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    In the Ukranian job, complete the heist within 35 seconds.


    The only way to complete this job in the specified time is to have C4 unlocked. You’ll need to be at least level 36 to unlock the skill under the technician skill tree. Having the Sprinter skill from the first level of the Ghost tree can help too. You can start putting on your mask during the black load screen after Bain is done talking. Run inside the store to the back, and pick one safe to blow with your C4 to grab. There is not enough time to blow both. If the Tiara is there, grab it and run back to the van to end the job. The Tiara spawns in either safe randomly, so if you don’t find the Tiara in the first safe,  blow up, then just restart the job until you get it.

    Note: This achievement is buggy. The most common explanation is that you must be host of the game to unlock the achievement. Other players have only unlocked the achievement when they're are the player to grab the Tiara from the safe, while some players have been able to unlock the achievement even if they are not the host or didn't grab the Tiara. The best way to guarantee this achievement is to find a Ukrainian job in Crime.net Offline and do this yourself.

  • This only seems to unlock for the host player
  • Better to do this one solo. As soon as the mission starts put on your mask, run to the backrooms, place a C4 on both safes(right and left room). Wait at one and if the tiara isn't there run to the other, get it and run back to van quickly, make sure you get in the back. Should take you around 33 seconds. The achievement pops up when the van starts moving. If you make it to the van at exactly 35 seconds, you will not get the achievement because the van takes 1 second to move.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9aqclIGkw Once you are around level 40 you should have enough skill points and money to do this. You need to buy the "Shaped Charge" skill from the technician skill tree. It requires 8 skill points and costs $712,500. After buying the skill, be sure to select the trip mines in the inventory. Also select the Two-Piece Suit "armor". It will make you run faster. As far as weapons go, use the ones with best mobility and do not add any modifications (so you can run as fast as possible). Once the Ukranian Job starts, immediately run to the rooms in the back of the jewelry store. Plant an explosive charge on one of the safes. It's random which safe has the tiara (mission objective). Take the tiara and go back to the Van as quickly as possible.
  • Got 3 of my friends this achievement. Really easy. Gimme a shout if you need help with it
  • Me, my fella and Bro tried this for ages and couldn't do it. Think we need to try harder lol.
  • I need help with a few achievements add me if u can help FATCHICKPOUNDER
  • A word of warning, this is another one of them host only unlocks!
  • Does anybody know if this job responds if u do it before you have access to C4??? In crime.net Offline??

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