Big Deal Achievement

  • Big Deal



    On day 2 of the Framing Frame job, trade 9 paintings.


    You will first have to steal 9 paintings in Day 1 of the Framing Frame job. The amount of paintings that spawn on this job is random each time the level loads. It can be anything between 6 and 9, though 7-8 is most common. If you do not have enough paintings, just restart the level. In Offline all you have to do is hit  and select "restart game" to restart that day. If playing online, so long as you are still undetected, you can go up to the roof, and jump down through the glass. As long as you don't land on anything before you hit the ground, you should get downed, and the AI won't do anything about it. The Paintings that can be stolen will have a red sticker on them. This is easiest to do stealthily. See "Painting Yourself into a Corner" for tips on how to sneak through Day 1.

    Day 2 is simple. At the start of the day, you’ll have to carry all 9 paintings to a table in the abandoned train in front of you. Once all paintings are there, a helicopter pickup will arrive above the train; you’ll have to pick up and throw the paintings up through the hole onto roof of the train where the helicopter will take them and drop a money bag for each painting. This is the trade. The achievement will unlock as soon as you trade your 9th painting.

  • I've been pulling my hair trying to get this one. I've only been able to get 8 paintings max during the 1st day.
  • Er the games not released yet how are you playing it?.
  • Since when does a game have to be ''released'' for you to play it early?
  • I'm having issues with this shit too.
  • Ahh so its pirated then.
  • Playing early=/=pirated. Believe it or not, some people actually get games early when stores break street dates.
  • Bugger, Ive never been that lucky, even from small retailers
  • Note: 9 paintings spawn in Overkill difficulty ONLY.
  • @8 Doesn't have to be in overkill difficulty, can be done on normal, you just have to be lucky
  • @8 I just did it on overkill, only 6 paintings spawned.
  • Did this one on normal. Was intending to go for the 'Painting Yourself Into A Corner' achievement when there just happened to be 9 paintings in the same run away.
  • 8 is talking crap, I got 9 with no yellow stars, what 9 said just down to luck
  • To do this, get the easiest Framing Frame mission, open door, stealth and when you get seen or have too less paintings restart.
  • Done this job like 20 times and only got 9 to spawn once but the host froze and the game crashes before we got to the second day :(

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