I Wasn't Even There! Achievement

  • I Wasn't Even There!



    On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, send the gold by zip-line without ever tripping the alarm.


    You will have to complete day 1 and day 2 of the Framing Frame job to play day 3 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. This is a fully stealth mission; it is recommended to do this mission with at least 2 players due to the random spawn point of the vault. You will also need the Dominator skill. A silenced weapon and the cleaner skill can be useful too. Depending on where the vault spawns and how far away it is from the office, you may or may not be able to do this on your own; this is why at least 2 players is ideal. Once the mission starts, you’ll notice a large sack attached to a zip wire in front of you; this is where you’ll be dropping off the gold at the end of the mission.

    Head downstairs, pick the door lock and head down. There are five roaming guards. You'll be able to get 4 of them to handcuff themselves, and then you need to kill the 5th and answer his pager. Now, find and break the cameras so that the alarm isn’t tripped while you search for the devices. Once you've found them, set them up back upstairs where the mission started, and now look for the vault. It spawns behind one of three different bookcases.

    Transport the coke from the roof top to the spot outside the vault, and then one player should stand ready at the vault while the other heads up to the office to open it and disarm the lasers. The lasers are only disabled for a few seconds. If your volume is up, you will hear 3 quick beeps before they reactivate. The player in the vault has to bag up and toss out all the gold while the other player takes care of re-disabling the lasers. If you have the fast hands skill, you can safely pack and toss 3-4 bags each time. Once all bags of gold are out, bring them back to the sack outside, upstairs to the start of the mission; if the alarm never went off then the achievement will unlock once the mission is over.

    It is better to be patient in the vault than in a hurry. You are not gonna get caught here. There's no hurry. However, if you or a bag touch the lasers, it's over. ECM jammers have NO effect on the lasers and their alarm. Take your time, not chances.

    See the video below if you have to do this solo.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6zImunXj0c If you wanna do this solo, you should acquire the following skills: Sprinter, Fast Hands, Shinobi, Endurance, Dominator. This achievement can be done solo or in co-op. When playing solo the vault may not spawn in the bedroom downstairs. If it does, restart the mission. First off, take out all the guards and cameras. Use the dominator skill against the guards to make them handcuff themselves. Then pick up the the 5 missions items (random locations) and bring them to the roof. Find the vault and use the PC to disable the laser system. While the lasers are disabled you can take a bag of gold and bring it back to the roof. Do this until you have all the gold and throw it under the zipline. The achievement will pop after the mission is over.
  • pretty easy achievement, got it today. You just have to be quick grabbing the gold.
  • I could use help with this. I'm pretty ranked up in Ghost and also have smooth talker and domination. Message me if interested: boltsinxlii
  • Willing to help anybody who needs this or any other chevs in payday 2 GT: MightyRB
  • Solo achievement guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxHZwGdoFMk
  • I'm looking to do this one, add me if you need it also, or would like to help out :) GT: XGC iGhost
  • Looking to do this GT:iMrDictator
  • hey, looking for a few people to help with most of these achievements GT:Kottonballz,send me a message or add me if your interested will help with any others if you need them too. got a few posts so let me know which ones

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