do this GT:iMrDictator
  • Just did this twice and only the host got the achievement... gonna have to do it again as the host. Pretty annoying
  • if anybody knows how to this please let me know cause im not so good in stealth
  • This fucking achievement is easily one. of. the. most. fucking STUPID achievements in the whole game!!! I had spent up to over 4 HOURS to FINALLY get the damn achievement!!! You have to be AT LEAST level 26 to have a good enough chance of getting. Word to the wise, equip a Silenced pistol, don't shoot any cameras whatsoever, and have the following skills equipped before entering: Dominator ACED (from the 3rd row of "Mastermind" set), Shinobi (same set but in 4th row(I think)) and (optional) Fast Hands (I think 2nd row in "Ghosts"). But whatever you do, DO NOT try to dominate the lone guard at the back of the main entrance, because there's a 80% chance it'll fail, forcing you to restart, hope this helped!!!

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