Yeah he's a Gold Digger Achievement

  • Yeah he's a Gold Digger



    In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.


    Select any Four Store job in either or Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. The gold bar is a random spawn. If it's there, it will be in one of the safes located in the stores. Once the mission starts, put on your mask, and look for safes. They're usually behind counters but can also appear in back rooms. Safes take 3 minutes to drill though without any skills, can be cracked in 45 seconds with safe cracking, or C4'd in 10-30 seconds depending on how much C4 is needed. The achievement will unlock for the whole party as soon as the safe opens.

  • These are found in the smaller safes, not the big ones. Loot is randomly generated, but it should only take a couple playthroughs to get a Gold bar.
  • Fairly luck based but have an achievement guide below with some tricks like difficulty etc. In the end you could just get it your first game if you're lucky :P.
  • Found mine in the small green apple looking store

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