Shoot the Glass! Achievement

  • Shoot the Glass!



    In the Mallcrasher job, destroy all windows in the mall.


    Start any Mallcrasher job in either or Offline. The only objective for this mission is to cause $50,000 worth of damage within the Mall; you will have accomplished this well before you have destroyed all the windows in the Mall. You can easily do this by yourself on an easier rating; if you tie up some hostages early it will keep the cops off your back a little longer.

    You need to break out all the glass at the front of the building outside when you start: all the windows on the doors, the small rectangular glass on top of the door frames, the glass on all window shops, the glass windows near the celling all around the building as well as the glass roof of the Mall. The achievement will unlock as soon as you have destroyed all the windows in mall. Melee whatever is low enough and save your ammo for the windows that are out of reach.

    You do not need to shoot the glass railing on the second floor. Make sure you cover both the ground and second floor thoroughly for any hidden glass or windows you might have missed.

    The most commonly missed windows are around the ATM on the first floor and above the entrance when you first approach the mall. There is an overhang outside the front door that is made of glass and can be meleed. 

  • Great Die Hard reference!
  • Can also help people with this achievement
  • @2 here you go:
  • Did this one solo with the double ammo bag perk. Didn't realize the railing windows upstairs weren't required. Oh well.
  • Shit love that part Alan Rickman played a great German terroist in that movie
  • if you wanna do this inv me GT=AvO Elite
  • could use some help for this one gt Scavenger NL
  • if you are willing to help me with this achievement message me on skype at KyleGamer24

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