Diamonds are Forever Achievement

  • Diamonds are Forever



    In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time.


    Select any Jewelry job in either or Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. This is easiest done with four players with the Fast Hands and Transporter skills, so everyone can carry a bag each and have this done within one minute. Once the mission starts, everyone puts on their mask and goes into the store. Tell the civilians to get on the ground and grab the Jewelry then run back to the van.

  • Walk in, get in front of a jewelery stack, mask up, yell to get down (EMC Jammer could help here), everyone steal a stack, run to the van. Hell, just expand it and you could power level through the Overkill variant. EASY. MONEY.
  • A little tricky but once you get a method down and sort out who does crowd control it's an effective way to boost tonnes of XP and cash. Guide below for those who are interested in how I did it. It's possible to do the whole Overkill version without tripping a single alarm which is $$$.
  • pretty simple achievement, have done this once where the 4th person in our crew never even put his mask on.
  • GT=AvO Elite inv me if u need
  • I can usually solo all the bags, if you need any help add me GT: MightyRB
  • anyone able to help with this one Gt hanjr23
  • Still looking for help on this one. I can help in any other achievements gt ShamDman07

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